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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I have stopped drinking coffee as it made me sick to my stomach for days after. I also read some where that the roasting of coffee changes it some how and people who are gluten sensitive like me react to it.
  2. I have found that anything that has cellulose in it makes me sick. I have to watch the labels very carefully. Even my toothpaste got me.
  3. Not sure you can get this in the states, but in Canada we have VH sauces that are gluten free and have a great soya sauce
  4. We have tried rice pasta and found that it breaks up easy. Corn pasta holds better and tastes better (I think). It acts like the wheat pasta.
  5. Advil?

    I had a strange reaction when taking Advil for back pain. Rash all over, stopped taking it and just take Tylenol and I seem to be ok.
  6. go thru all the testing first. I am after 2 yrs back on gluten for the last 2 month for blood test and now a biopsy. I has been a battle with the doctor but so looking forward to finding out exactly what is going on and also getting back of gluten and all symptoms going away.
  7. Well after 2 yrs and symptoms back I finally have some new tests to do. New celiac blood work up, referral to gastoroligts(sp) and blood work for lupus. Has been a struggle to get these tests as doc has not been on board with me and my pleas. Does anyone else have lupus symptoms?
  8. How Often Do You Cheat?

    Can never cheat, it is too painful. It is poison to me.
  9. What Am I Doing Wrong?

    You might want to check the "veggie" burgers, I have noticed that a lot of them contain wheat. Just because it is vegetarian doesn't me it is save for gluten-free.
  10. Licorice

    read the ingredients, my favorite candy. But there is wheat in the ingredients of the ones that I can get at my stores.
  11. I too am self diagnosed. My doctor basically laughed at me, did a blood test that came back false positive. Years ago I had allergy test done which showed that I am allergic to wheat. Was told to quit my job at a bakery but no body ever told me to not eat wheat. Have been gluten-free since Jan 10, no more headaches, brain clearer,not so gassy, BM is more regular, etc. Have had many test I feel because doc refuses to think Celiac and is focused on 1 symptom at a time. It is frustrating and tiring trying to get a diagnosis and get healthy.
  12. Any Celiac(s) From Canada

    I agree with you,I too am from Vancouver Island. Emailed the chapter in Nanaimo and no response.
  13. Gluten Free Pasta

    Corn pasta is my favorite. It has more flavor and same texture of regular pasta. My husband who isn't gluten-free loves it too.
  14. Two things come to mind when I read this. I react to regular sugar. Now I used cane sugar or raw sugar. Pre shredded cheese from the store have a powder coating on them that is a wheat product. But I thank you for the pizza crust recipe, I will have to try.
  15. A Lot Of People Have Adhd

    My son has ADD and at the time I was called a "day dreamer". I have suffered from bad anxiety attacks and I am hoping that they are getting better after 9 months gluten free.