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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Grain Mill Questions

    Thanks Donna, I don't really have a problem finding a mix of flours I like using X gum or any of the additions to keep the product from crumbling. The problem is, I am allergic to the gums as I mentioned in my post. I am looking for mixes that don't have to use gums. I would think they would have to be used for specific types of baking, like pancakes, muffins, some types of flat breads and tortilla. I am beginning to find a few but I always wonder if they just forgot to add the gums to the recipe! LOL. I made a great mango and pineapple cake the other day without gums and without sugar, only stevia. I would like to make some cookies without gums but I need the right flour mix. Thanks, Del
  2. Grain Mill Questions

    Yes, I saw that. I tried it and it was okay but I want to use other flours with more protein. Thanks Del
  3. Hello, I am seeking recipes that use no gums and no sugar (not even artificial). I have been celiac for 2 1/2 years but recently I been found to have a lot of intolerances to a lot of new foods. I cannot have gums. You know, the thing we put in baked goods to keep it from crumbling. Also I cannot have soy. I would rather not use rice flour but will if I have too for some recipes. Eggs were cleared for me yesterday, so eggs are allowed. Coconut oil and coconut was cleared also! I can have nuts but not seeds. I just have to limit them to a few. Dairy is not allowed but I have a substitute. Yeast is also not allowed. So, anyone have any simple recipes that I could have? Here is one to get us started: Mango served with sweet sticky rice and mixed with coconut milk. Maybe a dollop of chocolate? I have a Mango and pineapple cake recipe that I can post if anyone is interested. Thanks, Del Del
  4. What Is Your Fav Gf Dessert?

    Stephanie, That sure "nuf" sounds like a recipe I can use! Thank you so much! I really have not done hardly any experimenting with gluten-free flours. Do you like using Brown rice flour? That is probablly the only one I don't have! LOL! Del
  5. What Is Your Fav Gf Dessert?

    Deby, That sounds wonderful. Yesterday I was cleared to use small amounts of some nuts (no seeds yet). I would like to have this recipe for the future. Could you tell me the whole recipe? What flour did you use etc? Here is a great recipe I love (will eat again some day) in exchange for yours: Oatmeal-less Raisin cookies 350 degrees 10 minutes 1 1/2 C nuts (I like almonds or walnuts) chopped not ground. Ground will produce a whole new recipe! 1 C coconut unsweetened Lots of raisins few spoonfuls of applesauce vanilla 1 C coconut oil softened 2 eggs cinnamon honey (if you must) I don't use any sweetener. or you can decrease the oil to 1/2 C add 1 t baking soda and some pineapple, vanilla and 1.5 cups of carrots and you have a carrot cake! 350degrees 45-60 minutes Both recipes are very forgiving. Del
  6. Has anyone here taken Benonite clay in any form before? If so which one and can you tell me how it worked for you. I am considering "TerraMin Calcium Montmorillonite clay powder". Thanks Del
  7. Grain Mill Questions

    Donna, Your post was encourageing to me also. I too am thinking about purchasing a grain mill. I have one small problem. That is I am allergic to the gums that are used in baking! Have you ever come across a substitute?? Del
  8. Hi Wendy, We may have a lot in common. I too felt wonderful right after I was diagnosed celiac and got off gluten. It lasted a year or so and then I found myself right back wondering why I could not eat like other celiacs. I evenually was eliminating gluten-free foods and other foods trying to find out what it was!. Then It happened! All of a sudden my whole digestive system seem to shut down and there was nothing I could eat without severe pain! That was 2 1/2 months ago. I have seen an allergist and found that I am now allergic to just about everything! I won't go any further with this story until I know you want to know! Del
  9. What Is Your Fav Gf Dessert?

    I was on the SCDiet for a month right after this happened to me. During that time I got my results from allergy testing. Nuts and seeds are on the list! I agree the recipes on pecanbread are wonderful sounding. I would love to eat some! Even though eggs are on my list of things I am allergic too. I have continued to eat 2- 6 minutes egg yolks once every 4 days. So far it does not cause me any more or less pain than I already have. I figure I need those nutrients! Thanks for the tip for the egg replacer though. There are lots of egg replacers. You can use a banana, 1/4 cup apples, 3 t fruit puree amoung some others. Del
  10. What Is Your Fav Gf Dessert?

    Before I got all these allergies (just 3 months ago); I made my hot chocolate with coconut cream or milk, gluten-free cocoa/gluten-free chocolate bar pieces and stevia. It was very wonderful and I miss it terriblly. Now, coconut is on my list of things that I am allergic too. Del
  11. What Is Your Fav Gf Dessert?

    celiac3270, How awful for you! Is it something that is rare? From the post it sounds like you just had this surgery done and you are 14 years old! Are you having to eat gluten-free because of this but not exactly celiac? I am so happy for you that it is all behind you now and you can concentrate on being healthy! Blessings to you, Del
  12. What Is Your Fav Gf Dessert?

    Hi celiac3270, I have a feeling that the swiss miss mix has additives in it that I am allergic too. Would you mind posting the ingredient list? What is malrotation of the intestines? I never heard of it. Del
  13. What Is Your Fav Gf Dessert?

    Thanks for all the info about the flours. I do want to focus on the higher protein flours. I already have Amaranth and quinoa flours. Am anxious to make something! About the gums. Is there someway I can tell when I need to add gums in a recipe? I need to know this because I don't want to make something where the gums are required for the finished food to come out right because I am allergic to them. Like you, I will be experimenting with regular recipes and only changing the flours and making substitues for the dairy, eggs and sugar. I will probably just leave the sugar out and let the fruit do the sweetening. Have you experimented much with only using cornstarch and/or potato starch? I have a gluten-free cookbook that only uses these. If so, what do you think of it? I know it is not high protein. Do you have a fav flat bread using high protein flours? I do have IBS and have not eaten beans in years and so I am wondering if the bean flours would affect me like beans affect a person? Thanks again, Del
  14. Where is there a list of gluten free foods like gluten free chocolate, ketchup, tomato juice, spices? Not looking for mixes and already prepared foods. I do call the companies but I thought maybe there might be a website that has this info too. Thanks, Del
  15. What Is Your Fav Gf Dessert?

    Great suggestion about hot chocolate! I have been trying to figure out how I could do something like that but never thought to use fruit! Could you post maybe 1-2 of your fav quick breads? I would certainly appreciate it. I just can't find a combination of flours I like. Don't know which combination is best for what? I have done a small amount of experimenting. I made a mango/pineapple cake the other day. I used the 3 rice flours blend and stevia instead of sugar. It smelled good looked good was moist, my family loved it but I could taste a funny taste. I suspect it was one of the flours. I will have to mix my own flours because all the mixs have ingredients that I can't eat. Thanks, Del