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  1. I'm wondering what doctor you went to because I went to the GI at Northwest Community in Arlington Heights and they practically did the same thing to me. When I went in to discuss my symptoms with them, I told the nurse that I thought I might have Celiac because I had almost all the symptoms. She told me that Celiac is extremely rare and that I don't have it. I was so angry because it's not as rare as once thought and she didn't even offer any test. She told me that I have IBS and that was it and wouldn't provide any information about Celiac or my options. Seriously, you're not going to even offer a blood test?! I know you're not supposed to start a gluten free diet without diagnosis, but I've been gluten free for two months now and my life has completely changed. I don't know if I feel like going back to the doctor and I don't know if I can even be diagnosed now because of my diet, but I also don't want to not eat gluten for the rest of my life without proof. But, I guess my health is proof enough, right?