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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Are miralax, oxypowder, or renew life processed in a gluten-free facility? I tried contacting them but the new year's has shut down their customer service lines. Thanks
  2. link An opinions on this? Supposedly this company supplies both gluten and chemicals. So do we have to worry about CC from acids, processor fluids, etc.? Again, bizarre question but I'm a little curious.
  3. Weird question: are there any industrial chemicals that contain gluten?
  4. I understand that they are a little obscure but if anyone can tell me if they are gluten free and how well they worked, I would be thankful.
  5. I have another account here, but due to complications I had to make another one. Should I delete the first?
  6. I tried looking elsewhere and contacting the Co. but to no avail. I'm wondering if there are any CC issues and "made in the same facility" issues that PB & Co. brands have? Thanks again
  7. You mean Hershey will always be in the news? ???
  8. Any response to this?
  9. Oh, so Hershey's says "May contain x" and "y was processed with x"? Or is it one or the other? I suppose it wouldn't be the case that Hershey's would label "May contain x" since they do make non-gluten containing candies. Is that a true deduction?
  10. Do they label cross-contamination too?
  11. I figure, that dust must have gluten in it, since dust is just a collection of clothes and skin particles and are larger than 20ppm. Also, clothes and skin particles have gluten (since one washes clothes with gluten-containing detergents and one wears these clothes on their skin), so dust has gluten in it. So is it safe to be cleaning an area with a lot of dust in it and with dust floating in the air?
  12. Are Henry's or Sprouts gluten-free products processed in gluten-free facilities too? I'm wondering because I can never get an answer from their customer service and I'm esp. interested in henry's sausages. Any help please? Thanks
  13. are japanese chestnut pouches gluten-free? I think that they are, but they say they are seasoned but the ingredients say that they only contain chestnuts. Anyone know if labeling is different in the far east, or if these treats are gluten-free?
  14. Nori?

    Iodine-rich seaweed paper -sushi paper.
  15. I think it is okay to assume that most japanese nori is gluten free but do we really know that -how many people eat it w/o reactions, will the package mention any possible CC? Thanks