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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Go to enterolab.com and order a stool and gene panel test for your daughter. I got the run-around from doctors for months. Enterolab diagnosed my daughter and it is done in the comfort of your own home. It is great for little ones. My daughter actually got a giggle out of going pooh in a bucket. And as I heard about the biopsy, the doctor could actually take a sample from a section that is not damaged and you will end up with a negative biopsy. Educate yourself on cross-contamination too. I wish you and your daughter the best.
  2. Stacie, my child is the victim of a negative blood test. Why do the doctors hold so firmly to what the blood test says? My child was diagnosed through enterolab with gluten intollerance, but because she does not have diarrhea and the blood panel is negative, they say she absolutly does not have it. She also is not of short stature being that I am 5'10" and her dad is 6'4". I am anxious to talk to some constipated celiacs and get some info on what they have been through. Any idea when stool and gene testing will become accepted?
  3. I know blood tests do carry false negatives. My child got a negative blood test to allergies and celiac disease. That is why a mom at the celiac foundation referred me to enterolab.com Because the antibodies are produced in the gut, that is the first place you should look. Unless you have enough damage in the villi done for the antibodies to spill over into the blood, you are going to get a negative. I know a mom in the R.O.C.K. (raising our celiac kids) who got a negative blood panel for celiac disease and waited six months until the damage was more severe and got a positive blood panel for celiac disease. I could not see my four year old suffer anymore. She had abdominal cramping (severe) and constipation. She would go over a week without a bowel movement. The new testing looks for the antibodies in the stool, where the foodstuff is. (to all the dinosaur GI's I want to say ...duh) Not in the blood. If you want to test a little one I would go to www.enterolab.com. There are gene and stool tests and you can read all about the Dr. Fine's curriculum vitae. In the four years my daughter has suffered, the ped. and the GI went by blood test only. No one cared about her celiac disease symptoms or her pain. I could not subject her to a biopsy at this age so the GI could satisfy himself, and just the fact that when she does not injest gluten containing foods, she is fine, should be enough. Because they say she does not have celiac disease, it is convenient for the extended family to not care for her special diet and they continue to poison her and she comes home and suffers. Sorry guys, but my anger is that the ped. and the GI igmore the obvious and they don't suffer in pain, my daughter does. Anyway, I really was happy that I got my answer from the stool and gene test from enterolab. My daughter does have celiac disease and not only were the antibodies present in her stool, she already has moderate malabsorbtion going on and she carries the HLADQB1 gene. Now my only fight is to get someone to stand up to the rich ex and let him know the testing is more then valid and to stop poisoning his daughter.
  4. willie25, I am new to the board but have done much research over the last month. My understanding is the biopsy is quite invasive and you might not get a clear answer anyway. I personally would listen to what the GI wants and do your research before you say yes. I got my answer from www.enterolab.com. I think I have become their biggest fan. My child has suffered four years now and blood tests were all negative for celiac disease and allergies. The FACT that my child COULD go to the bathroom without days of pain and laxatives when gluten products were removed from her diet, didn't matter to anyone. (nor did the just under 3000.00 in dental bills because her teeth melted away to cavities) Enterolab has a lot of information on tests and biopsys and just keep clicking on the website and go to IntestinalHealth (from enterolab) and read all you can there as well. The team has focused their lives to intestinal health and they are up on the latest. My GI had his head somewhere and would only except the celiac disease diagnosis with a blood test. The stool (which is so easy to do) and gene test were delivered to my door and picked up from my door and there was no hospitals or needles required. My four year old laughed at having to go pooh in a container on the potty. It is pretty scarry with a little one, just get yourself educated and stand up to the doctors if you believe from your research that their information is outdated.
  5. emsmom, My child had a negative blood panel. When I stumbled onto celiac.com and started reading about celiac disease I felt like God had answered my prayers. I decided to not listen to the doctors and I was refered to Enterolab (www.enterolab.com) and got a positive gene and stool test for celiac disease on my four year old. The pediatritian and the GI said it could not possibly be celiac disease because the blood panel would have shown it. WRONG! Test all can have false negatives and if something is still wrong with your child, do not think the doctors are not fallible. (that is why there exists malpractice insurance) I just fired my pediatritian today and the GI lives on another planet. He said for "him" the blood panel was all he could accept for a celiac disease diagnosis because it is a life long disease and there is no sense in going gluten free unless you really needed to. I had to burst his bubble and let him know I was not in this for him. Go to Enterolab and check out the gene and stool test if you want to know if your child has celiac disease. (sadly it seems the blood panel should be enough) Check out DR. Fine's curriculum vitae. You will be impressed. My child has a casein sensitivity in addition to celiac disease, so maybe your child is not improving as quickly because she is still having sensitivity to some other food. I also thought going to McDonalds and giving my child the chicken off the cobb salad was fine. WRONG AGAIN. I got a lesson in cross contamination. You also have to invest some time in learning those 15 letter words that you can't pronounce on the back of processed foods means you are probably getting some gluten somewhere. Going to the new pediatritian today was amazing. He just looked at the pictures of my daughters different stages of skin breakouts and because he has two little boys that are (constipated) Celiacs he didn't look at me like I was mentally challenged. Listen to that little voice inside your head. What do you think is wrong with your child? Do all the peices of celiac disease symptoms fit, and then research it until you know as much as you can. Just so you know, you will see on Enterolab, about the intestinal villi and it could come back negative depending on which spot they did the biopsy on and some celiac disease patients don't have the villi damage anyway. Keep reading on the lab site and go to the Intestinal Health site from Enterolab and there is a lot more information there. I have always had a passive personality. No more! The doctors have pushed me too far and I am now a lion protecting her cub. The doctor works for you. If he isn't working find another one. I hope this helps
  6. Casein Allergy

    My four year old has the casein sensitivity and I am not sure what gives her this reaction, but she will tell me she cannot get her cough out. It is very dry and she will do this for days. Anybody ever had this?
  7. Donna, I feel your pain. My four year old was just diagnosed with celiac disease through Enteroloab with the gene and stool test. Not only do I have the extended family not willing to admit the diagnosis, they feed her gluten and casein products just to spite me. My daughter comes home and the last time it took seven laxatives to make her go to the bathroom. (and days of sitting on the potty with severe cramps) If that is not enough, the pediatritian who is good friends with my ex and has misdiagnosed my childs breakouts as eczema since the time she was born, refuses to admit his mistake. The two hang together and do dinners while my daughter suffers in pain. Talk about being flushed down the toilet. I don't think it is possible to get any more frusterated. BUT I AM NOT GIVING UP. Cheryl