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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Gluten Free In Hawaii

    There is also a Whole Foods in Maui
  2. When of my favorites to throw out when getting the pity look - " But look st all the calories I am saving". Works well, especially when the group is eating deep fried and breaded appetizers or big desserts :-).
  3. Apps For Gluten-Free Restaurants

    Ditto on "find me Gluten Free" app
  4. Watch out on the chicken if you cannot tolerate nightshades. They started adding paprika recently. So bummed! Kirkland shampoo and cream rinse are gluten-free, ditto with dog food ( heh, healthier for Fido too). The Costco magazine has stated that all the Kirkland spices are gluten-free and have never had a problem The Kirkland version of Immodium says gluten-free, but gave me a severe DH breakouts I think from red dye or maybe iodine?
  5. Special Meals On Planes?

    helpful hint - to keep your traveling food cold, pack in an insulated lunch bag with a bag of frozen peas. Ice packs won't clear TSA, but peas do! Was just told recently that you can now take a frozen (frozen solid) bottlr of water with you through security. tried it last week at LAX as I had extra time. My carry on bag got pulled for the secondary inspection, but they let me takethe frozen bottle with me! Going to try putting the bottle in its own tray next time. Anyone know anymore about this? It would be a much better cooler pack than peas!
  6. - nightshades - dairy, including alternates almond, rice milk, etc ( unless baked in something) - eggs ( unless baked in something) - lots of vegetables -especially green ones - nuts, except for an occasional couple of almonds -and I think my latest might be items iodine content and or salt. Have not been able to reintroduce anything - going on 13 years now since diagnosed. Will be curious what others have to say and any ideas/ suggestions. The refrig and pantry are the enemy I have to plow throgh when hunger hits.
  7. Tucson Arizona Gluten-Free Restaurants

    Gourmet Girls Gluten Free Bakery and Cafe - yummy sandwiches ( yes, a sandwich on homemade bread!), salads, soups, etc. on Oracle Road - always go here when I am in town. Love the Mexican wedding cookies and snickerdoodles -such a treat. For Mexican, El Charro has good food and a gluten-free menu. We go th the one on Oracle, have never had an issue. For food shopping, Whole Foods and Sprouts. Frys and Bashas carry Boars Head deli products. Frys has a bigger selection of gluten-free foods.
  8. Regarding your question- Some of the portable "picnic" foods I keep on hand for when I don't have anything to premade to pack and take include: Tuna in foil packets , I add dried cranberries Sandwiches (paleo flat bread I make and freeze, (can't handle potato starch in Udis anymore) made with almond butter and pumpkin spread or fruit spread , Boars Head deli meat', veggies, etc. - love with sweet potato chips Chiocolate Protein shake, make with water instead of dairy. I use a pea protein, add almond butter, banana , spinach, honey, etc depending on mood and time Crackers, Boars Head salami, fruit or vegies Paleo muffins (keep in freezer). Just made blueberry and banana coconut this weekend, yumm . Microwave Applegate Chicken apple sausage links to take with Any other ideas? Please share, I too struggle finding easy, yummy pack and go items for when I don't have leftovers
  9. A fine sipping anejo or reposado tequila on the rocks. Don Julio is very smooth , melts in your mouth. There also some new organic tequilas available on the market that are preety good.
  10. There is no scientific evidence to back this but I find it interesting that when I have used products with gluten, they cause problems . Not typical problems found when ingesting gluten, but other issues... For example.... Suntan lotion w G = very red sun burn, gluten-free= nice tan Hand and body lotion w G= sticky skin, gluten-free lotion= soft, silky skin Shampoo w G= frizzy hair, GFshampoo =soft, silky hair G mascara= red, itchy eyes, lash breakage, gluten-free mascara = long, lush eyelashes G eye shadow = red eyes, loses color, gluten-free eyeshadow = clear eyes, longer lasting Make up w G = pimples, gluten-free make up, clear skin G soap = dry flaky skin or sticky residue, gluten-free soap normal skin G laundry soap = itchy clothes or sheets Does anyone else see weird reactions similar to these?
  11. Bonus!! All those 1000's of calories you saved!
  12. New Gluten-Free Pizza Place

    Hi Ken, The Brick Oven in Ventura, Ca is good, great to hear about option in Kihei. Any word yet on the new Hyatt Andaz property in Wailea?
  13. Awkward Meals Out

    Bring your own food. I eat out a lot either socially or on business trips. I always bring my own food (in case there is not anything on menu that is safe) When the server asks for your order just quietly say "I have severe food allergies so I have my own food to eat" I will usually order a beverage. 90% of the time the server even brings me a plate to put my own food on even though I have never asked. I have never been questioned or told no you cant do that about having my own food or snacks. I just don't make a big deal about it and pull it out when others have been served. I always make sure i leave the server a tip specfically from me . For example, if you go to the pizza place, make up some pizza ahead of time , wrap in foil , put in a small insulated lunch bag and you are set to enjoy the time with your friends. I find it too hard to go and just watch others eat. Much easier to participate with having safe foods with me. The outing then becomes about the people not about the location or food When your friends say "oh it to bad you can't have this deep fried onion tower dripping in dressing" (or whatever)... I usually just respond with a "yeah me too, but my hips are really appreciating all the calories I am saving." and it gets a laugh, then I change the conversation. Enjoy your time with your friends!
  14. Just ate at Mono on Irving between 18/19th on Friday night while in town from California Had one of the best meals in my life . ask for the food allergy chart. It outlines what you can/can't have for any common food intolerance. Waiter was very knowledgeable and helpful too