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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Top Priorites To Watch For

    I wouldn't give up on your favorites there if you are only worried about the soy sauce....I asked my favorite place (I was a regular before I was diagnosed) if they could use a fresh pan and my own soy sauce...and I was surprised when she knew what I was talking about and had another customer that also has celiac. It has been no problem for me to bring my own sauce in and get a fresh excellent meal, safely! I had avoided the place for months because I didn't think they would understand what I was talking about, but even though they only speak broken english there she was well aware of what I was talking about.
  2. Removing Gluten From An Oven

    Also...an easy solution is to not put any food directly on the oven racks, as long as your food doesn't touch the rack it wouldn't be glutened. Trick spots mentioned above are good things to clean, but it would be very unlikely that this would touch your food. personally I would run the cleaning cycle and be done with it, but I am not overly sensitive or overly paranoid about gluten. I am careful about when I eat and where I eat, and only use certain things...etc, but I don't freak out over every little thing. If running non porious items through the dishwasher is considered decontaminated, I would assume that the running of the clean cycle n an oven would be fine.
  3. Removing Gluten From An Oven

    From what I understand the cleaning setting should do the trick....If you have a cast iron skillet that is the recommeneded way to de-gluten it.
  4. Top Priorites To Watch For

    Not sure exactly what you are looking for here..... but hopefully I can help in some way. Hidden places for gluten can be: Shampoo/condition/lotions/bodywash...etc. toothpaste dish soap chapstick/lipstick old tupperware type containers old wooden spoons or other porius surfaces cast iron skillets non-stick pans if the coating is starting to wear off or is scratched seasoning/sauces/marinades some people are even so sensitive that they get CC'd when they touch door knobs or light switches that have been glutened. Some people are sensitive to flour dust in the air, not that it gets on your skin, but you inhale it and therefore end up ingesting some. Hope this was some help for you!! Welcome to the club and good luck with the change, it can be challenging, but is worth all of the effort.
  5. How Much B12? --Low Energy

    My understanding with B12 (I am also deficient in this) is that it is disolvable. Meaning if you don't need it you will just purge it. So you really can't take too much. Some signs that you may be purging alot of what you are taking from my doc is a)bright yellow urine, or yellow poo. If you have problems with either of those regularly you may need to cut down your dose, but you should have your levels rechecked and it may be possible to just use the sublingual and not the injections. Much cheaper and pretty painless. I had very low b12 and I only take sublingual and didn't want to do the injections, my numbers increased drastically with just the sublingual. As for lack of energy, the b12 may help, but you are also still healing, so it will take some time to get over the lethargy. It was amazing but after being off of gluten for a month or so everyone told me that I looked so much better....at first I was offended because I didn't see myself looking so bad, but then when they explained what they ment I realized they were right. I used to be soooooo tired all the time, had dark black circles under my eyes, they were always puffy and itchy, post gluten-free I am back to looking like a living person and not a walking zombie. Give it some time and hopefully you will be feeling better very soon!!
  6. Family...

    Thanks for all the help guys!!! I guess I have lots to do before they get back!
  7. Family...

    Thanks for the thoughts guys!!! I am not sure that telling them I will only eat what I bring is the right answer though, I would like to teach them how to cook for me. It would be different if I visited them out of state, I would just cook verything for myself during my vacation. But with them living nearby, I am sure that will be many get together situations that I want to know will be OK. I am hoping EDUCTION EDUCTION EDUCTION, will be the trick. Is that to high of an expectation?
  8. My guess is that you are having a pretty good case of withdrawls...or big CC problems. I would try to really eliminate all traces of gluten, especially CC. I think it is great that your SO is on board with your diet change, and I am sure with a little learning together it will be just fine. Just remember that you only have to deal with 1 day at a time, so breathe deeply and deal with things as they come. It is a very difficult transition, a very worthwhile transition, but a difficult one none the less.
  9. Family...

    Good Afternoon All!!! I just spoke with my mother yesterday and confirmed that they are moving back to Iowa from Arizona at the end of July...I am not close to my mother, and this thought STRESSES me out! My mother is very set in her ways, and I am sure she will not understand nor be willing to comply with my new dietary restrictions. I am finally on the road to feeling better and I am not sure that I am going to be able to handle dealing with my family yet. They were not here to see me at my worst, and although they know what was going on, it is not the same as seeing it and dealing with it. I am very very worried that she will insist on having dinners at her house (and she has NEVER been to my house to eat a meal since I moved out on my own) and I do not think that she will be able to handle CC issues. If I refuse to eat I am afraid of making an already volitale situation even worse, and am not sure that Mom would take that well. We were raised that we didn't back talk and didn't argue with an elder, so I am not sure how to handle her. I have finally gotten brave enough to try eating out, but only at places that I can research in advance and know what I can eat safely. I am the only person that cooks for me except my boyfriend who has been through this every step of the way with me, and honestly he is better at checking labels sometimes than I am. ( there are times that I ASSUME that something should be safe and have learned the hard way that I can NEVER ASSUME!! But when one of those instances arrises he is right there checking the label at the check out line) Also I eat at his parents house, but his mother is in healthcare and called me the first time I was going there to ask all of the right questions, so I feel very comfortable eating there, and so far have had no problems. Do you have any suggestions that I can hand over to my mother/siblings before they get back, so that they will be prepared to deal with me? I am going to insist that they visit this site and read up as much as possible, but I didn't know if there were any other ideas that you guys could offer. I have been gluten-free since January, and so far have only had a couple possible glutenings. And that includes a work trip out of town, and a vacation. I feel that I am doing great on this diet and although my family doesn't doubt my diagnosis, I am just unsure of how much they will be willing to work with me after being away for so long. And although my mother denies having celiac (she had vocal cord cancer and her GI dr said that she didn't have it after my diagnosis, but who knows if they checked for it, or not) my mother was able to confirm that my great grandmother passed away from stomach cancer....of course this was years ago, so who knows what could have caused it, but it really opened my mom's eyes when I told her that Celiac can lead to stomach cancer, especially if left untreated. She finally realized that it was possible that I got it from her side of the family. Prior to that she insisted that I must have gotten it from my dad's family. Although my dad hasn't gotten tested either, with the history of stomach issues on my mothers side it makes me wonder where it did come from. Of course I am sure that if that is what my great grandmother had they didn't have testing for it back then, or possibly didn't even know what it was. Sorry if I am rambling....just trying to prepare myself for what is sure to be a long agonizing month of me dreading the worst.
  10. What Did You Eat Today?

    Well since yesterday was much more exciting than today has been so far, I will start with that: Breakfast: Sausage links, and gluten-free Katz bread made into French Toast (first experience with gluten-free bread and LOVED IT) Snack: apple slices with caramel to dip Lunch: skipped because of a late breakfast and knew that a big dinner was coming up Dinner: steak, mashed potatoes, green beans, salad!! SUPER YUMMY! Bedtime Snack: Tahitian Vanilla Bean Gelato...Also SUPER YUMMY! Today: Breakfast: yogurt with Udi's gluten-free granola Lunch: left over brat and safe French Fries Dinner:??? either grilling out turkey tenderloins with roased potoatoes if the rain holds out, or heating up some previously frozen spaghetti sauce with Rice pasta. This is the first time I am trying rice pasta, so far I have only tried corn pasta which I LOVE!! Snack: either more gelato (who doesn't love that stuff) or I may have some nut thins with some AE chip dip.
  11. I do have to agree about the Katz Gluten Free Challah, that is the first gluten-free bread that I have purchased and eaten. I haven't tried Udi's, but everyone raves about how good it is, glad to know that someone else shares my thoughts on Katz's!!
  12. Neuro Symptoms

    I was told by my neurologist that falling over with your eyes closed is a symptom of a B12 deficiency. If you haven't been checked for this I would recommend it.
  13. Questions From A Newbie

    I too have very few symptoms of glutening. Mostly just bad D for a couple of hours and then back to being OK. I have been doing the diet since Jan of this year and so far have not be "accidently" glutened. Even last week I apparently read a label too quickly and ate something that had soy sauce in it...I had no symptoms of glutening. I went back to buy the same thing again, and re-read the label and sure enough I found the soy sauce this time. Now I suppose it is possible that they changed the ingredient list, but seems hard to believe that that would be the case in just a very short period of time....but ya never know. Of course I didn't buy it again, but it had me thinking about how many other times I may have made the same mistake and I have had no side effects from it. That is both Good and Bad....good that I am not sick when I eat stuff, but bad because I never know when I am eating something I shouldn't, but it is still doing damage to my intestines. I am able to eat things that say they are processed in the same facility as "wheat," but I have heard of TONS of people not able to do that. I have also been told that the longer you are Gluten Free the more sensitive you become, so what I can eat now may change. I would start with a good cleaning in the kitchen and get rid of all of the gluteny items that you have...food pantries love dontations of unopened packages. I would replace any scared or marred plastic bowls or spoons, and all wood cutting boards or spoons. If you have pans that are scratched or marred I would replace those as well, but otherwise just give them a good scrubbing. Also a sneaky little place for gluten to hide is in your collander that you drain your pasta in. You can almost NEVER get to all of the nooks and crannies in that thing. Run your dishes/silverware through the dishwasher and you should be fine there. If you use a bread maker that should probably be replaced, along with your toaster. Otherwise just give things a good scrubbing and you should be fine. Hope this helps and doesn't cause more frustration/apprehension on your part.
  14. Something Really Scary Has Happened

    Also if they were checking for B12 in order to get a true reading (from what my lab told me) they have to do the methamalonic Acid as well. That specific test can take a few days to come back, so it is possible that the hospital did not run the B12. Maybe something to ask your GP.
  15. Problem With Swelling?

    I had severe swelling in both of my feet and legs and it wasn't really "painful" but more of an annoyance, and uncomfortableness with walking. I was diagnosed with B12 defiecency and once I got my levels back up the swelling went down. This was before my Celiac Diagnosis (should have had a doctor with half a brain then) and I have not had any problems since, and only take my B12 supplement when I have been glutenned or am having an "icky" tummy day as I call it. Not sure if this will help you, but just a thought.