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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. shrimp green curry, steak taco with corn tortilla & guac, and a chicken tamale w/ chips and salsa. chips fried in different oil, i called ahead to make sure. i ate at different restaurants. the tamale was at chevy's. the other foods were at small restaurants. i felt naueseated right away and then vomited three times throughout the night. it took about a few days for me to feel better, to get my strength back. i couldnt stand for more than 1 minute, awful headaches, no fever though.
  2. I have been careful to eat gluten-free, ordering of gluten-free menus, specific instructions, etc. and I know I have been glutened and not thrown up, but from Nov. to Jan. I vomited after eating out three different times. I am wondering if when we go to eating really pure and whole foods that there is an ingredient in restaurant food (additive, preservative, etc) that we can't tolerate. At first I thought it was food poisoning, then it happened again & again. I never throw up when I have gluten accidently, so I know it's not that. Ideas?
  3. I am new to the forum (gluten-free, DF since Nov '09) and was wondering if anyone else feels sick after eating Gluten free mixes by Bob's Red Mill, Namaste, etc. I was feeling much better when I started out eating only whole foods, then trying to add in the mixes and flours, but my stomach is feeling sick/puffy again. Is this common?
  4. I work at a locally owned health food store/supplement store and ran across an article the other day that said these supplements were important: a good quality fish oil (carlson is a good brand), probiotics (enzymatic therapy pearls are gluten-free, df), digestive enzymes before every meal, vitamin d, a good multivitamin (i take country life's real food organic because it's gluten-free, but also because it gives me energy)
  5. I guess I have been unknowingly emotionally eating. Before going Gluten-Free, I always gave myself permission to intuitively eat (have you read the book intuitive eating?) I ate whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted to. I lost weight doing that, because I quit dieting & started feeding my body. Now I am having trouble again, since I restrict myself so much. I am gluten-free, Dairy free, and avoid chocolate. I can feel my cravings coming back & when I get home after work I have no idea how to process my emotions since I can't just have the foods I want to numb them. They are not ness. bad emotions -- just emotions in general. And now I have to deal with them. I guess mostly I just feel weary of the work of eating this way. I feel isolated. I cooked a lot when I first went gluten free, I was excited and energized by it. I had lost about 10 pounds. Now I am gaining a few pounds back, I feel sluggish again, and need a little encouragement. Anyone have any advice?