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  1. i am a cynic, i think the doc just wanted to collect on another scope.
  2. lol, cycle lady beat me to the wheat in drywallmud... But, PPIs should never be stopped cold turkey! except for a true allergy situation. protonix come in a 20 mg tab, should have started with that and then gone every other day, and then stop......
  3. ironic, what form of magnesium do you take, and how much? are you on a PPI? or other acid inhibitor?
  4. that doc was simply cruel to that child! bottom line, just plain cruel.
  5. negative gene test, in the USA, does not r/o celiac. just ask Ravenwoodglass....
  6. not knowing whether you are male/female, the iron def may be do to routine blood loss? iron def, when severe enough can lead to muscle cramping, as well as the mag. def. if you supplement Vitman D, up your magnesium even more.
  7. yeah, fasting glucose is really for monitoring, not a good test for dx. if you know some one with a meter, do your own challenge testing....
  8. yeah, use the (idiot) doc before you dump her, then find one with active brain cells.
  9. you are understandably depressed, and grieving. a psychologist, not psychiatrist, maybe of some help. and yes, been there, not for celiac, but other issues that caused grief.
  10. 1) do you have chiropractic in Hungary? if so, see one for your neck. 2) increase your magnesium, the vitamin D increases you body's need for it. 3) good luck
  11. you should report that doc to the state medical society. ASAP
  12. a serving of protein in the AM would be good.
  13. damage is too far down the small intestine for them to reach. see if they would take an improvement with diet to dx.
  14. the gene test will not tell you if she has it or not, and will cost time and money. if you need a hard and fast dx, go with the endoscopy.