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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. It does have different presentations and moves round the body - it will be interesting to see what the diagnosis is.....
  2. Cognitive Challenges & Career

    Make sure you are definitely as gluten free as possible - see other threads about equipment and other changes to make to achieve this. I have had lots of neuro problems and continued major lack of energy and can still have bad days or weeks like this last week just gone (which was bad) and feel very demoralised. I do have some glimpses of good days which helps keep me going. I had to give up my diploma course, I work as a community Nurse with a large caseload and a lot of information to process and struggle constantly, my boss isn't on my back though so I must be doing something right!!!! I suffer with depression which is an ongoing battle even when I am gluten free, have had (and sometimes still have) problems with paranoia, anxiety and obsessional behaviour and thoughts and am very negative. I will not let this beat me and there is some glimmers of hope that the longer I am Gluten free It will improve..... Keep your chin up!!
  3. How Hard Is It?

    keep gluten foods separate, use separate toasters or use toasterbags - see how you go!!!!!!
  4. Are you drinking enough? Are you having too much fibre? - you may have needed it before as a result of gluten causing constipation, but not now. Consider something like fybogel (psyillium husks) which can be adjusted wether you want to relieve constipation or cause it!!!
  5. Brain Fog=Car Accident?!

    I was bad after a glutening yesterday and got confused!! Glad you are ok. I have not felt safe to drive when I have had gluten recently -definitely something to be aware of
  6. "glutened" For First Time

    I had something (not sure what) in the last 24 hours, woke up with my rash, dicky tummy. Went to work feeling like hell then got lost and confused going to see a patient!!!! Had to come home as felt horrendous, couldnt concentrate felt steamrollered and went to bed!! So you are not on your own. It's one year since diagnosis. Havent been glutened for a couple of months and this happens!! Big reminder not to get complacent!
  7. Total And Complete Exhaustion

    I have stress and crashing fatigue constantly at the moment - migraine etc I am fed up and so is my husband. I know my diet isnt perfect - its gluten-free but not healthy at all. I've been working very hard and been very stressed, if I'd had gluten it would be unbearable and uncontrollable. I cant wait until my new kitchen is done after we gut it next week and then I can have a proper break!!! The gluten area in the new kitchen for hubby will be strictly controlled for my peace of mind too yippee!!!
  8. I am super sensitive and get glutened even when I'm trying to be ultra careful.... I had to get all new stuff - you are not paranoid at all and ignore others who say you are - my Mum thinks I am!! I have extra reason to be 'good' because I also have dermatitis Herpetiformis head to foot if I get glutened as well as tummy trouble. Its not worth the risk
  9. The Dh Rash

    Mine is also driving me potty at the mo. 8 weeks ago I had a major reaction mostly all over my body where I only itched with no blisters, then if i scratched the itching i came up in wheals and it drove me mental - I had steroids and took 2 weeks to recover. Ii doesnt resemble the original DH I was diagnosed with. I was glutened at my Mums on Sunday and the same reaction has started again yesterday I have socks on my hands to stop scracthing and am really fed up. Anyone else have this happen?
  10. Inhaling Versus Ingesting

    I did this when cleaning and reorganising my kitchen to create a separate gluten area for hubby in Feb and wound up rather poorly - dont do it!
  11. I think my final nail in the coffin was 3 solid weeks of antibiotics last summer
  12. Appetite Changes

    I am fed up of being constantly hungry.... I have piled weight on .. have decided to monitor my food again, but its scary..
  13. OMG - I feel lucky to cope with some of the mild stuff my family throw at me in comparison!! I am impressed that your husband is so well balanced and can help you. Mine is brilliant and copes somehow with me. Keep your chin up and dont let her rule the roost - its your life at the end of the day! We spend an awful amount on food since diagnosis last sumer but thats the price i pay!
  14. Not Doing Well Emotionally

    I am alternating my resting and doing stuff days while on holiday this week- been all over the place emotionally. This illness certainly makes you more self aware and I am definately trying to be nicer to myself and take the pressure off when I can - not everyone is in agreement though!
  15. So Pissed!

    I agree with all thats been said. I got my diagnosis in August last year and still feel hacked off and paranoid and like an alien.