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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Many thanks to all who have waved me off this before trying Daura. Wegman's Grocery (East Coast, DC region) is selling Daura in it's gluten-free section, along with Bard's Tale, Redbridge and Greens. I was a bit suspicious. In my book, Greens Dubbel Dark Ale is the best gluten-free beer there is, hands down, though it's alcohol content is way up there (plan on an early night). In the DC region, it is available at Total Wine and now Wegman's Grocery Oh, and Wegman's labels their store-brand corn chips gluten-free and I've had no trouble with them. Cheers...
  2. I'll second your observation about Columbia-Crest. My experience was with Grand Estates Chardonnay 2009, and the GI symptoms are undeniable. I've been symptom-free for about six months until last evening. Bummer. Thanks for doing the research by contacting the company, your efforts have shortened my source identification time to about 24 hours and I can pour out the bottle. From the back label: "Incorporating the practice of Batonnage (the process of hand-stirring wine barrels) with this Chardonnay enhances the rich, buttery characteristic and compliments the soft oak notes and ripe tropical fruit flavors - Ray Einberger, Winemaker" I'm thinking Ray had a sandwich for lunch before "hand stirring". Thanks a heap there, Ray.
  3. I was hunting for the cause of a hard glutening and it led me to question Tropicana OJ's status. I tested it for the presence of Gluten using EZ-Gluten (www.elisa-tek.com), and it came up negative. My sample came from factory code 48 (as indicated by the first two digits following the expiration date). Alas, my search continues. Test Details: Control Line was present, hook line was present
  4. Ez-Gluten testing my Minuite-Maid OJ

  5. I'm suffering from an exposure now (my first this year) and have an elevated temperature. Chills, muscle aches, joint pain, typical flu-like symptoms, but no respiratory problems. I've been successful eating out at PF Chang's, they appear to get it right (at least I haven't had problems in ten-or-so visits). I do take my own silverware/chopsticks, however. Dirty forks and plates are a chronic problem with restaurants that claim gluten-free-capable... it simply isn't on the radar. I hope he's feeling better; I'm wishing the clock could spin forward by three weeks to clear my situation.
  6. I've been cutting those stickers off out of principle, it's a small amount of work for peace of mind. Given that policy, process, proximity, and ingredients can change at any time, I've written off seeking any form of abolute assurance on this matter. I've personally never gotten a dosing off a sticker'ed fruit, but have been dosed off an apple coating from Wegman's. Even Whole Foods puts a sticker on everything... off to the farmer's market for me. It's reassuring to see other people are sensitive to micro-doses. I use a banana-baby approach to my diet, adding one new item about every two weeks, trying each one repeatedly for six weeks before promoting the item from "experimental" to "good". I recently demoted Cholula hot suace from "experimental" to "bad" based on a three-trial experiment. The company says that they are gluten free, the vinegar is a combination of apple vinegar and distilled vinegar... regardless of the vinegar debate, I'm trusting my gut rather than my pen. During a prior post (sorry about the excessive "p" usage), there was mention of surface contact testing strips. Could the original author followup with a reference to topic or external reference? I'm excited about trying them, any feedback on results? We'll see what it says about Cholula, hmmm? Best regards, Diagnosed (via endoscopy) in Rockville, MD