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  1. We had company this weekend and I tried a recipe I've had for quite awhile...it's always a big hit. Easy fudge 1 can frosting - I used vanilla (make sure it's gluten free) 1 bag of baking chips - I used peanut butter (make sure gluten free) A handful of marshmallow Melt the chips in the microwave for about 1 min. until melted. Add frosting and mix well Add marshmallows Pour into a 9x9 pan that has been lined with non stick aluminum foil (I sprayed my foil as well). Refrigerate until firm. Lift out foil and cut into squares. Very rich but so easy. Think of all the variations you can use....Cherry vanilla nut..... Butter pecan, etc.
  2. I don't know where I picked up this recipe so I apologize for not giving due credit but I tweaked and they were great! 1 1/2 cup Rice Flour 1 3/4 cup grated mozzarella cheese (I used food processor) 2 tsp baking powder 1/2 tsp salt 2 tsp sugar 1/2 tsp onion powder 1 egg (I used egg beaters) 1 cup milk Preheat oven to 400 Mix first 5 ingredients Add egg and milk. I used stand mixer to combine. I also used mini loaf pans (9 in mine). Bake for about 12 min. The first one came out and I ate it warm with butter....so good! I sliced the rest in half length wise and will use to make small sandwiches with ham and cheese. You could also put these in a muffin pan and serve with butter as a dinner roll. The next time I'm going to try onion flakes or rosemary. I definitely recommend these...enjoy!
  3. Too bad we suffer because they aren't sure...
  4. Well that makes me feel better that I'm not the only one. I definitely won't be back to those doctors. I take my husband along so we can ask the questions and this "PC" doesn't have a clue. I say what else can cause this and she says "hmmm.... well I don't know, but I wouldn't worry about it". Okay well you're not the one who has been having issues for 20+ years. I also notice on the biopsy report that the lab received an empty vital. They apparently called the OR immediately but....... So then we asked this PC about the pre-cancer polyps how would we know if we need to get re-checked before the 3 years and she says "well you already have abnormal bowel habits, stomach pains and blood in your stool, so hmmmm...I don't know maybe if you lose weight unexpectantly". So I say to her that I've gone gluten free and already the rash on my hand has cleared up and I don't have quite the pains in my stomach. We also asked about the erosive gastritis and she doesn't think that's anything either. She thinks it's just IBS, so 20+ years later without a gallbladder, 10 years of hashimoto and osteopenia we still don't have any answers other than precancer polyps, erosive gastritis and melanosis coli,,,,
  5. Hopefully tomorrow they will give me the results. We have the wonderful benefit of an advocacy company thru our insurance. After that phone call today I called them. They will help guide me thru some of this ... Getting a second opinion, etc. I hate to feel like I'm a whiner but it's been going on too long. I was hopeful that when I gave in and did the "gold standard" test I would get an answer one way or the other. But what I got was I have changes to my colon from excessive laxative use! I'm just blown away by the comment, as if I would do this to myself! I'm so sorry for venting on you all, without this site I really would be thinking I was just a nut! It's so nice to have somewhere to go where others feel the same way and understand the physical side of it.
  6. I will definitely get the report. I do feel better gluten free so regardless I think that's the new eating. And I think I'm going to get a second opinion. I only hope they can read the results without another colonoscopy . The nurse said I would not need another for 3 yrs. but then she's the one who told me to stop my excessive laxative use! So frustrated that I've had issues for 20 yrs and I just keep getting the run around. First they take out my gallbladder telling me that was my problem. Then they say I have lupus.. No wait , maybe not. Then hastimoto, then osteopenia. Now this... Who knows what the real issue is at this point but the ten year rash on my hand is healing gluten free so if nothing else, that helped! Thanks so much !! I'm glad I found this website , it's been so helpful!
  7. So I had my testing (colonoscopy & EDG) done 2 weeks ago and was told in recovery that I had erosive gastritis and 4 polyps removed. They were to call me in a week with the biopsy results. Today I called them and said I never received a call with my results. A nurse gets on the phone and reads me my results. The polyps were pre-cancer as opposed to benign. And oh by the way your colon shows changes so you need to stop your excessive use of laxatives. What??? I've never used laxatives! Why would my colon show changes and what does that mean? She stutters and says "well I don't know". Have you ever heard of such a thing? I did tell the nurse that I've been gluten free for 2 weeks and the stomach pains have almost stopped. Seems like more of no one knowing what the problem is......
  8. well just got home from the testing....apparently I have erosive gastritis and had 4 polyps removed. Doctor said he did 6 biopsies for celiac but those results won't be in for 10 days. Funny thing is that on the prep I had no stomach pains. I'm going to try to stay gluten free this time regardless of the results. Worse thing right now is the bone pain I'm feeling. Don't know if that's the prep or maybe detox??
  9. I guess it's all very confusing when you first find out. The Gliaden IgG (22 high) is under liver on the results as well as GGT (59 high) and the IgA (61 low) is under rheumatology. What confuses me is one is high and one is low. I haven't found much on the forum with a high and a low. I guess I'm ready to commit - I tried it for three months previously. The stomach pains almost double me over at times so I need to do something. At our Christmas luncheon at work, I ended up in the bathroom almost crying with pain. It's such a commitment.... I only hope that the tests tomorrow give me some answers. Thanks do much for responding!!
  10. I'm scheduled for endoscopy and colonoscopy on Tuesday but I'm confused on my labs. My Gliaden IgG Ab is 22 (high). My ANCA scr IgA is 61 (low) and my ANA titer is 1:160 high mixed pattern homogenous. Any insight on these labs would be greatly appreciated. Oh BTW, I have hashimoto as well and have been on thyroid meds for years. Thanks in advance for any help!!
  11. Funny you should mention Lulu's, I ordered some bread and I kinda think it was CC. I've had some issues since eating it. I tried the Schar brand bread from Giant, but wasn't impressed. And like you, I would love some pizza. I have an appt at Hershey Medical next week and am going to try the Piazzo Sorrento that was mentioned. I looked at their menu and it looked great! I wouldn't drive that far just for a meal but since I'll be there anyways, I'm going to check it out. Don't know if you like donuts, but Giant - norland avenue - carries the Kinnikinnick brand donuts in cinnamon sugar, vanilla frosted and chocolate frosted in the freezer section of the Natural aisle. I had a cinnamon sugar today and either I was starved for a donut or it was exceptionally good!!! Also, Food Lion on Rt 11 in Chbg also has a small selection of gluten-free now in the Natural section.
  12. Weis in Shippensburg recently re-vamped and they have a "small" selection of gluten free. I've requested some more....we'll see. Right now I get most of my things at Giant in Chamberburg - Norland Ave. They have a pretty good selection. I've been to Dutch Country Store a few times also. I understand Wegmans in Mechanicsburg has a Gluten Free section also, I haven't visited it yet. It's a shame we have to travel just to get food!!
  13. Thanks so much!!! I live in Shippensburg and appreciate the fact that there is restaurants willing to cater to gluten-free's. Thanks again for your review....I will definitely be trying this one!
  14. I would ask to have the Anti-Thyroglobulin test. My T3 and T4 were always normal but when they finally ran the anti thyroglobulin, it was off the chart. I'm now on Levoxyl and dropped some weight. Good Luck!!
  15. Back in 1995 I had an ANA test done which was positive (1:160) and my family doctor said I had lupus. A Rheumatologist said I did not. Then in 2006 I had a followup test for Anti Thyroglobulin which was 147 (normal being less than 40). I have been on levoxyl since. Also I tested positive for IGg at 23 (weak positive) but negative on the IGa. I had a bone density test done in December because of the Hashimoto Thyroiditis. I was told I had Ostepenia now with low bone density. When I met with the Rheum. Dr. last week he said he thinks I may have Celiac disease. I'm so confused. Today I made an appt to meet with my family doctor. Does any of these results make sense?? Any opinions would be greatly appreciated. This is a major change if its celiac. Thanks in advance for your help!!