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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Though I didn't crush them, I used Baby Num-Nums. They are rice rusk wafers for babies that taste like a rice crisp cereal and they say gluten free on the box. They will crush well if you want, or make a great little snack. My kids liked having one with a little cream cheese on it if we were caught out without a snack when they were older.
  2. Ok, Now I Am Wondering.....

    Congrats on feeling better. The iron may take a while to come up. When regular iron supplements were not improving my levels my doc put me on Repliva 21/7 tablets. It is a prescription iron supplement that contains iron in three forms, allowing for better absorption. You take the actual pill for 21 days and then there is a placebo for 7 days, like birth control pills. It was the only thing that helped to bring my iron into check at the beginning, I was around 6-8 in my levels. Now I don't need it as my system has had a chance to heal. Might be worth talking to your doctor about if the over the counter iron supplements do not work.
  3. How Does Anyone

    In regards to your blood test. When you go into the doctor for the blood test, it is important not to be on a gluten free diet. It can give you a false negative. The doctor should have your results back within a week or so. If antibodies are present, the doctor will want to confirm with a biopsy of your small intestine. If no antibodies are present, the doctor may want to put you on a gluten free diet anyway. Gluten intolerance improves with a gluten free diet, but will not show up on a blood test. What other foods are you allergic to? There is a baking forum and every one may be able to help you come up with great alternatives. Also, you are NOT complaining. You are grieving. It is a loss and you will go through the entire grieving process. And that's okay. When I was first told I couldn't have gluten ever again, I laughed at the doctor. Told him he was mistaken, nuts, something. Then, after I moved past denial and into anger, I read that the gluten free diet is "a prescription for life".. I couldn't believe any one could think that way about our diet. But after a while, I realized it's true. Take as much time as you need to adjust and grieve. The positive attitude can come later. The peaceful acceptance will come later too. I have had this disease for 4 years. And at some point, I actually became grateful for it. Which may seem a little wrong right now, but if I hadn't have been diagnosed when I was, according to my doctor, I would have miscarried my youngest within the first few weeks. And eating out? I order last when we all go out, that way my special requests are the strongest impression when that person leaves the table. I laugh and say that I am going to as difficult as possible. That usually makes the waiter or waitress laugh, and pay attention more to my food needs. Don't be embarrassed. It took me a while to get past the embarrassment and frustration. After a while, you get used to it and you find ways to communicate it. Also, by telling them first off that I plan to be as difficult as possible, the wait staff is a little leery of bringing the wrong thing, as I have already said that I plan to be picky. Now, as to resources, this forum is a wonderful tool. Use it shamelessly and lavishly. Also, there are several cookbooks out there that cater to multiple allergies. If you post what allergies you have, I am almost positive that some one will have recipes and/or cookbook titles for you. There is also a gluten free registry. This is not an all inclusive guide, but is a grocer, bakery, restaurant, or even caterer has listed with them, you can look up by city what is available in the area. It also shows reviews of different place so you can see what places or really great and which ones fall short with out being poisoned. Here is the address: http://www.glutenfreeregistry.com/gluten-free-state-search.do?state=SC I hope this helps. Please post again and let us all know how your tests went, and let us all help you with the transition.
  4. La Tortilla Factory makes wonderful gluten free tortillas. Try the Ivory Teff wraps, they are made from teff and millet flours. They are the size of a flour tortilla, smell and taste similar, and go well for use as a wrap or in making enchiladas. They can be a little dry. To fix that, microwave them for a few seconds with a damp paper towel. I find mine at Hy-Vee, but Whole Foods is also listed as a retailer.
  5. With both of my children I was sick from around two weeks until delivery. With my first, I was undiagnosed and nothing seemed to help except protein. With my second, she was a surprise! Tow months before hand I was diagnosed with acute onset celiac sprue. We wanted another one, but planned to give me some time to heal first. I was deathly ill with her and nothing really helped. I didn't have hypertension or high blood pressure. I had extremely low blood pressure, on a good day it was up to 90/60, was on an oral medication for nausea- which only worked part of the time, and was very anemic. After going into preterm labor two months before I was due, and feeling like my doctor wasn't really paying attention, I switched to a high risk OB/GYN at 35 weeks. She found that after reading my chart, I had been at around a 6 to a 7 on my iron levels almost the entire time. She really paid attention and had me at an 8 before I delivered, which was still low, but not bleed out low. Also, after she helped to bring my iron up, some of my morning sickness eased up. I was sick at all times of the day before, near the end, only once a day. I even managed to go a day here and there without throwing up! Take the time to really quiz your doctor. If you doctor cannot answer basic knowledge questions about your disease or isn't taking the time to listen, look around. Or if you are comfortable with your doctor and trust him/her, insist that they study up on celiac and the prenatal risks associated with it. It is okay to switch doctors, even right at the end. I had to drive about an hour to my new doctor. But if I hadn't, I may have had severe hemorrhaging during labor. That was the right choice for me as my first doctor didn't seem that interested in studying up. Both of my girls came out just fine in the end, though they both have celiac disease as well. I wish you all the best in your pregnancies! It is the best feeling in the world to hold your little one in your arms.
  6. These are two recipes that are made without gluten or eggs. They are from Carol Fenster's Special Diet Celebrations. Basic Cake without eggs 1 Cup brown rice flour 1/2 Cup butter 1/2 Cup potato starch 2 teaspoons gluten-free vanilla extract 1/4 Cup tapioca flour 1/2 cup silken tofu 1/2 teaspoon xanthan gum Grated peel of 1 lemon 2 1/4 teaspoons baking powder 1/2 Cup boiling water 1/4 teaspoon salt Cooking spray--gluten-free 3/4 Cup granulated sugar Preheat oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit and lightly coat 11 x 7-inch nonstick pan or two 5 x 3-inch pans with cooking spray. Sift flours, xanthan gum, baking powder, and salt. Set aside. In food processor, cream together sugar, butter (at room temperature), vanilla, tofu, and lemon peel. Process on high until completely smooth. Add boiling water and process on high until completely mixed. Add flour mixture and process until smooth. Scrape down sides of bowl with spatula, if necessary. Spoon batter into prepared pan(s)and bake 11 x 7-inch pan for 25-30 minutes, smaller pans for 30-40 minutes or until tops are firm. Cake will not brown very much. Remove from oven and allow to cool for 10 minutes before removing from pan(s). Cool completely before serving. Basic Chocolate cake without eggs 1/2 Cup brown rice flour 3/4 cup brown sugar 1/2 Cup potato starch 1/4 Cup butter 1/4 Cup tapioca flour 1/2 cup silken tofu 1/2 Cup cocoa powder 2 teaspoons gluten-free vanilla extract 1/2 teaspoon xanthan gum 2/3 Cup boiling water 2 1/4 teaspoons baking powder Cooking spray 1/2 teaspoon salt Preheat oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit and lightly coat 9-inch round or square nonstick pan with cooking spray. Combine flours, cocoa, xanthan gum, baking powder, and salt. Set aside. In food processor, cream together sugar, butter (at room temperature), vanilla, and tofu. Process on high until completely smooth. Add boiling water and process on high until completely mixed. Add flour mixture and process at a low speed until smooth. Scrape down sides of bowl with spatula, if necessary. Spoon batter into prepared pan and bake for 25-30 minutes or until tops are firm. Remove from oven and allow to cool for 5 minutes before removing from pan(s). Cool completely before serving. I hope this helps. I am very sorry that I do not know the conversions, but these cakes come out very well. If you need more than one layer, mix up more than one batch. This does not double well. Hope he has a happy third birthday!
  7. Hey, guess what, I didn't say it contains wheat, but that it has an allergy warning on it! May contain traces of milk, wheat, and soy. That is an allergy warning, not that it has wheat as an ingredient! Read the original post first. I was passing along information that there is an allergy warning, I will quite often get ill when I have something that has that warning. It was meant to be a courtesy since it was news to me.
  8. Just found this thread- I have an aunt that drops the r instead of adding it. As a child I had some pointed questions for my mother on adult practices after hearing my aunt say, "I went to a "potty" last night with some people."
  9. Is it just me or are there a ton of bugs going around this season! Right before Christmas, both of my girls had pink eye, which was going around the classroom. They felt better for Christmas, then right afterward both came down with a nasty cold flu bug. One had a sinus infection and a sore throat, the other had an ear infection, then my husband caught it and it went into his chest as a respiratory infection. Of course I took care of every body while they were sick. Right as they started to feel better I caught it all, and I mean all of it, at once! I couldn't see, hear, or talk. We are all just now completely over everything. I figure we have filled our quota of crud for the season.
  10. Two Celiac Parents

    I was told after my diagnoses that based on my family history, my children would have a 50% chance of developing the disease. But in my case, my paternal grandfather, a non compliant, was diagnosed around 30 years ago, my father, also non compliant, has gluten intolerance with DH, and I was diagnosed with adult acute onset celiac. Turns out that both of my girls have celiac. They were actually born with it active. And it really is okay, they don't mind. And my oldest,6, who just started school, enjoys tricking people into trying her foods, because they never realize what they are eating, like a birthday cake made out of rice! Another thought is, childhood obesity statistics are rising in this country. While a celiac child may still struggle with their weight, there will automatically be no fast food, no snack cakes. Your children are more likely to have a healthy, balanced diet from the start. And my husband's personal favorite, he is already stressing about the teenage years, alcohol is pretty much out. Good luck to both you. I hope you feel at ease with whatever you decide.
  11. "Starch" In Shredded Cheese

    I came across an article awhile back that said that foods made in the USA that contain starch, or modified food starch, unless otherwise stated, are always a form of corn starch. But foods made outside of the US, that's anybodies guess and calling the customer line would be in order.
  12. While their lunch meat isn't always a deli style cut, Great Value brand- from Walmart- also has gluten free right on the package, and has a nice flavor.
  13. Traveling To Northern Georgia

    Thank you for the suggestions. I made my first "trip" to the gluten free mall. I just have to say, yikes! I didn't realize how expensive the pre-made foods are. I make everything at home from flours I buy at a local Korean market. But now that I have been there, I may have to order some chicken nuggets and maybe some breakfast items for the trip. I still haven't found a recipe for a really good glazed doughnut. But since my little girls are 3 and 6, having a few cheat items, stuff that goes straight into the oven or microwave, would be nice.
  14. While shopping the other day my grandmother actually read the back of the bag of some Great Value brand frozen veggies. She noticed they now have a wheat allergy warning on them. She passed it on to me as soon as she got home. So be warned, now we have to start watching plain vegetables!
  15. Traveling To Northern Georgia

    I hadn't even thought about that! Believe it or not, I survive without ever visiting a health food store, so I usually don't think of them.