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    Gardening ( veggies and flowers), Cooking, Boating, camping, Reading, Dancing to a good rock band,lovin my beautiful family, lovin my crazy dogs, and becoming well enough to do what I want at the drop of a hat .
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    New Jersey
  1. Happy Birthday! hope you are doing well. Haven't seen you on here in a while.

  2. Great birthday!! :>)

  3. I get a rash on my face from rice. It started around my lips like little pimples that would dry out as new ones formed. Then it started to spread onto my chin in little patches. After I figured it out, it went away fairly quick. When I accidently ate something with rice dextrin in it , I broke out on my nose. As for other symptoms, I still feel awful, so I don't know.
  4. I took some liquid gels without thinking ( after faithfully taking my iron supplements that week ) and I had some stomach pain ( upper). I felt that had to be the culprit. Thanks, Lisa
  5. Does anyone know if Dulcolax liquid gels are gluten free...
  6. SO Delicious brand coconut milk...soy free...dairy free and Gluten free. I've used it in mashed potatoes, cereal ,soup ,pancakes, hot chocolate, etc. Surprisingly does not add coconut flavor to foods. My daughter and granddaughter are dairy free and soy turned out to be a problem also. My little granddaughter will have it warm with nutmeg and honey. It's sold in half gallon containers in refrigerated section. They also make dairy free soy free yogurt and frozen dessert ( ice cream) and fudge pops.