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  1. Thanks for your quick reply, happygirl! I'll definitely check that out. I'm new to the forum and am enjoying reading all the posts.
  2. I've been following the gluten free plan for a few weeks now. I have found some really good products at my local health food store, but I notice a lot of them are high in fat content. For instance, a gluten free cake mix requires a whole stick of butter and 3 eggs. (I already subbed with egg whites to cut down on some of the fat) In regular recipes, you can substitute the fat in the recipe with apple sauce. Does anyone know of a good gluten free cookbook that addresses the concerns of those of us who need or want to limit their fat intake?
  3. Have you tried eliminating dairy? I was feeling better on the gluten free diet, but notice now diary is starting to bother me. I've switched to Lactaid milk for recipes requiring milk (like cream soups), but haven't noticed much of a difference. I would hate to give up cheese because I use cheese as snacks to replace those gluten snack type things. I may have to eliminate it myself just to be sure that's what is causing the tummy distress. My distress is mostly upper abdominal--between the naval and rib cage. I also have IBS, so who knows what's triggering all of this? Stress? Well, unfortunately that's my middle name. LOL