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  1. My experience was worst. I spent 100 and 100 s of hours reading books, medical research papers. What I noticed.

    1- info from american based sources (ex Mayo clinic, etc ) should be avoided. Instead go to Canadian, England, European, Australian or New Zealand sites. Some spell it Ceoliac.

    2- The tests really do not mean anything. What people need to do and can not do is avo...

  2. so sick of being sick

  3. going to the doctor tomorrow wish me luck... who ever reads this?

  4. see an allergist! my mom is type one and had the same gi phenomenon a normal wheat panel wont show up it has to be extensive, i go to the doctor in the morning and im hoping for answers
  5. hi im 20 years old, my mom and myself have been battling for a diagnosis for many years and have finally been tested for (allergist) celiac disease. why is it so hard to diagnose? im young and have and have had many adnormal problems, i've been put on a wide variety of different drugs for different reasons, why is it that auto immune diseases are becoming so common and yet they are so commonly miss diagnosed? when will the disease pair with information? why is it that the doctor knows that you are sick and something is not right and you test positive for hlaB-27 gene and still test negative for a basic celiac blood test? and then test positive for it a second time? what is the difference in tests taken? and why do doctors not test you for it?
  6. hi, i live in florida and im 20 and very confused as well? have you been diagnosed?