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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Tortilla Chips?

    where can I get these?? regular grocery store or specialty like whole foods?
  2. How Careful Do I Have To Be?

    I am wondering this same thing. My issues are mostly ones that seem unrelated. FMS, CFS, Hypoglycemia, exhaustion, weakness. I am trying to figure out how to keep gluten free in a shared household myself. I will be cooking some gluten items for DH but mostly his things are just snacks or sandwiches, etc.
  3. Can someone explain or point me to a book/website on how the gluten affects us so quickly after we have begun the healing process? I had been gluten-free/Grain Free as well for 4 weeks. Then last week we went on vacation and got a little messed up. I think i had gluten 2x - once on chicken @ taco bell and once on fried tortilla chips in a restaurant. just wondering how the chips can affect me and my kids so quickly and drastically if we had already begun healing? I don't understand it. For 2 days I have just been extremely weak, lethargic, irritable and unable to focus. That's my normal self when on the SAD (standard American Diet) THANKS! jen
  4. So are there different levels of intolerance? How strict do I need to be? i was told I have gluten sensitivity by enterolab. My number was 113, I was told 1-10 is normal. I know my DS has the same issues. DH eats anything but will eat gluten-free if that is what I cook. (mostly now!) So how strict do we need to be with utensils? Our dishwasher is broken right now so washing everything by hand. I was just wondering if people have had issues with these things being used by gluten-free and non-gluten-free eaters after each washing, of course. What about: Plastic containers? Plastic cutting boards knives pizza cutters spatulas baking stones (pampered chef) baking sheets or racks (stainless steel) THANKS!
  5. Is there any brand of tortilla chips that are safe? THANKS!
  6. Gluten Free And Dairy Free?

    I don't know which DD and DS are. How Do i find out? All I know is they have stool issues when consuming milk products like milk or ice cream. We let them have milkshakes, just to see and the problems came back. It took about a week to clear up in DD. I guess i just need to try different things. How do you differentiate between casein & lactose items? I will check out the threads, thanks!
  7. I just recently went gluten-free due to enterolab results. I know for sure one of my children needs gluten-free and the other 2 react to dairy, but not sure about vice-versa yet. Does anyone eat dairy free and gluten-free? do you cut out everything that has a bit of milk or just main ingredient of milk? Or did u find that gluten-free helped the dairy issue and now u can eat it? THANKS!
  8. So i am still new to gluten-free, are fried foods definitely out? For example, Corn tortilla chips that are fried in a Mexican restaurant with other things fried w/ flour, does that make them contaminated? We ate at Chili's yesterday, which has a gluten free menu option. The tortillas were not on there because of cross-conatmination but i ordered them and ate some before i realized this. (thinking they were just corn so it was safe) I feel awful today but no stomach issues. I am just really tired, and lethargic. We had been driving for 2 days also, so wondering if it is the gluten possibility or just the travel. How much does it take to really affect you badly?? THANKS! vintagegyrl
  9. Week In Orlando- Tradeshow-

    We just went to Chilis yesterday and they have a new allergy menu they can print out for you in the restaurant. U just have to tell them what allergy: gluten and they will get it for you. Just read the fine print. Nothing is guaranteed but the food listed is gluten free. Just be sure to order it as listed in the fine print. (salad w/o tostilla chips, etc)
  10. I really need some help so if anyone can tell me what kind of meals they prepare on the SCD I would appreciate it! I have 3 young children at home and also am 5 months pregnant so it's hard just to do the day to day stuff. I'm hypoglycemic and also awating the gluten test results from enterolab. I really want to change my ways to improve energy. A few days back on the gluten-free diet and I already feel & see a difference in my kids. I want to do the SCD diet but I don't know where to start. I'm guessing I can get a yogurt maker off amzn. Other than that, where can I get a weekly meal plan that includes snacks and "dessert" for my kids? I eat snacks that are "legal" but than am still hungry afterward. I want to be sure I am eating what is allowed, but enough for the baby as well, but also not throwing my blood sugar off. Is this possible with the SCD and how do I know what amounts to eat? Also, how do I prepare meals for a family on this diet? Any tips, lists of where to start would be awesome! thanks so much!