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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. read about that this am, and you know, me; money. the vaccination won't be cheap, and none of them are life long.
  2. just stop carrying one. if the son is much over say, 8, he is old enough to own his own issue. if you really need to, get a new one with external pockets for any potential problem.
  3. the money spent on gene testing should have been spent on complete celiac testing. money poorly spent. ask doc why he wanted it. and pursue complete testing.
  4. you DO NOT need one of those two genes. there is a small but real group that do not have them, and ARE celiacs. Europe recognizes DQ9, and others, besides the DQ8 and DQ2
  5. " i was amazed how much my father learned between the time I was 14 and 21..." Mark Twain
  6. don't worry about the ABG, they would never do that in the office that is really an ICU thing. i think it is to get the pulse, more than anything. and not a good way to do that, you can not make any judgements about the quality of the pulse. you know, new toys, gotta use them, lol. and they are not the best thing since sliced bread... a short tale...working one noc, LPN approached me with "Mr Jones has a PO of 96, BUT his pulse is over 100", hmm does Mr. Jones have a titrate O2 order? Yes, well go turn it up and reassess. PO went to 98 and pulse fell under 100. duh, the man is anemic....
  7. Hey, Gem, there is a device that can be used on the earlobe to check O2 levels. goes in the same machine, just a different attachment. Because the only other option is an arterial stick for ABG's....ouch
  8. it does not have to be one OR the other, could be both. I would be tempted to hold of on the ABT for a little while to see if you continue to improve on GFD.
  9. if your gut problems got worse when you quit smoking, that would make me think Crohn's. could have both things at the same time, of course!
  10. mag oxide is the cheapest and least utile of the magnesium preparations, try mag 64/ mag delay. or mag citrate caps, or glycinate as some one else mentioned.
  11. i am a cynic, i think the doc just wanted to collect on another scope.
  12. lol, cycle lady beat me to the wheat in drywallmud... But, PPIs should never be stopped cold turkey! except for a true allergy situation. protonix come in a 20 mg tab, should have started with that and then gone every other day, and then stop......
  13. ironic, what form of magnesium do you take, and how much? are you on a PPI? or other acid inhibitor?
  14. that doc was simply cruel to that child! bottom line, just plain cruel.