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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. My initial blood results were: Tissue Transglutaminase IgA = >300 U/mL Anti Gliadin IgA antibodies = 202.9 U/mL Here's hoping they have gone down significantly!
  2. Your Most Mortifying Bodily Function Story

    A low point for me was a couple of months prior to diagnosis when my symptoms had just accelerated beyond all belief. My husband and I were in Istanbul. We'd had breakfast (laden with gluten of course) and walked into the city center. On the way in I started to feel really nauseous, which wasn't unusual for me at the time. We got seats outside a Starbucks and OH got a couple of bottles of water and I put my head down, waiting for it to pass. Unfortunately the nausea turned nasty and I puked in the corner of the outside seating area, down beside my seat. I was mortified and distraught I couldn't apologize to the staff enough. MagpieWrites....when I read about your spare skirt it reminded me that there were a few months where I'd a full set of clothes in my bag at all times out of fear. Depressing way to live isn't it?
  3. I sit at the end of the table at the opposite end to the bread basket. I hope I'm doing enough.
  4. Yes they would clean up after themselves if I wasn't here but since I am a guest I feel obliged to help with the chores and the most common chore is washing up. I think getting gloves for washing up is a good idea. Don't know why I hadn't thought of that.
  5. I'm staying with my parents until the end of August. The house has crumbs everywhere and I am doing my to stay gluten free. I have my own pots to cook things like gluten free pasta etc and my own small frying pan.I have my own cereal bowl and spoon. I rinse and dry with kitchen roll any cutlery or delph before using it. I cook the dinner with my mother to ensure it's gluten free. I use tinfoil under the grill for my toast. I haven't had a reaction to anything yet but I am worried. I do the washing up all the time even though it means handling stuff that has held bread etc, clean down the counter tops and kitchen table which is covered in crumbs. I can't not pull my weight while I'm a guest here. My parents are good about my condition but as long as I'm not putting it in my mouth they won't see what the danger is. I am washing my hands obsessively. Am I doing enough? My 6 month bloods are a couple of days after I return home and I'm scared they will be high. What more can I do???? What other precautions can I take????
  6. Hungry All The Time

    Well here I am 17 weeks gluten-free and I am still starving all the time and putting on weight steadily every week. I was a normal weight to begin with and now I am in real danger of becoming overweight. I must look into this intestinal candida as a possible reason.
  7. Constant Cravings!

    Yep, I'm hungry all the time and craving stuff I wouldn't normally bother with. I'm gluten-free since end of February.My consumption of chocolate is much higher than it ever was. My weight is up every week and I didn't need to put any on to begin with. It had better ease up soon or I will become overweight and then obese.
  8. What Did You Eat Today?

    Breakfast: Boiled egg and few spoons of left over chicken/chickpea curry Snack: Gluten free Kind bar & tea Lunch: Cherry tomatoes, cucumber, Laughing Cow cheese, low fat natural yogurt, banana, water Snack: Grapes, Curly Wurly bar & tea, mandarin Dinner: Barakat gluten-free pasta with Sacla pesto (muschrooms, onion & bacon lardons) Snack: Tea & 1 Twirl finger I'm gluten-free about 4 months. I'm constantly hungry hence all the snacks
  9. I work overseas but am heading home to my parents for a couple of months this summer. My own apartment is gluten-free 95% of the time but home is not. Can people please give me some advice and pointers on how I can avoid getting glutened every day for the next 2 months.
  10. So I've been gluten-free (or at least I have tried my best to be) for 15 weeks. I have not deliberated cheated in that time. I am still very much finding my way in terms of food items whos ingredients show no ovbvious gluten but could be manufactured using shared lines. I live in the Middle East where labelling is a joke so it is very much back to basics for me food-wise. I keep a food diary and our home is gluten free 95% of the time. I'm still not entirely sure of what my symptoms are when I get accidentally glutened. I thought it was diarrhea but now I'm wondering could it actually be constipation. My main worry is that somehow I am ingesting gluten every day (accidentally) and so am not actually gluten-free so am not experiencing any glutenings if that makes sense at all. I'm afraid that when I go for my bloodtests they were still be as high as they were upon diagnosis. I suppose my main question is, how did you know you were definitely following the diet correctly?
  11. How Sensitive To Gluten Are You?

    I am a recently diagnosed celiac so I am still trying to find my way with the diet and recognise when I have possibly been glutened. For me I used to think my most reliable indicator is flatulence and bowel movements but now I am not so sure. I eat gluten-free cereal for breakfast and for lunch I have a fruit salad and plain yogurt. The same thing 5 days a week yet some days I get flatulence in the hours after lunch. I am thinking now that it's a reaction to one of the fruits as there are different ones in my lunch every day. Yesterday I had the usual and I had mild diarrhea in the afternoon. Only things I had that were different were giant chocolate buttons (that are definitely gluten-free) and a full orange (which I would rarely have). I am thinking it was the orange. I went out for dinner last night and I suspect I might have gotten gluten.Just have doubts that the staff TRULY understood my needs. 15 hours later no pains, no cramping, nothing. Slightly loose bowels (but that seems to happen me when I have alcohol anyway!)I think I am going to have to start monitoring my reactions more closely. I REALLY want to get this right.
  12. I'm not sure if it has to do with the establishments we eat at but I have never seen this happen. I have watched for it since I was diagnosed though because I had read the negative reaction towards them here. Buffets are a way of life here. They are a huge social outlet. The buffet stations here are fairly large. There is a space between each dish. Each dish has it's own spoon that lives in a holder attached to it. Here the lids are always kept shut on the food so if you have your plate of food in one hand you have to put down the spoon before shutting the lid...if you get my drift! At our favourite buffet the bread is kept well away from all the food at another table which is good. I've been for about 4 buffets since I was diagnosed and I'm either totally insensitive to gluten or I have been very lucky. I've had no symptoms after them and have been monitoriing my body like a hawk as I was so paranoid
  13. Family Members With Celiac?

    As far as I know, neither my parents nor any of my 5 siblings (aged 21-28) have gone for testing. I am pretty sure it comes from my dad's side of the family. He doesn't have any bowel issues. His mother has always struggled with her stomach (She's 93 so I wouldn't be suggesting she get tested!!!) My great-grandmother was the same and from talking to my nan she was a classic celiac. Could never put on any weight and always suffered with digestive issues. My siblings are afraid of finding out they have it because they are sure they couldn't do the diet. I didn't start having any really bad symptoms until I was 25 so the youngest 3 could still get sick and I've a feeling they would have a different perspective on the diet after a few years with diarrhea and vomiting
  14. I am fairly confident our home is gluten free. I bring my own lunch to work and eat it on clean napkins to ensure I don't pick up crumbs from the tables. I do cook a lot of meals from scratch now. Have really gone back to basics. Only tonight I made chili con carne and it actually tasted really good. We eat out maybe once a week and so far I haven't gotten any severe glutenings. Normally we eat at reputable restaurants who understand the condition and are very willing to discuss the ingredients and cooking processes with me. I know lots of folk on this forum are extremely anti-buffets. I have eaten at them a few times and had no issues. (The chef has always come out and walked me through each dish's ingredients.) It will be interesting to see if I get more sensitive and cannot do buffets anymore. (They are really popular here in UAE!)
  15. So I've been gluten free for about 11 weeks. Most times I feel I get the diet right but on occasion I know I've been glutened though I cannot always tell from where. So my question is how long do you feel it was before you had gotten to grips with the diet and were avoided getting glutened 99% of the time!