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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Collagenous Sprue In Large Intestine

    Must not be that weird of a diagnoses, as it seems to be covered on this website (found through google) http://www.celiac.com/categories/Celiac-Disease-Research:-Associated-Diseases-and-Disorders/Refractory-Celiac-Disease-&-Collagenous-Sprue/
  2. A New Doctor Or Go Gluten Free?

    Hey all, Thanks for all the replies, they are greatly appreciated. With regard to the medical records, things work a bit different here in Canada since our healthcare is covered. I do think the medical secretary was being a bit difficult, so I will see what the doctor says. I was not expecting her to give me the info over the phone; I simply wanted to know if I could pick up a photocopy, so it shouldn't have been much of an issue with regards to confidentiality, but who knows. As to what I need to live a gluten free life? Sometimes I don't think I need a doctors diagnoses, as it seems I would just be spinning my wheels and wasting more time. I am really eager to just start something that I hope will make me feel good for once in my life... but then, I start thinking it would be crazy to make such a huge dietary change without knowing for certain. So yeah, I am really confused, as you can probably tell.
  3. A New Doctor Or Go Gluten Free?

    Hey Mushroom, thanks for the reply. I am going in to see him next Friday, so I will see if I can grab those numbers. Believe it or not, it was like pulling teeth to grab my cholesterol numbers the last time I called in. I was told it was confidential and not available to the patient without a charge...go figure. Might be different if I am in an appointment with him, so I will see. I do recall seeing a 20 for one of the antibodies when I glanced at the sheet, but that's probably not much help Some additional info if it helps: I seem to have alot of allergies on top of the above, that I can't pin point. I get the sniffles, sneezing and runny nose when I eat out, and I also noticed it when I drink V8 vegetable juice and eat grapes. Yeah, I'm a wreck (or a crazy) it seems
  4. Hi all, First time here on the boards. Definitely a real wealth of information to get through here, so apologies if this is covered elsewhere in one form or another or is in the wrong section. I have been dealing with digestive issues for a good 7 years now (I am 32),things such as bloating, diarreah, sore stomach, are fairly common. I used to chalk it up to lactose intolerance, as I can't drink more than a glass of milk without ending up on the toilet for the rest of the day (sorry if that was too graphic ), but I find that even if I avoid dairy I still get sick more often than not. I am at the point where I generally carry Immodium with me when I go out to eat, and am often nervous to eat anywhere but home. I have also been suffering from depression and anxiety for the last ten years, and am often tired. I found alot of this improved when I went on a low carb diet, and was eating mainly vegetables and protein. I finally decided to bring these issues up with a new doctor of mine during a physical, and he sent me for a celiac blood test. The test came back 80% negative with only a 20% chance for celiac. The only number I remember, was that my IgG was 70, everything else was normal. I also showed a vitamin D deficiency and high cholesterol. Based on this, the doc says I don't have celiac, and he pretty much said I have IBS, which he thinks is caused by my anxiety. I have a real hard time buying that though, as something just does not feel right. Just this morning, I ate some ceral (wheat biscuits) and immeadiatly went to the bathroom and felt very tired afterward. My wife and I also just came back from dinner out, and we ate pretty much the same things, and she feels fine, where I feel tired, bloated and grumpy. Obviously something is up. So my question, after that long spiel is this: should I go back to this doctor and insist on seeing a specialist, or should I just try a gluten free diet for a while? I am just really tired of feeling the way I do most of the time, and I get the vibe that my doc doesn't take it all that seriously (I'm actually kind of offended that he insinuated that it was all mental) I live in Canada, and it's kind of hard finding another doc, as there is a bit of a shortage in my area right now, so I am at a loss as to what to do...just want to feel like a healthy young man, know what I mean? Thanks a bunch for any help you can offer.