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  1. I have to say I agree with this. I think this poster might have a lot of other problems and Celiac is just the one he or she is focusing on.
  2. I have never seen any with gluten,but, I haven't read every syrup label in the US. I prefer pure maple syrups but we have used Hungry Jack, too.
  3. You will want dedicated gluten-free waffle makers, toasters, colander, etc. remember not to rinse fruit in the glutened colander. But you really don't have to go nuts with this. I know people on here can get a bit over zealous, but most of the Celiac world does not throw away thier dishes or replace all their pans. Many of us have gluten and gluten-free in a single house. Slow down. Start for a week or two with trying to figure out some basic gluten-free cooking. You can tweak it after that. Use some common sense. If you can clean something well, it's fine. Colanders, toasters and waffle irons are hard to clean thouroughly. That old jar of PB that probably has crumbs in it needs to be for the gluten eaters. The utensil drawers seem to harbor crumbs. The sugar canister might have flour in it. I find it easiest if we all eat gluten-free pasta as it is a logistical nightmare to keep two pots of pasta and thier spoons separate. But you can keep cereal, crackers, bread, etc separate. I use red duct tape on the top of the gluten-free pb, butter tubs, etc. white vinegar dissolves wheat flour residue - so a nice soak of the crockpot and a scrub should do the trick. Same for pots. If you worry you didn't get all the gluten - cook some plain water.
  4. San-J is sold in most groceries & Target. They make nice gluten-free "Asian" sacues and soy sauce http://san-j.com/
  5. Thanks. We were going to go to Whistler this year, but the timing didn't work out. We are going to ski around the Seattle area so that we can see our oldest son instead.
  6. Some people think soy is evil. It is not a gluten issue. I don't worry about it.
  7. some of the ski resorts have good gluten-free practices and some don't. and it varies by restaurant and each year. What I do is bring a lunch. If the food place is OK, then I don't eat my lunch or eat part of it. You really need to ask the chefs to fins out. IF you can go early or late - when it isn't as busy, it is easier. One had a dedicated fryer for fries! I LOVE Vinny's in Frisco! IN Vail village - not far from the ski lift - is a crepe place. Almost everything is gluten-free. They have sweet ones and ones like - ham and cheese - that are more sandwich like http://www.crespellevail.com/ There is a Whole Foods in Frisco I take these or make my own versions. They fit well in a small backpack & all parts are individually packaged - so you could get fries and just eat the meat and cracker portion, for example. http://gopicnic.com/shop/meals/gluten-free I don't remember A basin having much of anything except bagged snacks - Skittles, Fritos, etc. A Basin is less of a "luxury" resort than the others
  8. Sorry I don't have time right this minute - dinner is almost ready. But the best advice I can give you right now is to wait a few months before eating out. Figure out what has gluten and what doesn't. Heal some first. Get habits at your house started. Take some time to process.
  9. Oh yeah- dates and raisens - lots of fiber
  10. Look for recipes with flax? What about a smoothie? gluten-free oats?
  11. You don't have to worry if all your products are gluten-free. You only need to worry about what might be swallowed - like lip. Or maybe shampoo.
  12. Are you saying you wrote a book with no scientific proof? That isn't " real" science. I think those " lab tests" might just be a waste of money. Except for a lactose intolerances test. Many people , when first diagnosed with Celiac, have a hard time digesting the lactose in milk. That is because the part of the small intestines that Celiac damages is the part that helps you digest lactose. Many people can get that ability back when healed. But some adult humans, Celiac or not, are just unable to digest lactose. "There is not yet reliable data about cross-reactivity. As for the alleged possibility that many gluten-free foods or drinks (such as coffee, milk, orange juice, etc.) would trigger symptoms in celiac individuals due to hidden antigens mimicking gluten or cross-reacting with anti-gluten antibodies, it must be clearly stated that this is all false information, devoid of any scientific basis, ..." http://www.cureceliacdisease.org/faq/whats-with-all-the-talk-about-certain-types-of-food-causing-cross-reactivity/
  13. Not sure why you would think that casein is similiar to gluten protein? I have seen no actual scientific evidence that a Celiac gets an antibody reaction to casein. I eat diary products with no issues.
  14. Look for vegan gluten-free recipes. But you may have to put some sugar or honey for the yeast to " eat". I don't know the recipe you are talking about, so I can't say what might be the issue. Maybe you could copy it or link to it?
  15. I do eat out, but I can't imagine Schlotzskys would work. here are a few places that are usually good - Red Robin, Chick Fil le. Wendy's ( unopened baked potato, Frosty's, etc), Five Guys, In and Out Burger, Lark burger some of the Wok places, .... go to Find me gluten freee and put in your area. Read reviews to evaluate what looks safe for you. I take into consideration things like how many good reviews and for how many years, the types of food and opportunities for cc, etc. if you don't mind saying where you live, you could post in the restauruant section with a title like " fast food in Kansas City" and see I found you get suggestions for your location.