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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I think going gluten free really did change my temps. Very odd. But every month my temps have been higher, even hitting the 98's which is rare for me. I just found out I am pregnant on Monday!! My positive tests are darker than they ever were with my two last pregnancies, and this pregnancy is giving me very high temps which I think is a good sign for me! So excited, I really do think that gluten was causing me issues with my last pregnancies. It is the only thing that could explain it really... My temps never hit 98 with my last pregnancies and today my temp was 98.4 and my positive tests are darker than they ever were with my last pregnancies and I am taking them earlier than before.
  2. San Diego

    They also have a Disneyland list of gluten free foods that you can find at Disneyland and where you can find them. Even a place with gluten free pizza and a place with gluten-free waffles. Go here: http://glutenfreeinsd.com/disneyland.html#Disney And click on "click here" under disneyland. Says the list was only good until November of 09 but I'm sure it couldn't have changed much. And either way its still a good reference sheet. I like how I post a question and then end up finding most of the answers myself. LOL. Oh well! I figured posting this info would help someone else out there who may be planning a similar trip!!
  3. San Diego

    I guess I don't need to worry about San Diego anymore! I just ran into this website! http://www.glutenfreeinsd.com/index.html Decided I should post it in case anyone else comes on here looking for info on Sand Diego. Most of the info for the restaurants was updated in March so you know you are getting accurate information! I am really excited to try out the gluten free bakery!
  4. San Diego

    Thank you SO much for the recommendation! I am glad to at least have one place in mind that I can go and eat while we are at disneyland. I don't really want to have to bring too many snacks with me, especially since we will be on rides all day, so that definitely simplifies things!
  5. San Diego

    I am going on a road trip with some friends in a couple of weeks. We are going first going to be camping in Sun City California(for 2 days) then we will be going to San Diego for 3 days then Palm Springs. I am currently trying to find some good restaurants to eat or stores where I can find gluten free products and am curious if anyone has any tips for me? Thanks ETA: We will also be going to Disneyland, on the website it says to call ahead of time to reserve a spot at a restaurant but the problem is I have no clue which one would be able to give me the best gluten free meal, and I'd rather not waste my money, which has happened much to often trying to eat out lately. Anyone had any experience with gluten free food in Disneyland??
  6. Me and my husband started trying to conceive February of 09. I had two miscarriage one in September and one in October. About 6 weeks ago I found out that I am gluten intolerant and so I removed gluten out of my diet and in turn started eating a lot healthier than I used to. I'm curious though whether going gluten free can change your morning temperatures? I've been charting since we started but the past couple months I stopped charting. This cycle I started temping again to see when AF would be on her way at cycle day 25. AF has never showed later than cycle day 34(usually shows before day 30) and I am now on day 36 with no signs of her showing. I am having all of my pregnancy symptoms but am still getting negatives. Does anyone know if going gluten free can change your temperature levels at all? This is my current chart: http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/25abed But according to that it almost looks as if my ovulation was celiac disease 28 however my coverline is usually around 97.1 so that seems impossible. For a chart for me it looks more like it's gone triphasic. I'm just frustrated with these negatives and I've almost beat the length of my second pregnancy cycle. If this was confusing, sorry! It's hard to explain the complexity of my cycle this month...but I'm really only curious whether or not going gluten free could cause your monthly temps to be higher than before, since my pre O temps are usually below 97 degrees.
  7. Just got back from the store and bought a bunch of different gluten free flours! I plan to do some experimenting this week and I'm excited to get started! My dad found out from my grandma that my great grandpa had issues with wheat. He never could eat it, his whole life. So I am wondering if he didn't have celiac disease. I mean back then I doubt anyone was really getting diagnosed. My grandma also has stomach and heartburn issues, similar to the issues I have and seemed interested in the gluten free diet. My blood tests came back negative, but I had already gone gluten free. I think I am going to wonder forever whether I have celiac disease or just gluten intolerance. Since I was gluten free for a week before getting blood taken, I wonder if it messed up the blood test. I wish I had thought about it before I went gluten free but I didn't realise at the time that it would bring inaccurate results from the blood tests...I think I need advice. Stay gluten free and forget about the endoscopy or go back on gluten feel terribly sick and get an actual diagnosis.... I'm personally very afraid to eat wheat. I've gotten glutened a few times since going gluten free, because of lack of know how with this diet. It is definitely hard to stay completely away from gluten! But I am working on it(hence the going out to buy gluten free flours today!). But really curious. Is it worth it to go back on gluten to get an accurate diagnosis? It seems everytime I get gluten I end up with a bad headache, bloated stomach, moderate to severe joint pain(to the point I have to walk with a cane), and a horrible searing burning pain just beneath my ribs on the left side. Can't decide if this is coming from my small intestine, colon, or if I have a stomach ulcer...but nothing but my allergies seems to cause the burning pain. It happens when I have cheese, corn chips and anything with gluten. I'm going to have to test out the corn and cheese... I might be lactose intolerant. Though I am hoping not!!
  8. Just stocked up on gluten free flours. Hoping to do some experimenting this week! :P

  9. Same here! Two weeks and its gone, I'm amazed at how quickly this diet seems to be working for me
  10. Deep Sleep Since Going Gluten Free

    Thanks for the reply! How long did it take before your sleeping pattern became more normal?
  11. I was just curious if anyone had trouble eating breakfast before they went gluten free. I never considered this to be a possible symptom of my medical problems growing up. But I have never been able to eat breakfast, and often would skip the meal completely and just eat lunch at noon to 1. Now that I am gluten free I am finding that it is getting easier and easier for me to eat breakfast. I used to feel sick first thing in the morning and the only thing I could ever stomach was fruit. Did anyone else experience this before going gluten free and did it get better for you too? I'm curious because my brother has some of the same issues with things as I do and I almost wonder if he doesn't have a gluten intolerance as well..though I doubt he would ever listen to me!
  12. Godfather's Pizza

    Our Godfathers Pizza doesn't have the gluten free either. But a friend just told me about Garlic Jims and I checked there website and they actually have a whole gluten free menu! I'm going to try it soon. Probably this weekend. I checked Florida, the only one they have with the gluten free menu is in Miami.
  13. I honestly wish I had seen this a year ago. I've been suffering from terrible hip and lower back pain for years. I am only 22 so the fact that I have had to use a cane to walk frequently in the past 2 years told me there was SOMETHING wrong. Xrays showed nothing. I went to a good chropractor after finding out I had slight scoliosis, and whle it helped, I was always plagued again later by the hip pain(and still had to use a cane to walk quite often). It would be like my hip was catching on my spine. Horrible shooting pain. If I moved my hip at all I would end up screaming. It was terrible! My upper back pain went away after getting my spine aligned, but since the hip pain never left I knew there was something still wrong. Only the other day did I realize that my hip pain is completely gone since going gluten free. My lower back pain is for the most part gone. Just a little bit of pain left but I am sure that it will leave soon as I can feel it getting better. Anyways, I just wanted to say you are not alone! And its nice that there is someone I can relate to in that aspect. My family was starting to think I was faking it...lol
  14. I have only been gluten free for two weeks, but have seen great improvements already in my symptoms. But now it seems that I am sleeping SO deep that I don't wake up for anything in the morning until my body is ready to be awake. Normally I will get up with my husband when he gets up for work, but now I barely squint open my eyes to say good bye. Around 2-4pm I start to get tired as well. I'm just wondering if this is normal when you first start the diet? Is my body maybe just repairing itself so I am needing more sleep? I used to have insomnia but thankfully that seems to be gone this week, but now its just strange to sleep through the night and not wake up to anything..do you think this will pass? If I let myself I would probably stay asleep until noon or later, where as before I was getting up at 6 am every morning. I am also having much more vivid dreams..Is this just the transition?
  15. I just this weekend tried the brownie mix and they taste like the real thing! Very excited that I will still have this yummy quick fix dessert to keep me from taking a bite of DH's bagels! lol.