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  1. Hi Ceara, I wish you well in your journey to Health! Gail
  2. The Dr. that diagnosed me with gluten intolerance is no long in practice. He was a regular M.D. Is there a specific Dr. one should see? Does everyone else see a reg. M.D.? I was thinking of doing the antibody test again, just to see where I am. Should repeat tests be done? Like my Dr. told me I may be able to consume milk/casien products again, when? boy, I'm full of questions, hopefully someone will have some answers. Health & Happiness to all, Gail
  3. it takes a lot of gluten for me to experience symptoms. I ate some rice krispy treats the last week of Dec. 2010. I ate like the whole box, yes, I pigged out! Rice Krispies has malt flavoring which is made from barley , found that out a lil too late. The last week in Feb. I realized I was "begining" to feel a lil better. That's a long time! Anyone else take that long to start to feel better? of course it was LOTS of gluten. My symptoms are mostly fatigue and some constipation. Which Mag 07 works wonders for constipation. Health & Happiness to all! Gail
  4. Thanks for sharing your story. I hope you and your family are doing well.