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  1. My First Run Outside In Weeks

    So I've already told you about my Na imbalance. I've had serious anxiety about running by myself without a partner after a few scares but I needed to do a 10 miler today and could NOT face doing it on the treadmill. Haven't ran outside in weeks and have only run over 6 2x in the past few months. Haven't ran 10 miles since mid-summer. So I knew it would be a struggle. I got everything ready including water and Jelly Beans sports supplements, gluten free runners have to use supplements sooner than your average runner. It was a STRUGGLE. I miss having a running partner to keep me going and help the time pass. After mile 6 I had to stop just about every mile for a couple of seconds to catch my breath and shake out the pain in my knee. I tried to use my new Nike+iPod running chip which decided to keep turning itself off - nice and distracting during your run when it turns off every 30sec. So I struggled and needed the whole package of beans and most of my water but I MADE IT!!!! I made it the whole 10 miles and was sooo tired and done by the end but I made it through. Came home and feasted on Crock Miseur - or grilled ham and cheese sandwhich plus crackers and carrots with humus and celery with peanut butter. It was great but I know I'll be feeling it tomorrow! Time to go grocery shopping so I don't have to eat the most random food on earth again this week. Last week was rough since we didn't make it to the store. Hopefully I'll be able to drag my body up and down the isles with minimal effort!!
  2. Making Up For Lost Time

    So I've been MIA lately! Sorry!! Last week was a busy week of working for school, teaching, and doing per diem. Didn't even have enough time to workout. Then this weekend was Scotty and my "Stay-cation" here in Boston. We got a priceline hotel for Saturday night and made the rule of "no car for the weekend". Ate at a lot of great places and was amazingly surprised by Legal Sea Food's gluten free menu. Finally tried out Nebo which was FABULOUS and at the Chart House on Sunday night they actually had a gluten free menu. This was our 3rd time there in the past year and last night was the first time they had an actual menu for me! So Friday we went to see Valentine's Day but they were sold out for about 3hours. We ventured to a nearby brew house I have always wanted to try - Rockbottom but never made it there before starting the GFD. They had a gluten free menu available which was an amazing find! They are not mentioned anywhere as being gluten free and granted I only had chips and gaucamole but hey I felt just fine! Then Sat we made breakfast and headed to check into the hotel. We then finally got to go to the NE Aquarium!! I can't believe I haven't been there since elementary school and it's right down the street. We had lunch at the bar in Legal Sea Foods where I had a gift cert to help defer costs. They had gluten-free steamers!!! I haven't had steamers in years and Scott with the palate of a 2 year old actually really liked them. Legals has delicious gluten-free muffins available too! I had no idea but Scott asked for regular bread and they asked (while I was at the restroom) if I would like some too so I wouldn't feel left out. He of course like a good boyfriend said YES! After a nap at the hotel we got ready to head over to Nebo, which I had a "LivingSocial" deal gift card to. So we split more gluten free deliciousness. They had this amazing dish for an app of eggplant and mozz which was soooo good. Then we ordered one gluten-free pizza and one pasta dish. It was great! Sunday we slept late since the sun wasn't shining in my face starting at 6am as usual. All of a sudden it was 1030 and we needed to get going. So Scotty went to go get some coffee etc at the nearby store and we had some yum yums. Then we headed over to the verizon wireless store on Boylston because after returning my work blackberry I have been having serious withdrawals. I got the new ERIS and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Then headed over to the Prudential Skywalk to go see 360views of Boston. I can't believe I haven't been up there before and I've lived here for 5.5years. It was the most amazing thing ever. The city looked so beautiful and peaceful from 50stories up. Had to stop in a goofy little photo booth for some pictures and of course use one of those magnifying eye glass thingys. Mostly just had a close up of the bald guy on his phone standing directly in front of the machine. We tried to follow up our adventure with a drink at Top of the Hub but it was packed being Valentine's Day and all. Great news is that they can make anything gluten free!!! Another fab find! So we are definitely going to check it out during Restaurant Week in March so it's affordable. After splitting a gluten free lunch we decided not to go ice skating since time was short before our V-day/1 year anny dinner reservations. Instead we went back to Faneuil Hall to pick up our bags from the hotel. On our way back to my house we passed this cute ice sculpture in Quincy Market. They had a bench and vases carved out of ice. We took a few pictures and then decided to build a bear!!! Scott built me the cutest brown puppy and we named him "Grover". I pretty much love him already. We even got him a leash and made him a birth certificate. The running joke all week has been that Scott wasn't getting me flowers since we were spending the weekend together. He said he'd have no chance yadda yadda yadda. I partially didn't believe him and played a strong hand of not believing him at all. I kept telling him "where there's a will there's a way". But by 5pm in Quincy Market I was starting to think ummmm is he serious? Then we built Grover and he made a cute little message in the "build a sound" so I thought he was my flowers. Went home and got ready for a great seafood din at Chart House. Weirdly enough we ended up at the exact same table we ate at last year on Vday when Scott asked me out. I told him we weren't official until he made it so! I'm old fashioned I can't help it. So still no flowers on our way into the restaurant and I've decided no biggy I mean we did so much this weekend. And then we go up the stairs and there's an embarrassing display of 12 red roses in a vase on our table! I couldn't believe it. He was so red it was adorable. I was so amazed by his planning. Supposedly when you make dinner reservations online it was an option so he had taken care of it a while ago and was just tormenting me all weekend because he could! What a jerk!! So we finished our delicious dinner and the waiter laughed at me bringing my own silverware and c%$#$tail sauce. He had a kick out of the fact that Scott asked for 2 bread baskets and said "Dude she's going to break out in hives kissing you later" I told the waiter not to fear because "he wont be getting any kisses later". We had a great evening and of course the vase split water all over me and my bag in the cab on the way home. And then I passed out at 10pm to the calling of my sister and Scott in the living room naming me "Grandma". I woke up when he came in to bed with me propped up. "Why are you sleeping like that" My response "to be honest we've eaten so much this weekend I feel a little like a beached whale and can't lie flat" Scott- "hmmmm attractive" ....that's all I remember Great weekend!
  3. Super Bowl (Weekend Part 2)

    Ok, That entry was getting a bit long so I thought I'd continue here. We got home and I had to finish grading lab reports from last week and made a few questions for the student's exam on Thursday. Then it was time for the Super Bowl! Ok, I'll be honest...I googled, furniture surfed, craigs listed, house searched for the future, and played around more on the internet only to watch intently and shhhh Scott during the commercials. Before the game even started I put the computer down for a serious chat with him...."I just want you to know I do not plan on watching anything but the commercials and half time. So don't get upset, it's just the way it is". Scott starts laughing and basically tells me he figured considering the way I had settled in with my computer to keep myself busy. Before the game, on the drive home from VT, we had one of our rare arguments stirred by being over tired. I wanted take out, he wanted to wander TJs to look for food to make. It was a misunderstanding of I simply did not want to cook, clean, plan, do anything. I wanted the rare occasion where I have to do NOTHING to get food. Show up, pick up an easy order, go home and eat. Something that I miss greatly especially when I'm tired. I have been getting better but I still get super frustrated sometimes that things always have to be so difficult. I had just planned every meal for the whole weekend and eaten out of tupperware and I was ready to just have someone else cook. We ended up making nachos with plans to make other food but never got there. The nachos were AMAZING!!!! and I haven't had nachos in so long it was a great treat. I have been wanting them FOREVER. Scott always eats them at bars and such and I'm always jealous (part of our argument...his not wanting to make a decision at the grocery store comeback was - "well I can get anything anywhere so I'm just thinking of you". Us gluten-free ladies who are tired and hungry can understand that was not well received. So we bought blue corn and white corn chips, mozz cheese, cooked beef in BBQ sauce, and diced tomatoes. I put the whole thing in a baking dish. 3 layers of chips sandwhiched with all the fixings and Scott even could help with this one. 10 minutes later we were in a cheesy baked heaven. It was soooooo delicious, we ate wayyyy too much, and couldn't manage to eat anything nutritious after our disgusting display. Ended up being a great Super Bowl and a great night. Plus, now I have another recipe in my arsenal.
  4. Weekend Wrap Up

    So this weekend we went skiing at mount snow with a group of people from college. There was no internet, barely any phone service, and somewhat satellite TV...it was LOVELY. Well that is except for when people were lost trying to find this house in the abyss of the woods, then it got tricky. So we all graduated back in May and it has been incredibly difficult to get everyone together for dinner nevermind a weekend of skiing, boozing, and having fun. We found the house on homeaway.com for a reasonable price plus it came with EVERYTHING you could ever need, towels, blankets, pillows, TP, papertowels, trash bags, cleaning stuff, anything a house would need. It was wonderful, you pay a "cleaning fee" and when you show up everything is clean and ready to go. The house was the quintessential ski house. 2 decks, grill, and 6 bedrooms a loft and games, air hockey and a perfect beer pong table, which kept the boys busy for most of the weekend. I was certainly nervous about going on the trip. I knew I wouldn't be able to cook anything all weekend and I was terrified of getting sick since there were 2 bathrooms and zero privacy anywhere. So we stopped at Trader Joe's on the way up north and picked up 2 salads plus I made pasta with sauce and put it in containers. Brought my own snacks and simply had yogurt with trail mix in the morning. It wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be. Only trouble was people kept getting into my snacks so we had to hide stuff way up top where it was "out of sight out of mind". One of my guy friends only wanted chips and salsa from my plate so I would make a plate of food, he'd come over with his beer hands and try to reach in. So I'd spin and try to re-explain that I would gladly make him a plate but to please get away from my yum yums. And then he'd reach in with a huge grin and say they taste better from your plate. So I'd give him the whole contaminated dish and make a new one. Until he came up again, it would have been the end of his life were it not hilarious the sad look he made when told NO. We skied on Sat and it was Scott's second time. For a very non-athletic person he is picking up skiing quite well. My parents came up for the weekend too (in a hotel) as it was my father's 55th birthday on Thursday. My mom was nice enough to take Scott and the other learners for a bit so we could get in some real skiing. Speaking of my father and mother being up for the weekend....he definitely showed up at the house at 10:30pm for an hour of beer pong....I was like WHAT but the boys loved it so what can you do. Dad was certainly in his element. Eventually we started flip cup (I drank my beverage from a separate cup and flipped an empty) and after 2 rounds he went home. Sunday everyone had a huge breakfast which was kind of sad I couldn't take part. The guy cooking was upset because he had wanted to make something for me too but I tried to tell him no worries at all. Then we drove home for the superbowl. See the next entry for that one as this one is getting a bit lengthy!
  5. Teaching

    So today was my first ever solo lecture for the undergraduate students! It was a lot more prep work and took forever to make the slideshow. I never appreciated the work our teachers put in before! I was so excited and I would say it went well. There were definitely times in the class when people looked bored/confused/or just upset they had to sit through class. I tried not to let it throw me off but it was difficult. It's hard to stare at 12 students who aren't really engaged. I felt a little like I had failed because I was worried I didn't get through to them. The lead professor of the course sat down with me after for constructive criticism. She assured me I did well and it all comes with time. I think those feelings of insecurity about my performance were certainly eased quite a bit. I was feeling like they had entrusted me to teach them and I didn't really live up to the expectations. Apparently when students don't prep for class they will be lost and there is nothing you can do (another thing I took for granted during school - the professors really do know who gets it and who doesn't). I am learning to slow down my delivery as well. I can get off on tangents from being too excited or trying to entertain but I think I will have to pull back. Not everyone can keep up with such a level of excitement. After a great day of meetings and seeing old teachers etc I went for a 6 mile run and then met up with my best friend since 7th grade for dinner. A great gluten free feast at PF Changs! It was just a good day for once. Just felt so right. It's nice to finally be turning this corner. This week in psycho-soc management we talked about loss, grief, and coping. The teacher asked me to share my story about loss and how I managed after my best friend was murdered a year and half ago. Normally this alone would have thrown me off course for days but today I just bounced right back. Went to meets, made some jokes, and enjoyed a great dinner with an old friend. Oh, and I educated the bar tender that "no ciroc vodka is not the only thing in the bar I can drink".
  6. Beginning Of Feb

    So it's Feb already! I can't believe how quickly the time flies. We are getting ready to go up to Mt. Snow for the weekend with a big group of friends. I would say I am definitely nervous. This will be my first group weekend in a long time. Normally I manage to avoid these situations or only room with those I am closest too. My plan is cook all of my food ahead of time for the weekend so nothing needs to be prepped in the house. There will be between 12-14 of us in a 4bdrm house so there is no room for being sick. Some of the group I am super comfy with and it wouldn't be the end of the world but there are several that I don't know at all. I think it should work out ok but I'm also worried about my medicine and having privacy during the few days. Scott says we will def get our own room since we planned the trip but I have a feeling this will not happen. I think this is a huge step for me. I haven't been out in a big group gluten free and I have avoided large groups really since Becca died in May 2008 - more about that at another time. While I was in my depressed state of grieving large groups were more than I could handle. This is a big test for me to see if I have turned as big of a corner as I think I have. Predictions - it will be a great time and amazing to catch up friendships that have fallen apart since Graduation in May. Everyone leads their own lives now so getting people together for once will be (most likely dramatic) but also fun. I'll be sure to write about the happenings of the weekend. Several of the people going are very single or very wishing they were single 20-something males still trying to re-live the glory years of our 5 year college education. It's the Dew Fest weekend as well so the parties will be plenty. I'm praying none of them gets arrested or breaks anything in the house since I'm responsible for everyone. I think my anxious feelings are mixed up with excitement and I'm just going to let go of my normal lifestyle for once. I like my new calmer life, my new priorities but letting go for a weekend will be a good thing for all of us. So screw the economy and screw the recession - we are going to have a great ski weekend and finally not worry about all the bull. I'll have my own yum yums with me like a mom with a 5 year old and everything will work out great! If not....it'll make a good story for you later.
  7. So I've been sick on a off for a few weeks. Thought I had gotten over it until a few days ago. The cough has subsided but now getting O2 into the system is impossible as the cold moves it's way out. We finally had a weekend of no visitors, no work, no nothing except relaxing and catching up on homework (and nursing myself back to health) It has been glorious. Accomplished just about NOTHING yesterday and slept about 10 hours each night. But today I went to get my run in. Needed to get 6 miles this weekend but when I arrived at the gym I discovered it closes at 3pm (1 hr from my arrival) and hoped to get in as much as I could. Couldn't run outside since my state of disease wouldn't allow it. I needed to make SOME good decisions today at least. But as I ran I became so incredibly light headed. I had flash backs to pre-realizing I had a sodium imbalance. During marathon training and half marathon training I started getting very very light headed. Had to stop running because I thought there was something wrong with my heart but I was too terrified to actually go to the MD. During my cardio-pulm class my teacher forced me to get checked out. After a stress-echo and all the cardiac workups in the world I found out that going gluten free had altered my diet enough to be sodium deficient. Previous tests hadn't caught it and none of my clinicians were able to put the pieces together. Had blood tests done in June when I first complained to my PCP and they were normal plus low blood pressure is normal in runners. The second time I complained I was referred immediately for cardiac testing as my symptoms had increased so dramatically. Pre-gluten free I was very weight conscious (being one of the over-eater comfort eaters) and ate many pre-made meals etc high in sodium. Once gluten free I made most of my own food and never added salt into anything. I had never needed to and as a health care professional I couldn't even put the pieces together. Such a small change caused enough stress and anxiety that I was unable to continue training. But...today I was light headed and thought I would literally hit the deck after 4 miles so instead of feeling fear and anxiety I went home and dumped a whole teaspoon of salt into a bowl of soup. Now the only frustration comes from the fact that I know better. I had added salt to my yogurt this morning but it wasn't sufficient - should have done more. So, back to TV and being a waste since my energy levels are now significantly drained. I think I might try to get my homework done in a bit and then cook some gluten free bread and a lovely dinner of chicken in wine and mushrooms, asparagus and some french fries!
  8. Hi, I'm a runner living in Boston. I have to train for a 1/2 marathon in about 2 months and my old running partner has abandoned me to live in NYC. I'm looking for someone to make the runs go by faster and can keep me motivated. I normally run at 8:20-8:45pace. Let me know I'd love to meet more lovers of the gluten-free lifestyle!
  9. Grocery Store

    Grocery shopping has historically taken me, a sufferer from self-diagnosed ADD/ADHD an excruciatingly long time. However, then I became gluten-free and wouldn't you know....it takes even longer. I used to just walk aimlessly picking whatever was on sale, looked interesting, or I had always loved. Meandering each aisle, list in hand which I was completely ignoring. I'd end up at the check out bewildered by either the cost, amount in my cart or both. Well yes, I still ignore my list, I still meander, but now I bring a blackberry and a very patient shopping partner. Actually, my shopping partner is 23 going on 5 and refuses to go to any market that does not have hand-held self scanners. As I walk up and down the aisles trying to balance budget and risk of being glutenized he flips items in the air to scan or puts them in the refrigerator cases to scan through the glass. So there we are every week. Me googling or label-reading and him taking each chance to goof-off. I'll come too from my concentrated state of "can I eat this??" to see him doing something annoying and then having to holler at him. So people stare. It's always interesting. I've gotten better over the months and weeks. I used to only do whole foods and it would still take at least an hour and a half, I ventured to Trader Joes (love) and now I go into the wild of Stop and Shop. I'm getting the hang of which discount brands vs "Gluten Free" brands I can eat. As I get better and better his goof off time becomes less and less. Or at least the un-noticed goof off time. Now he requests I hold the items so he can spin. To get back at him...I'll often move the item last minute and when he misses, the look of sadness could break your heart...if you weren't so busy laughing while being irritated. In case you were wondering...I still often end up at the end of our trip saying, "how did it end up costing this much?? Or why did I pick all this out??". But by then the trip has run it's course and Scott probably needs to make a pit stop in "Tuscany" (what we have lovingly named the nicest Stop and Shop bathroom I've ever seen).
  10. Yum Yums For Tonight

    So I believe I have just about mastered not having to cook a gluten free meal and then a regular meal separately. We cook separate pastas for me and Scott because, well, he eats like a horse and gluten free food costs approx $2.50 more per bag of pasta than his 89 cent boxes of stop and shop brand pasta. Speaking of our budget....we are watching HGTV house hunters international and these people have a 1.5million dollar budget for their vacation home in St. John...ahhh the good life. I'm just hoping to have 2 sets of cookware in the new house so I don't have to scrub and sanitize before boiling water for hot coco. Back to dinner - so nice and simple cooked pastas and now that I can tolerate cheese again!!! Added some yummy gluten free shredded cheese and we cooked these veggie balls in the toaster oven. GREAT FIND. These veggie balls are surprisingly a lot more tasty than one might expect, given their name. So we cook them diagnoally on the stove top to decr risk of contamination. He uses one style of dishes/silverware and I use another. This way it's easier to make sure you grab the right stirring utensils should an unfortunate over boil occur (just about every other time I make pasta on our less than ideal stove top). So satisfactorily stuffed and pretty easy to complete. Oh and of course the mandatory glass of white wine. Only one since I am working a hockey practice from 8-9pm tonight. We were going to make this great little marinated chicken recipe I found in the cookbook he got me for Christmas but the fine print was it needs to marinate for at least 4hrs. Well everything will be prepped for an easy cook tomorrow I suppose! You live and you learn. That's about it for now. I'll let you know how the marinated chicken goes - this will be a first time and I've never added yogurt to chicken before....
  11. Another Day In The Life

    So a story I forgot to tell you all yesterday... I woke up at about 5:30 in the morning sick as a dog and made the mistake of rubbing my eyes. Well, I managed to get a piece of (what I discovered later to be) fuzz stuck in there and although I have been educated (my profession) on how to properly wash out an eye I feel that repetitive blinking, rubbing, and whining will do the trick. My boyfriend rolls over, is a little taken aback, and then says why don't you just wash it out. Of course this was not the sympathy I was looking for so I may have shot an explicative version of "thanks for caring" back at him and stumbled to the bathroom. Although I know contact solution should not be sprayed directly into the eyes I was desperate. So I tip my head to every which direction spraying away hoping the afflicting item will find it's way out. I return to bed with half my hair wet and salty and continue the alternating sequence of pulling back my eyelid and rolling my eye, squinting, rubbing, and blinking. Following his outburst of insensitive laughter, Scott now feels like actually being helpful and takes out his magnum quality flashlight on his cell phone and shines it directly into my eyeball. Which renders me temporarily blind while he exclaims "ewww your eye ball is gross". If it wasn't for needing his help I may have knocked him unconscious at this time. Instead I force him to peer into my eye as I roll it around hoping he will find whatever this painful stimulus is. As he is certain I am now psychologically unstable and have invented the whole problem he rolls over to grab his eye drops (in hindsight what I should have used in the beginning). He squirts them in my face and my eyes begin to water and out pops the smallest bit of fuzz you've ever seen. He starts laughing....yes laughing. Fortunately for us both, so do I. Waking up later that morning I was pretty sure it had all been a dream...but then I saw my once white as snow, now bright red eye and remember that no, that really happened, and it really did hurt. Scott's response later that day is....."continually I must ask myself...can I really do this for the rest of my life?" My answer "NO ONE'S ASKING YOU TOO". Listen, we can't always let them know just how much they mean to us...
  12. Cambridge, Mass (or Boston Area)

    Hi all!! I know it's a bit later than you all posted but I'm from Boston as well. I went gluten-free in Dec of 2008. I've figured out a good bit of what's going on around here. Went to undergrad at Northeastern and now I'm working and doing grad school back at NU. Any questions or just to connect with a fellow GFer shoot me a message! Z
  13. Irritated

    I hear your frustrations and I completely agree. I am constantly trying to explain myself and educate friends and family. The worst though is when they "understand and are trying" and they really are but they are just still soooo far off. Then you feel badly because you want them to know you appreciate their effort but they just aren't getting it. I think that's the hardest part. People who don't understand just don't understand or never will try/care. But those who love you and want to try but just don't get it...then you offend them when you try to offer suggestions. I feel that those people get frustrated too. I live with my sister so you know this is not a gluten free environment, but she says she tries. She keeps her food "in my cabinet. I'm not contaminating you". Yet we share countertops. She'll pour her cereal right next to mine. She'll eat from my containers but "use a clean spoon". Our definitions of clean differ in that hers has no germs, mine has no gluten. But she does try by keeping her stuff contained so how can I continue to press the issue? My mom went out and bought allllll new cooking stuff for the last time I was home. She tries so hard but my Dad doesn't get it. He loves me but he doesn't get it. It's his generation. "Jan the kid will be fine". "We don't need to run a sterile operation here". Mom made a whole roast and thank god there were 2 in the tray. He went to cut the first, put the knife down on the counter top and went back at it. We caught him in the act and my mom lost it (mostly because everything took longer than she expected and she was so upset I might not be able to eat). I ended up trying to smooth out the situation instead of being upset myself. The 2nd one was still clean and we just didn't let him cut unsupervised! He wasn't pleased but he was trying, "I washed my hands what do you people want from me!" C'est la vie I guess.
  14. First Day Of Blogging

    So I've never been good at diaries, journals, blogs, etc. I'm going to do my best here to keep you posted on the daily FML moments of my life. If anyone actually reads this bad boy please do post a reply or let me know it's not out lost in cyber space somewhere. I'm getting ready for school and today I have a cold and a stomache ache again. Not a gluten one but a normal stomach ache from my medicine not working. Waiting for it to subside made me too late to have a workout at the gym. So I'm sitting here hoping my meds will work before I leave to teach and then take classes. I get quite frustrated at times but at least my ailments are FAR less since going gluten free a little over a year ago. Probably should have slept in like my boyfriend told me to. I believe the quote was "I get it that you want to go to the gym...but I believe sick people should rest". So he wins this time. Got up early for nadddda....FML #1 for the day! I say FML #1 because my life tends to be one hilarious FML moment strung to the next. It keeps things interesting and thank god I was given a good sense of humor or it could get ugly. I love to repeat my stories but I'm not sure blogging will be able to express them quite the same as gestures and voice. Today we are teaching the undergrads about manual muscle testings and resisted ranges of motion! Excited, which is why I'm nursing myself back to health. This is my first solo class so I need to be on my "A game". Then it's off to a touchy feely psycho-soc class and then working high school basketball! So today should be a fun day and hopefully I'll make it to the gym later. I'm starting to train for a 1/2 marathon (hence gym coming up like 5 times already). Ran a full marathon last year and then life got in the way and didn't run for about 5 months....now the 2 month deadline is looming and it's not looking good....meh we shall see what happens but at least race weekend will be a fun one in NYC (the greatest place for gluten-free yum yums)! Ok, that's it for now. Was less difficult than I thought. I just find it hard to believe anyone will actually want to read about my daily dribbles. Ta ta for now!
  15. Magners cider!!! Maybe because it's good, maybe because I'm irish. And it's not as high in calories as woodchuck!