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  1. I am newly diagnosed with Celiac Disease. I was diagnosed after I finally became so sick I was hospitalized for a week. I have tried very hard to avoid Gluten since my symptoms are very severe. Most of my symptoms have disappeared since eating gluten free. Once in a while I accidentally injest gluten while at a restaurant or through hidden ingrediants. When this happens, within a few minutes I get asthma symptems and very nauseaus. Always the next day I will have extreme edema in my hands and legs. Is there any way to counter act or stop the adsorption of the gluten when you realize that things start to go wrong? I hope some of you who are more experienced with eating gluten free might have some advice. Again, I am not eathing gluten on purpose and I wish gluten would just disappear from my world. It is a bit frightening when the symptoms come on and I feel helpless when I don't know what to do except take an inhaler and hope for the best. Thanks for your help and advice.