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  1. "Any level of IgA above 20 mg/dl should make the tTG-IgA test valid, regardless of age." http://www.cureceliacdisease.org/faq/is-an-iga-result-of-39-where-normal-is-81-463-considered-deficient-and-could-it-invalidate-anti-iga-tests/
  2. There aren't any. You can get him tested for Celiac disease, which is a good idea to do before you make him gluten free.
  3. I eat plain meat. As long as it isn't marinated or coated in some way, it should be fine
  4. I think you could cut the dairy. If that takes care of it , you know she probably isn't digesting lactose. But for Celiac, she needs to keep eating gluten to be diagnosed.
  5. While the bread may be very gluten free - from a gluten-free facility - the fillings for the sandwiches likely are full of bread crumbs from the other sandwiches. You will have this issues with other foods, like pizza . If they use thier floury hands in the cheese, the cheese is no longer gluten-free. Fries start out gluten-free but, when fried with breaded onion rings in the same oil, will contain pieces of onion ring batter. Read the newbie thread in the coping section to help you get started.
  6. Looks like summer camps are starting to open registration soon. I saw this one in Texas - http://www.gilmont.org/great-gluten-escape-ages-7-15.html we can add more as we find them
  7. That sounds like something I would like with apples and cinnamon!
  8. There aren't any that are accepted by the medical community http://www.cureceliacdisease.org/faq/can-the-elisa-igg-food-panel-detect-gluten-sensitivity/
  9. And this is the reason for my "theory". You have been given links to facts about Celiac. You say you have read up on Celiac, yet you still want to argue with us that it is OK to heal and then go back on gluten. Do we know your Dad has Celiac? And if he does, how do we know he is really "fine"? What is active Celiac doing to his bones? His nerves? His intestines? When will it catch up to him? Will it be too late to reverse the osteoporosis or other damage? If I break my arm, it will heal. Should I then try to break it again? It will heal again. But it probably won't be as good as before. But it will heal again.... so....
  10. Have you asked your local grocery? If you are willing to buy the whole case, they might order it for you
  11. How big a deal is dairy for you? A lot of these frozen gluten-free things have cheese - but its really minimal. You might need to find a way to cook some stuff ahead and re-heat later. My 20 years old puts frozen veggies and raw chicken in the crockpot once a week and adds rice and eats that all week. Its pretty easy. You can do different flavor combos. He likes Rotel tomatoes with corn, peas, carrots, red peppers, onions & chicken. He does it really lazy - frozen veggies , canned tomatoes, maybe a package of chili seaasoning, raw frozen chunks of boneless chicken, cut up a giant onion and freeze half for next week. But you could do a more Italian flavor with marinara and veggies like mushroooms and green beans.
  12. But you were diagnosed with DH by biopsy, so you have Celiac and do not need any further testing. http://www.cureceliacdisease.org/faq/can-a-skin-biopsy-for-dermatitis-herpetiformis-dh-confirm-celiac-disease-or-is-an-endoscopy-still-needed/ A skin biopsy should be done on a non-affected portion of the skin near the rash when there is an outbreak. It’s not necessary to perform an intestinal biopsy to establish the diagnosis of celiac disease in a patient with DH; the skin biopsy is definitive.
  13. Actually, depending on why you can't have gluten, it does make a difference. For example. Fodmaps - you can ften have a small amount of gluten - maybe 1 piece of pizza even - with no ill effect. I think you are just here to argue & have no real interest in Celiac disease or gluten intolerance. But that is just my theory.
  14. I can't tell if this is "real" for you or just a game of "what-if". Maybe you are one of these people that like to "argue" on the internet? I don't think I would blame gluten for that. Please note that gluten intolerance is different than Celiac disease. It appears that it can be caused by different things and may or may not cause serious damage. Are you a medical researcher? An MD, PHD? You can have all the "theories" you like about Celiac, but there are actual medical doctors/researchers who, I hope, people will listen to. Obviously, you are in denial about Celiac -if that is actually what you have. You hear what parts you want to hear and ignore the parts you don't. You say you are worried about your kids wondering why Dad can't have pizza? But you don't worry about the bad example it sets for them when you don't treat your disease? If one of your kids has Celiac, are you going to be so lack luster about treating it? Possibly setting them up for a lifetime of medical issues? If they have another disease, like diabetes, are you going to tell them to take insulin for a while and then they can stop if they feel better? I haven't seen any info about what untreated Celiac disease does to male fertility, we know it affects a women's fertility. Good luck to you and your family.