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  1. Has anyone every thought or considered doing a parasite cleanse. I too go through phases where I don't sleep well or bolt awake at night. My ND. told me, it's because of my low adrenals...but from what I've read and from personal experience it can also be from parasites. I find that whenever I do go through the phase of not sleeping well I do a parasite cleanse for a full 3 mths. (taking a wk. off during full moon and then resuming). I find that helps me. As for my adrenals...well I'm waiting to see how all my adrenal hormone supplements will help me. Also I read something along the lines of celiac and leak gut always means parasites within us. Hope this helps
  2. In Calgary and Edmonton (Farmer's Market) there is a vendor called SUN WORKS they are a celiac family that farms grass fed animals...all their meat is gluten free (not grain fed) and that includes their bacon also eggs. They also have various breakfast susages,chicken weinners, chicken meatloaf luch meat, rst.beef lunch meat, lamb, etc... a really great selection! Tasty! And a busy vendor!! I believe on their website they can accomodate people that can't get to the market...they are a really great family Hope this helps! Also ORGANIC!