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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Durum Semolina

    I have had trouble with this type of pasta for years. I get severe pain within minutes of eating it. I always thought it was the sauce but it turned out to be the pasta. I was tested for celiac but the blood work came back negative, didn't stop me from going gluten-free.....you couldn't pay me to eat gluten products! Good luck to you on your search for wellness. Monica
  2. I had gone gluten free despite negative blood work as I really do feel like a different person when off gluten. I had regained my energy and had joined a gym because I felt like a million bucks. This weekend past I had a houseful of company and made numerous easy foods for everyone to have. I myself ate chili thinking it was ok. On Monday I was sooooo sick, I could hardly find the energy to lift my arms. I was very upset wondering what in the world could be wrong, I had been really watching my diet. On Tuesday I was nasty....hated my life, the world and wanted to hide in the dark, I was soooo tired still and thought this thing was just going to sneak up on me whenever it wanted regardless of how well I ate...NOT FAIR! My darling husband said "Didn't you put tomato soup in the chili?" I could have cried I was so happy he had solved the mystery for me (wheat starch in the soup). I did still have control over how I felt, I just was so busy I forgot to think about my diet. I was amazed that such a little mistake could make me so sick, and I am wondering what it is inside that makes me feel as though I have pressure and bruising in my chest, it makes my back and chest hurt like I have been punched. What goes on inside? No one really seems to know why that happens and I am so curious. Also this horrible taste in my mouth? Anyone know what that is?? I am learning so much here.....thank you for having a great place for us to learn from one another.
  3. Oatmeal

    I just wanted to ask you guys if you eat oatmeal? I read that it was alright for celiacs but it made me feel a little ill. I also had a bad attack the other night and was shocked because I had been really good all day.....thought I had avoided gluten. The only thing that I might have ate to cause it was salsa. It had tomato paste but I thought that was o.k. I'm learning, but when I get sick I am very frustrated over not knowing what is safe. It is a real learning process! Wow. Also do you find that it takes a long time for the effects of a gluten incident to wear off. I am angry at myself because I was feeling so good and now I am suffering and don't know what to put the blame on.
  4. I have often noticed that my hair is so dry and brittle it won't do anything, I called it an episode. I usually have nice hair, nails and skin but until now I couldn't figure out why I went through periods of extreme dryness. Even the whites of my eyes would look yellow, I just seem to look as bad as I feel. Does this have anything to do with celiac?
  5. I have been suffereing with strange symtoms for three years. It wasn't until my doc sent me for a celiac screen (blood test) that I suspected or even heard of it. I went off of gluten after the test. I felt soooo much better. The test came back negative and she told me that it was a very accurate test, I don't think this is my imagination. If I eat gluten I feel very dizzy, lose the feeling in my extremities and get horrible pain through my chest that spreads, like heart attack pain, I feel very tired and almost insane. I don't recognize myself. I asked her if I could be sensitive and not celiac, she really didn't know what to say other than stay away from gluten. Could the test be wrong? Or should I accept this answer? I know the bottom line is that I feel better no matter what anyone says. I was just wondering what you guys would think of this result? Thanks for a great place to chat!!
  6. Hi everyone! This is my first time posting but I have been doing alot of reading here. I am being tested for celiac and am very confused about the symptoms. I am confident that my doctor ordered the test based on information I have given her over the past three years. I have had every test there is I am sure! My heart has been tested and I have had MRI and catscan to test for tumors and MS. I have alot of the symptoms that show up here on your board but one is not mentioned. My question is do any of you get pain between the shoulder blades that goes through you like a knife? I have episodes of this pain that stop me dead in my tracks. I call it white pain.....the kind that takes you over and makes you wish you could just die and get it over. I have had three children, naturally! When I have this pain I say I would rather be having a fourth child! It feels like a heart attack. My doc has checked into it and says my heart is normal and it is nothing to worry about ,but with this idea of me possibly having celiac I can't help but wonder if it could be connected. I am very confused about this disease and need some help sorting out what is caused by the food I eat and what is not related. I do get very dizzy and lose some of the feeling on my right side when I am not careful with my diet. I get horrible abdominal pain an feel soooo tired I cannot walk very far, I also have been suffering terrible migraines. I am sorry this is so long, I really have come to a point of total desperation.