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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I feel your pain on the anger. Luckily I have my husband and we vent back and forth with each other. He hears how sorry people are for me at his work too. My co workers are learning along with me. It is frustrating but think of your body. Hang in there.

  2. Hi Jackay in answer to your question, I had blood work done.
  3. It seems reasonable to me that my son is suffering from food sensitivities, and intolerances the same way I am. He developed asthma about two years ago and and has been suffering from chronic chest and sinus congestion for at least 5 years. His pediatrician wanted me to put him on antihistamines long term so I tried it, but they didn't bring him much relief. We've also tried all the over the counter stuff such as zyrtec and claritin but they bring little relief as well. Now that I KNOW I am suffering from several food intolerances/allergies, it seems to follow that he too may be having problems. He looks small to me and constantly has dark circles under his eyes. Over the past year constipation has been a huge problem for him as well. I am very concerned! I have only known about my own issues since January, and since then through doing a lot of reading I've come to realize how much food can affect us. The bottom line is I need to have him checked, but I'm afraid his pediatrician isn't going to know what to look for or might be uncooperative in some way. I guess I'm on the defense here, but one would think that pediatricians would look for food intolerances immediately in a child suffering chronic allergies and asthma. It just seems like a no brainer to me after all the research I've been doing. I wanted to completely cut some of the biggest food offenders out of his diet, including gluten, to see if it made a difference after a couple of months. I have cut dairy, wheat, wheat gluten, peanut butter, and soy out of his diet at home, but I can't control what his dad feeds him because his dad won't cooperate at all unless a medical doctor says it is appropriate. Basically because it is my idea, and his dad doesn't respect my ideas, I now am being forced to find proof via a medical doctor. This is scary to me based on all the negative feedback people are reporting regarding their board certified American Medical Association doctors. I need advice and information if you have it. Maybe there are good suggestions on how to approach my son's pediatrician? Or maybe someone knows of a good doctor or allergist in Austin? Thanks in advance! Oh and if you have ideas on how to get the cooperation of his dad that would be nice too, but I know that is a tall order!
  4. I Feel So Angry

    Logically it seems silly to be angry and I am trying not to be angry, but none the less I am. I hate having to be THIS different from everyone else. The comments are starting to flow in and now I understand more about why others are angry too. Comments like "oh I bet you can have a little and it won't hurt" or "my friend has that and it's okay for her to eat it once in a while" or "I think this is crazy and you are fine", etc... Well I'm not fine, not even close. I am in pain from inflammation that seems to never want to go away...this past week it has been really bad since I accidentally ate something with gluten...,a scale that won't budge is really pissing me off because I need to lose 50lbs, and this strange skin rash that never seems to heal that has been coming and going in the same place on my hip for months(could be dh?)is starting to have me a little worried. To top it all off, for the third day in a row the office brought in food and of course my vote doesn't count. That doesn't necessarily make me angry, but it hurts my feelings alot. I know I'm just one person with wacky food problems and they shouldn't have to cater to me...that is the logical thing to realize...but the feelings that crop up still crop up despite logic. I think at this point I probably need some counseling. Anyone here ever have to go to counseling to come to terms with this stuff?
  5. Ever since accidentally eating gluten this past weekend I have been dealing with swollen joints in my knees, hands, and ankles, and I feel stiff. It hurts but I can manage. I'm just wondering how long before this settles down. I feel like an 80 year old...not good! I thought it was improving a day or so ago, but today it is worse.
  6. Rudy's Not Gluten Free

    yeah cross contamination might be what happened to me at Rudy's for all I know. I am just barely starting to understand how cross contamination is really a factor. I have a bunch of wooden spoons that are years old...I guess they are probably gluten laden and will need to be thrown away. In Rudy's defense though, I do know they try hard. When I spoke to the manager she was very nice and supportive. They are going to report this to their corporate office and I will probably be hearing from them. I really don't want to have to give up on them too on top of everything else I am being deprived of.
  7. Yeah I was noticing that little disclaimer when I was trying to find peanut and soy free stuff for my son. I didn't buy the almond butter because of that little disclaimer. Going grocery shopping put me in a really terrible mood today. I'm so cranky and fed up with food companies!
  8. my hair has been going through the same dryness and my nails also have ridges in them. Lips are constantly peeling too. It never occurred to me that malnourishment was going on.
  9. thank you for the clarification! What are dextrins? I think that might be where I got my signals crossed about dextrose. No telling why I thought whey was a wheat product. Actually...now that I am thinking about it more...maybe I was also on a lactose intolerance site because I have that too...and maybe that is where I saw whey and confused it in my mind. Sorry, I don't mean to put misinformation out there. I am still learning.
  10. Thank you! Yes these are all great ideas. And as for how I know I am not supposed to eat buffalo? Well Bison is one of the foods listed on the list they gave me from the lab and isn't Bison the same thing as buffalo? I am pretty sure pork wasn't on the list. And I find it odd that Bison would be on that list too and not pork. I can't imagine what would be in bison that would be worse than what a farm animal eats that could affect me. Who knows. I am brand new to all of this food intolerance stuff and am still confused. It irks me that most of the gluten-free products are made from stuff that are heavy allergens such as corn, potatoes, and soy.
  11. Wow, my bad! I wonder how I got my signals crossed on that. I could have sworn those were no no's on the forbidden list. Well I did say I was confused lol and I am! This is so freakin hard.
  12. Yesterday the office called in an order to Rudy's to reward us all for being such hard workers. Naturally no one asked for my input at all about alternatives for me...guess I better just accept this will never happen(today they ordered in Pizza for everyone but didn't ask me what I would like). So I get on the phone to talk to Rudy's because everyone says oh girl you can meat...it isn't wheat! Errrr no...that isn't quite right... So anyway, I call Rudy's, tell them I can't have any gluten, and the girl says oh hey we have a card for that and she starts to read a pre-printed card that states only their side dishes have gluten. So I am still skeptical and I grill her(no pun intended)about further and she assures me that I will be safe with the meat. I said what about your marinades and bbq sauces and spices? She says they are gluten free too. Well guess what? I had a reaction. And so I called back today and spoke with a manager and they can't guarantee their meats are gluten-free and that was supposedly on that card and the person I spoke with failed to understand it. Argggghhhh I hate being gluten intolerant! I truly hate this!
  13. Went to Sprouts today looking for some gluten-free mac and cheese for my kiddo and some cookie mix too...and I was really confused by the claim on some of the boxes about being gluten free. Amy's gluten free mac and cheese has whey and or dextrose in it. Aren't these on the list of ingredients to avoid for people with gluten intolerance? There was a cookie mix too by another brand(don't remember the name now)that said gluten free on the box and it had whey in the ingredient list! It was even in the supposed gluten-free isle of Sprouts(beware they have lots of stuff that isn't gluten free in their supposedly gluten free isle. Some of that stuff says "made with wheat flour" right on the front of the box! I left the store very annoyed.
  14. Really Annoyed

    You have touched on something that I am finding rather difficult to deal with myself and that is the fact that many people think I am making this stuff up. Maybe her friend will get a dose of reality someday and open her eyes. From what I am reading, not all people with celiac disease feel sick after eating gluten. Who knows...maybe she is having other kinds of symptoms and simply isn't putting two and two together. As for why it irritates you so much, it is what it is. You have a right to feel irritated even if you don't understand why. I am learning more and more how this hits us all in so many different emotional ways. Food is such an integral part of our culture and to have to be so careful of what we eat is a big strain in more ways than one.
  15. oh and turkey...I can have that too. Rutabagas...hrmmm. I don't even know what that is! lol no to eggplant, not sure about turnips or lamb.