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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. A helpful thing that my Whole Foods has (it's the Whole Foods HQ so it may be unique) is a list of every single prepared food type item they carry that is gluten free. I got it at the customer service desk. The one from 1999 I got from my dietician was 2 pages long - this year's version is about 12 pages long, so they've clearly caught on to this. This may be something everyone can ask for at their local store, to continue to push on the gluten free issue. It really helps with planning a shopping trip, too.
  2. Medication?

    I know everyone here suggests being totally gluten free, which I support and which I am doing. But I have to say that Dapsone was extremely effective in treating my DH and starts to work within 24 hours. I never had any side effects whatsoever, even though I know there can be severe side effects. The side effect that is so bad is that it could make your white or red blood cells (can't remember which) "explode" which results in anemia and who knows what else. But, they check your blood to make sure you don't suddenly become anemic - that would be the sign that you're having the side effect. I would ask a doctor or dermatologist for Dapsone. It will help when he has "accidents" w/gluten. He can have his blood drawn once a month for a few months to make sure he's not having the side effects. Like I said, I never had any problems with it and was much happier using the Dapsone than being totally gluten free. I would be using the Dapsone if I were not trying to get pregnant. Good luck!
  3. Hi, I'm a new user here. I have been diagnosed w/DH and under a dermatologist care for if for 14 years. I never went gluten free because I controlled the DH with a low dosage of Dapsone every other day or so, and I never had any abdominal pain or other symptoms of Celiac (thank goodness, from what I have been reading here). I didn't even know about Celiac until I saw a dietician in August and she told me about the link. I asked my derm about this b/c I was mad he never told me the health risk of continuing to eat gluten and he said he thought it was minimal in me b/c I've never had any symptoms of Celiac and my DH was mild. Anyway, a few months ago, the DH suddenly got really bad and even taking the Dapsone every day at slightly increased dosages didn't keep it under control. Also, we are going to start trying to get pregnant, and my dermatologist told me to get off the Dapsone. So, now the DH is worse than ever and I'm off the medicine (I still have no symptoms of Celiac). I've been gluten free for all of about 2 weeks. It's been hard for me to see all the hidden places with gluten because I'm still in the mindset that I don't have to be that careful since "I don't have it that bad." Well, I'm sitting here right now and I feel like half my body is on fire with these itchy blisters and I can feel the burning in multiple places that means I'll be having even more blisters when I wake up in the morning, so I know I have it bad and I'm so glad I found this message board! Anyway, my questions are: (1) How long does it take for the itchy blisters to subside once you are gluten free? They are getting worse and worse every day even though I know I am gluten free. Today I ate two boiled eggs, an apple, and then a gluten-free meal at Pei Wei (diner version of PF Changs). Yet, it seems like the blisters are multiplying every hour. Is there a point where they will just stop and then gradually subside, or can I expect this to cover my arms and legs in the next few weeks?? Does it do any good to fast or anything like that? (2) Has anyone taken Dapsone while they were pregnant? (3) Any suggestions for how to successfully address the painful itching? The lidocaine my derm. suggested is expensive and useless. Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks, Itching in Austin