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  1. You don't need gluten-free makeup unless you are going to get it in your mouth.
  2. I do not think anyone was discussing " formed chicken" here. Obviously, that is a different food than plain fresh chicken.
  3. If you are commenting on one of the original posts - that info is 9 years old. You might want to get up to date info on the product.
  4. I see your point. If it is safe for our purposes, I would leave it. I would think, on the rare occasion it is made from wheat, it will list " glucose syrup ( wheat)". Something like that. We might need to note that? Honestly, if I saw that, word " wheat" , I would avoid the product. I wouldn't even think about the fact that it is safe. But it might prove confusing on a product labelled gluten free. I dont have a lot a lot of time to really look at it this week. I'll try to give it a good going over next week.
  5. They have groceries in Europe. I have never been there, but I have heard that people do purchase groceries. Lol you might not be able to buy gluten-free cookies in some places, but you should be able to get fruit, veggies, cheese, etc. looks like you can cook at some points so, you could get meat or potatoes or rice. Keep it simple so it's not a huge chore. It seems that Italy, England,and Ireland are pretty Celiac aware. You might google " gluten free country or city" and see what you get. If they have a Celiac society/ association, they may have a forum or a Facebook page.
  6. What new evidence/ research article do you have to make you think it isn't? Just wondering what you saw to make you question it? From Australia- http://www.coeliac.org.au/uploads/65701/ufiles/Fact_sheets/Glucose_syrup_fact_sheet.pdf The majority of wheat derived glucose (at least 90%) contains no detectable gluten. Less than 10% of wheat derived glucose might contain up to 10ppm of gluten (extremely low levels). The properties of glucose syrup change when protein (e.g. gluten) levels higher than 15ppm are present; it becomes unusable for food manufacturinG
  7. https://www.starbucks.com/menu/food/hot-breakfast/gluten-free-breakfast-sandwich "It's all prepared in a certified gluten-free environment and sealed for your safety. We then warm and serve it in its own oven-safe parchment bag to avoid any cross-contamination."
  8. Just heard from someone who got one. Hers was heated in the original bag. I guess not all Starbucks have well trained employees. Sigh. We must always be vigilant
  9. The thing I saw said they are supposed to be able to heat them in the little package they come in. Then just hand you the packaged sandwich.
  10. Some of the leading Celiac researchers are in India. You might do a little google searching.
  11. I think, if you could read real Medical info about Celiac, it would say it's a reaction in the small intestine. When I went to the International Celiac symposium, the lectures about the drugs to break down gluten weren't to break it down on your plate! Lol they were talking about keeping it from your small intestine. You may be having allergic reactions, maybe the gluten is passing thru your stomach quickly, maybe it's something else? Our own experiences and assumptions about them do not make a " scientific fact". I think you have recently found that you have some other medical diagnoses that may be coming into play?
  12. I agree that's this isn't a way To cheat and eat Gluten if you have Celiac. These are supplements - not medication, so who knows what they do or don't do. There are currently medicines in actual FDA medical trials that look like they may degrade gluten in the stomach, before it reaches the small Intestine. The gluten antibody reaction does not happen in your mouth, or your nose, or your stomach - it happens in the small intestine. So, if we can destroy/ degrade/zap gluten in the short time it is in the stomach, that would be helpful.
  13. Sorry. But there really isn't such a thing as a "gluten allergy". You might want to research allergy blood testing - from reputable sites, not companies that sell the tests or " natural" doctors that make thier living spreading this stuff. Sounds like you didn't go to an actual medical doctor? You can be allergic to the protein in wheat or to barley or to rye - that is what is considered " gluten" when speaking of Celiac. In which case, you might not be " allergic" to all of them. And , from my limited understanding of allergies, you would probably need an epi pen and have an anaphylactic reaction to wheat. http://www.cureceliacdisease.org/faq/if-i-understand-correctly-there-isnt-a-gluten-allergy-because-celiac-is-an-autoimmune-response-while-gluten-intolerance-is-a-gastrointestinal-response-for-someone-to-have-a-gluten-allergy-they-wo/
  14. I am not sure what "a geno Lab" is? Did you go to an actual MD? Maybe we just aren't seeing the complete thing? But an allergen test is not a Celiac test as Celiac is not an allergy.
  15. If anyone's hasn't had the spaghetti squash - it really tastes like noodles when sauced up! the egg ideas sounds soooo good to me right now! Never thought of that! I will add that if you can do rice - traditional pasta sauce and ground meat taste great on rice. Melt a littl cheese on top. I guess that's grain based......maybe cauliflower " rice"?