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  1. Chicken is a good idea-we raise our own and I canned a bunch of tomato sauce last year so no salt! I'll have to check the freezer!!!
  2. Here's the scoop, it's at my house and we eat gluten-free due to 2 of my kids. So, my rules My mother is the one with the most restrictions but this is very new to her so I'm trying to help her out. The group will include 1/2 children and 1/2 adults and I know that one of the adults is picky but he'll drink a lot of beer to cope, so who cares what he thinks (not that drinking beer is bad but it gets annoying). My kids love quinoa and they are the majority when it comes to children. I'm thinking about a spinach strawberry salad-that's delicious. The seafood is naturally higher in sodium but very high in iron. I think (have to double check) that we're after no added salt. I can be a real B about foods because we get so much negativity about the gluten-free diet. You know, restaurants, relatives who think it's BS, etc. So, I'm cooking the same foods for everyone and if they don't like it they will survive! Now, that being said, whenever I feed a group a gluten-free meal they are surprised that they like it-I think we've all experienced that! I have a bunch of porterhouse steaks but hate to waste them on a crowd plus it'll be too cold to grill. JNBunnie, what's the wilted spinach like? I've only ever had it cooked with butter or creamed.
  3. I'm cooking for a group of 11. 4 are gluten-free and one of the gluten-free is also on a no salt and high iron diet. I am just not creative enough to come up with anything. I'm thinking about quinoa and then something with shrimp? Any help is appreciated!
  4. Thanks for your input! I'm always hoping to link something that way it all makes sense. I don't like to think that my genes caused problems for my kids
  5. My two youngest kids (dtr and son) are gluten intolerant, we do not know if it's Celiac but plan to have genetic testing soon. They are both being tested for Hemophilia and Von Wilebrand, this came about because my oldest dtr just tested positive as a symptomatic Hemophilia A carrier. Anyway, when I mentioned the gluten issues to the hematologist today she did not seem surprised at all! She talked about antibodies and some other stuff but I had talked to 3 nurses, a social worker, a genetic counselor and another doc already and my head was spinning! Do any of you have any bleeding disorders? I realize it's genetic but I have to wonder if one disease plays off of or can make a person susceptible to another? Or is is just plain luck?! I say that in jest because I have to-I'm exhausted and occasionally have to laugh at our issues
  6. My 3yo is Gluten Intolerant. She was diagnosed based on symptoms-anemia, malnutrition, vomiting, irritability, slow growth, etc. This was before 12 months and her main source of nutrition was breastmilk! All of these symptoms slowly went away once she was gluten-free. Anyway, I spoke with someone at the lab that does all of the genetic testing and she told me (2 yrs ago) that the test just aren't good enough yet to rely on the results in little ones. So, we don't know if she has an allergy, intolerance or Celiac. It doesn't matter to me since I know she's healthy without gluten and sick as a dog with gluten in her diet! Our ped. agrees and won't even allow us to gluten her up for a biopsy! So, until SHE wants to know what it really is....we're happy with her current dx! Good luck mama! It's tough in the beginning but it does get easier : Oh, your question.......after a discussion with our ped., yes, it can be "just" GI.
  7. If you're trying a gluten-free diet, you would remove gluten for a month and then add it back in. You'd notice the symptoms when you add it back. That being said......I wouldn't do it without letting your ped. know so he can monitor things. Good Luck!
  8. My LO hated dairy free cheese, she prefers tacos without cheese anyway. Also the dairy free mozz we tried didn't melt so it was gross on pizza. We recently tried the glutino bread crumbs and really like them, for meatloaf we use rolled (gluten-free) oats and LOVE it!
  9. My DD doesn't like boxed gluten-free mac and cheese, I make Alton Brown's stovetop mac & cheese with tinkyada elbows. only takes a little longer than boxed and it is so so good, we all love it! When I ate a gluten-free diet I gave it all up for a month and then added in some substitutes too. Have you checked with a dietician? Our childrens hospital (an hour away) has a special celiec group that has docs, nurses, dietician and support groups. They even have a family fun day this weekend, I hope to get a lot of new food ideas! Hang in there!
  10. So, since my original post my kids have had to go back to their babysitter. She watched our kids for a year so she understands the whole gluten intolerance mess.I forgot to tell her that we were keeping DS (now 14.5 months)off of gluten, I just didn't even think about it since we pack their lunches! Anyway, she shared some cheez-its with him. I wasn't angry, I figured we'll just consider this a good time to start gluten and see what happens. All evening all he will do is nurse. If I have to put him down, or even take him off, he sits up and throws his body over at the waist and just cries and cries. It looks like he has gas pains. Looks like no more gluten for him I'm considering trying again though, just to make sure. Is that considered cruel or diagnostic? *sigh* What's your experience been with toddlers and immediate reactions?
  11. I love Wheat-Free, Gluten-Free Cookbook for Kids and Busy Adults. When DD was diagnosed this cook book was a lifesaver! Most of the recipes are fairly simple and there are kid friendly things in the back-I believe crafty recipes but I haven't looked at it in a while.
  12. I'm taking my 3 children (5, 3 and 1yrs)on a roadtrip to St. Augustine Beach. We'll be staying in a house for the week so I'll prepare most meals but would like to go out a couple times. Are there any restaurants that are, not only child friendly, but have gluten-free options for kids too? Also, what grocery stores are there? I'll be shopping as soon as we arrive and would like to pick up some gluten-free treats for the little ones.
  13. I do breastfeed my kids and I do/did eat gluten and it hasn't been an issue. DD2's problems were only with foods she consumed. We're fortunate and my consumption of gluten hasn't been an issue. (disclaimer-I don't eat much gluten, I crave sugar when pregnant/nursing). I think I will wait, but how long?! I always said once DD2 was 2 1/2 I'd try to reintroduce gluten just to make sure it was definately gluten she couldn't tolerate. Now I'm thinking she can do that on her own when she's old enough
  14. Hi all! I haven't been on in ages, now I need some advice. A little background first...DD2 has been off of gluten for 2+ years, she'll be 3 in a week and a half. She's doing fine without, we never had her tested and her ped. is just fine with a GI diagnosis instead of trying to test for Celiac. Anyway, DS will be 1 tomorrow and I'm afraid to introduce gluten! I'm not afraid of him being gluten intolerant, I'm afraid I might not see symptoms if he is. So, how long should I wait to give him some gluten? What are the chances he'll have issues too? DD1 does not have any gluten issues and neither do I or DH. Any help/advice/experience is greatly appreciated.
  15. I think I may have to look that up, I love quinoa!