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  1. Malt is NOT safe - here in the U.S. Ice is sold as a "beer" and is not made with liquor. It is a malt beverage. Anheiser Busch brought a mainstream gluten-free beer to market recently called Redbridge - it's good if you like a sweeter beer. I prefer to cook with it because it just doesn't have the bite that a good 'ole gluten-free laden beer has. Personally, I stick with distilled spirits, because I know I won't have to worry or suffer later. Besides, it gave me an excuse to keep a stocked liquor cabinet!
  2. I've had very similar dreams. Mine is recurrent and about forgetting for a moment that I have to be gluten-free and take a bite of a sandwhich on the best bread I've ever eaten in my life.Then realize that I have to vomit, but even if I vomit I'm already contaminated! There have been studies that corrolate the vitamin deficiencies in celiacs with depression, anxiety and even schizophrenia. I would highly suggest purchasing "Living Gluten Free for Dummies"; it is a great carsh course and starting point. I've only been gluten-free since Nov 2009, and found it very helpful.
  3. In the south you can find them at WalMart, Target, HEB, and just about any mainstream grocer