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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I was blood tested for the major allergens (soy, peanut,dairy, wheat (haha) and eggs). They came back negative so I am going to put that to rest for now. I was concerned for the same reason. I just figure I can only worry about so many things at once. My latest frustration is my 8 1/2 year old son. I "allowed" him to go back on a gluten diet for about a month now and he is having the same skin problems as before (not the sores that are associated with celiac). His skin was one of the first things we noticed because his skin is like sandpaper all over his body. Each pore is raised like a goose bump. Also he has roundish red sores. The doctor said it was eczema. Supposedly, it is very common in people of fair skinned heritage. I didn't believe it for a minute! Also, he has actually gained weight in his stomach. He has a very slight build and when he was on a gluten free diet he had no belly at all! It is so hard to convince a child that even though we don't have "proof" he needs to be different and eat differently. He said tonight that he wanted to go back on a gluten free diet starting Friday and Saturday. Now I'm back to packing his lunch every day and worrying about everything he puts in his mouth! It is worth it if he will be healthy. It is a constant frustration but it is nice to be on here with others who are in the same boat or have been there.
  2. Hi Kerasita, I haven't been on for awhile so sorry for not replying! I am seeing my doctor this coming Friday to ask for the genetic blood test. I just had the celiac panel done and various other allergies tested. It all came back negative!! I am not that surprised. For one, I was worried about other food allergies and thankfully I don't have those. I quit eating gluten and dairy this last summer because it was tearing me up! I KNOW that I at least have a gluten and dairy intolerance. I am about 99.9% positive that my son does too. He went back on a gluten diet about 3 wks ago and I have noticed that he is bloated! My husband thinks I'm crazy and my son won't tell me anything. I can tell he isn't feeling as well but he won't admit it. It is so hard to make him eat this diet without "proof". I had him tested for the celiac panel too but we haven't heard anything. I think it came back negative too. He has also been on a mostly gluten free diet for about 4 months. I just want to know if I have the genetic marker or not. If not then I know that I am gluten and dairy intolerant and will deal with that. If I am then I may consider doing a gluten challenge but I really don't want to! If I have the genetic marker then I will have each of my kids tested as well. It is such a frustrating ordeal but I am learning to live with it. I was having a lot of problems about a month ago and I now realize that I was being contaminated unknowingly. I have been SO careful and am feeling much better!
  3. I definitely understand what you mean! I think all my relations (in & outlaws )think I'm a little nutso about food & health. My sister and I have given me the nickname 'the food nazi' (no disrespect intended!) Because I am very much into natural & organic ingredients and the avoidance of all the chemical processed garbage out there. Not to say that I don't have any weaknesses, I do! The funny or ironic thing is that my husband is a junk food junkie. He has improved but I still have a long ways to go! I see what you mean by vague symptoms. I never thought of it that way. We don't have the 'classic' symptoms but from reading on here it seems that the symptoms are all over the place! Talk about confusing! I bought the book Dangerous Grains and I would highly recommend it. It helped me see that I needed to seek professional advice and not just try to self manage because if I had celiac then there could be other damage. I swear sometimes I think it is more trouble than it is worth to eat! Most of the time my stomach can't decide whether it wants to digest my food or not! At least getting the blood tests is a place to start and I can figure out where to go from here. I have a good doctor and that is a start! Part of my problem is that I have a packed schedule and don't have time for an intestinal biopsy! My doctor suggested that in my list of options but I am not going back on a gluten diet to get it, at least not yet. I'll get the genetic testing done first and then go from there. I am thankful that I found this forum to talk to others because it is such a scary and confusing journey.
  4. This is also my dilemma. I totally feel better on a gluten free diet but think I am getting contaminated or unknowingly eating hidden gluten. It gets to be so frustrating. My husband has been really great about my diet and my sons but he really would like a diagnosis. Sometimes I think he thinks I am crazy. I have been tested but am waiting for results. I have been on a gluten free/dairy free diet (aside from hidden gluten) for about 6 months so I am not expecting to test positive now. It is all so confusing! My son is 8 and he would like proof but to me the fact that his stomach doesn't hurt every night at bedtime is pretty good proof to me!
  5. Thanks Jamie, it does stink but it is also nice to know what is wrong & do something about it. Neroli, I figured as much but I don't care if it is positive or not. I am not going back! There is no positive result that is worth making me that ill and I don't have time to feel like crap for a couple of weeks or months! I just have to be more careful because I am getting glutened by too many things. I am also more interested in finding if I am allergic to other things like soy, eggs, etc. I know the dairy test won't come back accurate either because I haven't eaten dairy in 6 months.
  6. just a lot confused & trying to make some sense of this!

  7. Hi Kerasita, I am new to this board too and I am sure that your intelligence remains intact! All of this is like a foreign language! I am the same boat as you except I have just had my 8 yr old son and I blood tested (we are still waiting on results). I have been on a mostly gluten free diet for the last 6 months so I am a bit concerned. However, I know that my body does not like gluten so even if the test comes back negative I am NEVER eating it again! My son is a different story. I try to watch what he eats and pack his lunch and snacks but he cheats! I am hoping this will help with the test. What I am most concerned about are the other food allergies they tested me for. I don't eat dairy anymore either because WHOA does it tear me up! I love yogurt but it doesn't love me The goat is my friend because it seems that I can eat goat cheese and yogurt. As a mother I would say that you have to go by your instinct and body reactions to what food you are eating and feeding your kids. My son complained of his stomach hurting for months, and months and we saw the pediatrician a couple of times and they thought it had to do with not enough bowel movements. My son poops enough. I am the one who decided to take him off of gluten. He hasn't complained since then. Also my youngest daughter has the rankest gas ever. Hard to believe that a 6 year old can clear a room. If our tests come back negative I am going to pursue the genetic testing for all of us. My husband needs proof as does the school (ridiculous). It can be a difficult thing to do and people do NOT understand. I get people trying to feed me gluten and dairy left and right. My husband has finally jumped on the wagon a bit and really does his best to accommodate our dietary needs.
  8. I am waiting on test results also but because I live in Alaska, I have to wait 10 days!! I had serious digestive issues for a year before I started to realize that something wasn't right. I tried doing food combining...blah, blah, blah, nothing was working. My stomach would become really nauseous after eating and I was constipated. I get migraines but have since I was 19. I also stumbled upon an email newsletter from a naturopath in Chicago that was talking about adult acne, which I have and how it could be a symptom of gluten sensitivity and so my journey started. It made a lot of sense to me because NOTHING worked to get rid of the extremely painful acne. Plus I have very fair skin, not a great combo. This last summer I decided to go off of gluten and also knew that going off of dairy would be beneficial. This has helped me realize that I am also dairy intolerant. I thought I was self managing okay but am still feeling ill. I bought the book Dangerous Grains and saw that there were things that I was eating that had gluten hidden in it like 'natural flavors'. I decided to find a doctor and get tested. One way that I can tell that I have eaten something that I shouldn't have is because I get constipated. I can't forget the disgusting room clearing gas! My whole digestive system gets messed up and it takes me a couple of days to get regular again. Then as a delayed reaction my face breaks out into lovely, painful acne. I am hoping because I am still having these symptoms that my test will not be too affected by my mostly gluten free diet for the last 6 months. Even if the test comes back negative I am going to be gluten free forever!
  9. Hi Jamie, I feel your pain. I am having a lot of the same problems you are and add to that acne. Not great when you are a teenager, even worse when you are 30! I stumbled on to info that said adult acne can be a symptom of gluten sensitivity. I am concerned with the fact of being tested if on a gluten free diet. I started suspecting that I had a gluten sensitivity and began to change my diet. Unfortunately I can't tolerate dairy either. I realized that while I have been mostly off of gluten that I have been eating it hidden in stuff. I have been having the same digestive problems as before and made a doctor appointment to establish care and get this figured out. Thankfully I got a great doctor. He ordered a celiac panel along with various other allergy tests. Is there a possibility that my test can come back negative even if I have been being exposed to it in small doses? My son also just had the test done because he was having bad stomach pains regularly. We have to wait 10 days for the results. Waiting is a killer! I have to wait so long because I am in Alaska and they send it to a lab in Washington state. From reading things on this message board I see that it is all highly varied and anything can happen! My doctor said that if the test comes back negative then he would have me come back in and we would talk about it. I do not want to have to do a gluten challenge! I am a full time student and mother of 3. I can only imagine what my face will look like if I have to eat it again!