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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. i have never officially been diagnosed as celiac.. i started gluten free, and instead of going to the bathroom 5 times a day (always minimum 3) ..after 1st few weeks gluten free, it was 2 or 3 a day now its one a day.. but mornings are always the issue, but its not bad anymore.. and it's totally improved my mood.. rob www.v2r.ca/me
  2. hello, im wondering how mornings are for you guys? I started getting "ill" in the mornings a year or so ago.. i felt i had to rush to go to the washroom once 'gravity hit' and i got standing up.. since going gluten-free, i still am in the washroom in the mornings, but its not as bad. i'd like to know if anyone shares this experience.. thanks everyone. rob
  3. thanks so much. im baffled how 7 days after eating gluten, that day, the 7th is the worst, i figured the day after would be.. oh well.. im more upset at trying to figure out what i ate.. btw.. do spicy foods generally not work well with you.. curious thanks for your reply! rob
  4. Hey everyone, I am curious as to your thoughts/knowledge on this. When you ingest gluten, and you do damage to your intestines... let's say we rate this on a scale of 1-10 10 being you're at your best 1 being horrible feeling say i ingest gluten, .. and i feel like a #4.. the next few days, i assume i work up from 4 to 5 to 6 to 7 etc? Meaning.. if i was feeling tip top for 2 weeks, ate gluten... will i feel horrible for days? I ate this darn Stagg Classic Chili .. it said no gluten.. ive been ill for 3 days off and on.. the week before life was FABULOUS.. so im wondering.. gee, do i have to do that road to recovery again where i slowly take time to heal and get back to normal.. your thoughts... thanks
  5. Pasta

    check the sauce, and/or crushed/ground tomatoes if you use them.. easy place for gluten unless all natural products you obtained. rob
  6. thanks guys.. i agree re: the educating part.. but these people were like 'what is this nonsense' and they downplay it because of the reasons u said, .. not as public as diabetes etc. when u eat something at someone's place with gluten,.. do u tell them.. i was told i was eating regular steak, i ended up eating steak with all this marinade which had hydrolzed wheat .. i was fuming! r
  7. Hi there, I am getting a bit frustrated at going to relatives homes and friend's places and then not being able to eat their food. Tis life, so be it. As of late, i've been a pro on what i can and cannot eat. Generally I'll dine on my time before going out, and often will say 'i won't eat with you as i have special dietary needs' Coming from a big italian family etc, often people look at me funny when i say 'i cannot eat this' or etc etc .. and it's annoying the heck out of me, when people make ignorant comments like 'oh he's allergic' or 'he's fussy' .. I was a bit annoyed this evening when i went out for dinner with relatives, who told me what was in the potatoes, and they made steak for us all, ..well, they marinated the steak with something with hydrolyzed wheat protein, anyhow, i was a bit ill after.. but here's the thing.. It's a bit embarassing excusing myself to use their 'upstairs' washroom etc, .. and people always ask what's wrong, and .. i'm not on a mission to educate people, but it bugs me when people downplay this.. because of their ignorance, and since they can eat whatsoever they wish, they assume i can as well. I used an example from the newsgroup and told a relative, .. eating gluten is very toxic for me.. ..it's not like an allergy, .. it's very severe.. and they looked at me as if i was mentally retarded.. as if something such as this can cause such a reaction .. (unlike peanuts) I would like some advice on how to cope with this issue. thanks rob.
  8. Hi everyone. newbie here again. I've been enjoying reading all your messages. Some questions.. if you had to put together a top 5 list of things you would recommend to a newbie, what would they be... food, or supplements.. here is my top 1 1. L-glutamine. This stuff, i used 2 take when into bodybuilding, and not only does it heal the intestinal track, it boosts the immune system.. i know from years of experience, it helps my digestive system.. and hundreds of research avail will support it 2. Omega-3's .. when i assumedi just had IBS, i took a product called "Omega+fit" by greenpluscanada.ca or .com or .org it has normal epa and dha in it, plus GLA. A well known product for reducing inflammation.. exceptional supplement to take. 3. Book - healing the angry gut. This is an amazing read for those who want to truly understand the impact of food to the digestive system 4. Acidophilus.. i take it, never sure WHEN i need to replenish lost flora... i hope someone can add to this. 5. fibre .. (and 6.. ..an answer to .. why do i get damn sick eating mcdonalds food and popcorn!!!) rob
  9. Guys, wow. your posts/replies really were great, and really validated some of my thoughts. My blood work didn't show signs of celiac.. but i have been feeling better much better being gluten-free.. for people with celiac disease.. can other things still upset u.. i.e. i had mcdonalds fries last nite and have been so ill for 24 hours.. and i look on their site.. and well, nope.. no gluten in them! odd !!! anyhow. i look forward to reading about your experiences and things. thanks for sharing.. it was really great! rob www.v2r.ca/me
  10. Hey everyone. I got some tests done, blood work, doc says, everything normal. I went completely gluten-free, been feeling much much better.. here are some important questions i have been unable to answer, your help would be appreciated 1. many people say diarrhea is common for those with celiac disease. Now, being lactose intolerant, i know if i ingest lactose, i often head for the washroom within a short period of time. With celiac disease, is it the same, or is it, that one generally can go more often etc.. and have ibs symptoms, i.e. incomplete movements etc 2. pasta would always make me sick, ..running to the washroom eventually, yet, sometimes, most breads dont.. i can eat 10 buns in a row and be fine.. why is this? this confuses the hell out of me.. going gluten-free, i have less morning sickness.. i would always feel the urge to go to the washroom right in the morning.. is this common 3. healing process. one goes gluten-free.. sure, ive noticed improvements.. is there a common standard for the time it takes to see improvement, is 2 weeks to early..is 2 months too long etc. i understand it varies.. im just curious. Has anyone seen progressive improvement over months, how so, i'd like to know they thought it was ibs.. then had an ulcer.. im 29, had these probs since.. 21 or so.. more prevalent every year. thanks for your time, your posts have really helped me. rob Toronto, ON www.v2r.ca/me