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  1. Dear Fiddle-Faddle Firstly I would like to thank you for your input on my topic(tinnitus). I am a Tinnitus sufferer myself and have been for quite some years. I have carried out quite alot of intensive research on tinnitus, too long to go into here but celiac was mentioned to me by a consultant back in early 2009. I never gave it much thought at that point until somebody told me they had been affected by tinnitus but couldn't understand where his tinnitus had come from, no noise trauma and so on. Until he was seen by a gastroenterologist, in actual fact I know the gastroenterologist personally, he is an extremely thorough man. The person in question was diagnosed as having celiac disease and was advised to change his diet and also to stay away from products containing gluten. After approximately 5 to 6 weeks his Tinnitus apart from a slight whisper has almost cleared up. As I have stated I have tinnitus, it is a horrible thing and I am just wondering how many other people are suffereing unnecessary when possible just a simple change of diet could help them. Once again thank you for your input, but if possible if there are any members reading this and they have any information with regards to tinnitus and celiac disease would you kindly let me know. Thanking you all in anticipation. Roy
  2. Dear All Thank you for the replies with reference to Celiac and Tinnitus. It is very much appreciated. However if anyone else has any further information with regards to tinnitus being a symptom of celiac It would be appreciated. Roy
  3. Does anyone know of any correlation between celiac disease and tinnitus. I would be grateful for any information. Thanks Roy