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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Can Dh Be Mild?

    I am wondering the same thing. One symptom I had for about seven years before having the big D was that I had redness and very small bumps between my knees, and inflammation. That went away two weeks after going gluten-free, and comes back now that I have been gluten-free for a year any time I accidentally eat something with gluten in in (you know, the ol' "Ok, what did I eat this time?" routine.) When I was newly on the diet, I always got diarrhea immediately I ate something. Now I don't, but the knees react. Mild swelling and redness, then a few bumps. I have been wondering if it can be classified as DH or not, too.
  2. Cysts Went Away!

    I really noticed mine shrinking after I'd been gluten-free about nine or ten months (the first few months I kept discovering new things that had gluten in them). Keep up that diet! Hope they go away for you as well!
  3. Cysts Went Away!

    Good for you-- isn't it great to see good things happening in your body for a change?
  4. I self-diagnosed gluten intolerance a year ago and went to a gluten-free diet. Gradually, all kinds of small irritations I had had but not connected to gluten went away. For years I had breast cysts and was getting an ultrasound every summer. Time came for this one. Guess what? No cysts! 13 months into going gluten-free I now have one thing which changed that is provable by lab report. This was not even something that I thought was related, but it must be one of those systemic inflammation things. Anyone else have such an experience?
  5. I am gluten-free in Japan and one thing it took me a long time to figure out is: don't eat hard candy or sugar syrup of any kind. It is sweetened with barley malt where the U.S. uses corn syrup. Do not assume that anything prepared and sweet is all right. Mizuame (Japanese word, sorry) is your enemy-- looks like Karo but is barley sugar. If you go to a coffee shop, don't take liquid sweeteners. I love transparent noodles which are made of green bean starch. In Japan all soba (buckwheat) noodles are made with wheat flour but I have found some from Korea that are made with only buckwheat and cornstarch. Couldn't eat the sauce though. Have fun and eat lots of fresh fruit and veggies!
  6. What do you mean by grain milk? I have just started making almond milk and love it. But it's pretty expensive. I am sensitive to quinoa as well as gluten. Any suggestions of grains? And could I make rice milk out of rice flour? That would sure make it easier.