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  1. I am glad I am not alone in this one. I have been gluten-free for about three months, and I have had the same issue. I want to eat more of the things I know I can have, and I find myself eating way too much. I was just thinking that something must be wrong with me. Most of my friends and family say "oh I'll bet that this way of life has made you lose weight", and whats funny is its just the oppisite. So I have to be gluten-free and I have to learn to eat better. What fun!
  2. thank you !!!! I live right by Stoney creek so this is amazing!!!! I have been gluten-free for about two months and have been so scared to eat out!!!! This place looks great I am sooooooo excited!! I love that I found this forum!!!!!! -Caroline
  3. that is great!!!! I have been gluten-free for two months and it's scary the thought of eating any food that I didn't prepare.. Glad it worked out for you!!!!
  4. I am going thru this as well. My Dr. has celiac. She tested me in 2003, and I was negitive. So I lived my life sick all the time and figured I had no choice... I started reading about having a gluten intolarance and gave up gluten. I was like I waived a magic wand and was cured. I went back to mr Dr. and told her, and she agreed that o have an "intolarance". With that said if you feel better give it up!!!! Yes it's a HUGE life change, but it sure is amazing to feel cured!!!