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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Hi Roda, I'm a teacher in Ontario and I have seen many children who have situations similar to your son's. I think a lot of times kids who pick up new information quickly get frustrated with the pace that the teacher needs to go at for the class as a whole. Most children need to hear the same information several times and play with it in different contexts in order to have a good understanding of the new concepts. In the case of some children however they are able to understand the concepts after being presented with them only once or twice, yet are still required to keep reviewing them over and over along with the rest of the class. It is understandable that your son would be frustrated and bored reviewing the same information over and over when he already gets it and is ready to move on. One thing you could suggest to the teacher is that your son take on a project, something he is interested in, that he could work on if he finishes work early. This project could be connected to the curriculum or it could be separate. Since your son has already shown interest in creating a science project, he may already have some ideas of things he would want to learn more about. The only thing the teacher would really need to do in this situation is to help him have access to the information he needs and give him some guidance if he gets stuck. I think this way it wouldn't be extra school work and your son wouldn't get to far ahead of the class, but he is still able to expand his knowledge and practice his skills in an area that interests him. I think going into next year it would be a good idea to talk to his teacher early to build up that relationship, but wait to see how it goes. Some children are able to zip through concepts in the earlier grades then when concepts get a little more abstract and complex in higher grades they go at a rate closer to the norm. Good luck with everything, I hope your son is able to keep that love for learning he has! I think it's just really important that you keep speaking up for your son and remain involved in his education. teachers may not always respond positively to your involvement, but it is so important to your son's school experience and success.
  2. So I have been gluten free for about 2 months now and I have seen some major improvements. One of the big things is that I had been very bloated on the left side for months. My ribs on the left side actually become about 15% wider than the ribs on my right. Since I have been gluten free my bloating has gone down and my ribs are the same size. The problem is that I now have this flap of cartilage (my doctor said it was cartilage) or something that sticks out in varying amounts throughout the dayfrom the area around my 10th rib. This does cause pain and tightness in my left side and I can feel that the muscles in that area are also sore. This problem seems to get gradually better, only to come back full force after I have been glutened or if I exercise the muscles around that area. IS this somethign anyone else has experienced? Can bloating really cause structural damage to the ribs? If anyone has any advice that would be great too!
  3. Feeling Helpless

    I'm fairly new at this gluten intolerance things but I definitely feel your pain. I often go through times where I just wish I was "normal". Listen have you considered taking your interests and using them in a new way? You say you like hockey, what about coaching a kids' hockey team? I know this may seem like an unattractive option, but I think you will find that a great way to take a break from your own medical issues is to focus on someone else. I am a new substitute teacher, which is my passion, and when I am at school I rarely have time to stop and think about the pain and bloating in my left side, and I'm too busy and focused on other things to mind that I ate gluten free crackers, grapes and broccoli for lunch for the past three days. I mean it's worth a try right? About the dating, sometimes it's better to just focus on self-improvement first. Start investigating new interests and find ways that you can still enjoy life. I know it's hard but you can't let your health issues control you. It's all about finding ways to enjoy your life despite not feeling the greatest. Once you have yourself in a better place dating will happen much more naturally I think. There is nothing fair about your circumstances, but you can't let them defeat you. I really hope you start to feel better soon, but even more I hope you start to feel happier soon.
  4. Oh sorry I'm new at this! I'm from Canada, Ontario specifically. PC blue menu is a supposedly healthier version of president's choice. I checked their website, but there's no information there about gluten free foods. I also checked McComick's and counldn't find any information.
  5. So I have been on a gluten free diet for about 2 months and I have been feeling way better. Then today I have been having my old left sided pain and bloating that I thought I had left behind. The two new things I ate today were PC blue menu sea salt potato chips, and a vegetable soup my Mum made that she swears had only raw vegetables, canned tomatoes milk, and McCormick's vegetable stock. I was thinking the two most likely culprits were the vegetable stock and the potato chips. Has anyone had any problem with either of these two products? It is completely possible that something I ate was contaminated as I live with six people who are not gluten free, but if the problem is avoidable I want to avoid it. Thank You in advance!
  6. So I was having left sided bloating for several months where the left side of my rib cage was bloated all the time to the point it was much larger than my right. When I went gluten free about a month ago the bloating went right down and my ribs are now equal in size. I had some pain in my muscles there when I first went gluten free and I assumed it was because the bloating had gone down which changed the position of my ribs. It got gradually better as I stayed on a gluten free diet. Last night I did a Pilates tape that focuses on core muscles. This morning I woke up feeling very sore and tight on the left side. There is no swelling or bloating, but it's not like a sore muscle feeling, more like a sore tendon. Could this be a result of having been bloated for so long? Has anyone else experienced this?
  7. Frustrated

    I'm not sure which blood tests were done actually. I know I was tested for mono and for diabetes, aside from that I am not sure. I should have paid closer attention.
  8. I read the ingredients for the canned lentils and they seemed okay and the walnuts were just whole walnuts. The thing i am not sure about and actually didn't consider was the dried onion. My Mum bought it and put it in a jar, I didn't look at the original packaging. I guess I will have to be more careful about that. I'm still eating dairy and it hasn't seemed to give me any problems so far. I don't know if I have intestinal damage because I don't have an appointment with a GI doctor until July. I'm still trying to get the hang of this, Gluten is in far more things than I ever would have thought. I sure am learning a lot from reading through these forums. Thanks for the help!
  9. So I am new to the forums and suspect I have a gluten intolerance. I have been on a gluten free diet for about three weeks and have felt much better, then last night I had some bloating and left side pain. I'm trying to figure out what the cause of this is, but it seems as though I ate gluten free last night. Here's what i ate: -Home made lentil loaf (made of evaporate milk, canned lentils, sage, salt, walnuts, gluten free bread crumbs, canola oil, dried onion) -Heinz ketchup - uncooked broccoli - Red Rose tea with milk For some reason i suspect the ketchup even though Heinz says they are gluten free. It's my first time eating ketchup since going gluten free. I do live in a house with six other people who eat gluten, and do use the same pots, pans and plastic cutting boards as them, though I wash them before use. Would a contamination be enough? I have never had a problem before with this. My only other time my symptoms fully returned was when i ate taryaki sauce on chicken due without realizing tariyaki sauce is a no-go for gluten free diets, which of course was a poor choice on my behalf. Thank you in advance for your help!
  10. Hi I'm new to the boards. I am a 24 year old female and about 3 weeks ago I went on a gluten free diet under the suspicion I have some sort of intolerance. Before going on the diet my symptoms were: - left side bloating under my ribs with some pain - clicking ribs on left side - left side gurgling noises - foggy thinking - white spots on skin on left side of ribs - undigested food in my bowel movements that were usually loose - clear urine (even while taking vitamins) - hopelessness/slight depression at times - rash on elbows - gas I went to the doctor and was sent for an abdominal ultra-sound which was normal, a chest x-ray and an abdominal x-ray, both of which were normal. I also had blood testing which was normal except I had low iron. I have an appointment with a specialist, but not until July. I went on the gluten free diet and the results were as follows: - left side bloating under my ribs is almost rare, and seems to be tied in with eating gluten, though I can't always identify the source - left side gurgling noises are pretty much gone - still have clicking ribs on left side, though it seems to be less frequent - I now think clearly - white spots on skin on left side of ribs are still present - bowel movements are fully digested, though occasionally a little bit hard - urine is back to normal - only very rarely feel depressed or hopeless - rash on elbows comes and goes - rare gas only when I think I have eaten gluten Some unexpected results: - weight loss, 5 pounds so far (I have been overweight for years) - pimples on face cleared up Does this sound pretty typical? My family is skeptical and thinks that a lot of this is in my head and I'm sort of a hypochondriac. Or that the results are simply due to eating less processed and packaged foods. I am still planning to attend my specialist appointment in July, I just had to do something now because July is really very far away, and I think I am on the right track, but I'm still a little unsure. Thank You.