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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. does anyone know if it is gluten free. i tried to call them and they were closed. not too sure cause one ingredient is natural flavor. thanks so much Miaryan
  2. my teeth are clean! love the dentist

  3. ok reading about this eating lifestyle not to sure where to start.... any ideas???? what can i eat what can't i eat???? i suffer everyday from headaches (miagrains) waiting for a nerologist june 14th can't wait. i have cronic fatigue. constipation issues all the time. gluten free 3 months now. i take vitamins every day oh ya insulin resistance. thanks for your help in advance.
  4. Help I Still Have Headaches

    i'm sorry but it's seems like so much work!!!!! i wish their was something out there that i could eat that had no gluten and isn't bothersome to my body but was healthy. i'm at the point where i just want to eat the same thing over and over again and not have to worry about it bothering me in anyway. like my gi system or head. i go to a rmt every other week! that helps to a point! it relieves stress but doesn't get rid of the headache. i'm even more sore for two days after but it's worth the pain. I'm sooo tired and sick of feeling so SH**Y!!! sad that i'm at the point that i don't have the energy to do anything anymore!!
  5. Help I Still Have Headaches

    i got great news today i got a new apt for a nerologist on june 14th. i can't believe its a month away. hopefully i'll get better. cross your fingers!!!!
  6. Help I Still Have Headaches

    i see my family dr every week!!!! i complain every week!!! i got a MRI done and it came out clear. waiting for a nerologist got a apt for november 25th told him i want one sooner so waiting for him to find one that is closer i cant stant this pain any more going crazy. i'm in so much pain. running out of options on my own.
  7. Help I Still Have Headaches

    i am taking vitamin b 100 complex, a multi vitamin, magnesium, iron (for anemia) and vitamin d. sorry i for got to post that earlier
  8. Help I Still Have Headaches

    AKcollegestudent, what is abortives? my dr doesn't want to take me off of topirmate till i see a nerologist. i don't have the energy to even excerise 5 minutes let alone 10 extra minutes. my mother-in-law wants me to get up and out excerise or at least walk but i don't want to. when i go out to the store with my hubby that tires me out so much i need a nap. i give you alot of credit i don't know how you went to school in all this pain. i can't handle it. i started seeing a rmt (registarted massage threpist). no help there. have an apt to see an allergist in july. how much do you sleep? maybe i sleep too long? i don't know but when i sleep it doesn't hurt.
  9. hi everyone, i have been gluten-free for 2 and half months now. was tested neagative with a biopy. ate gluten on purpose today. man i regretted every bite. i was in the bathroom for the afternoon. so this just means to me that i'm staying on a gluten-free diet no matter what. But my main reason for posting i have been suffereing headaches everyday for the last 5 months now. i took a leave of absence from work. waiting for a nerologist apt (here in Canada we wait a long time). i cut down coffee to one a day. i quit smoking. I'm taking 75 mg of topirmate which are just taking the edge of the pain away. my family dr doesn't want to up it due to me having brain fog. i stopped driving. (not safe for me or others around me) i don't know what else to do. i just want to sleep, i sleep all the time like 12-14 hours a day plus naps. so next is food, i've been reading here eating food for 4 days and then see how you feel. well if i already have the headache how will i know if i feel better or not???? i don't eat sugar due to diabetes. i don't eat choclate heared it was a trigger for headaches. HELP i don't know what else to do. i'm going crazy i want my life back. any other ideas???? i'm ready to read and take advise. i want to be headache free for once and for all. the gi symptoms are ok (well after this gluten get out of the way but hey that's my own fault) MIA
  10. the journal this is a good idea. i'm in the process of doing that to but for me i'm trying to find out what is causing my headaches. other then gluten.
  11. Cooking On Bbq

    see for me the hard thing is i live with my in-laws. i don't live in a gluten free kitchen (i wish) soon enough i will. so i guess i will stick to the foil or clean the grill when they aren't looking. my father in law will think of it as a nice surprise. (i hope) thanks for the advise! hoping the bbq was hot enough to just burn the stuff off!
  12. i have a question! it's bbq season again and this year i'm cooking gluten-free. so far i have been using foil on the bbq, but i hear that the bbq is hot enought that it burns all the stuff of the rack that it's safe to cook right on it. is that true??? we don't use the bbq for bread. but have put sauses on it in the past. any advice would be great. thanks again, Mia
  13. hi, my husbands favorite saying is "don't let it bother you" i hate when he says it to me. my mother-in-law and my parents are always on my back of this gluten free living cause i haven't been diagnosed fully and they think it's all in my head but i feel a little better on this diet. so as my husband would say to me "don't let it bother you" i try so you should try to and it's really hard i know but try it's all we can do. from reading on here it will get better. they promise. lol mia
  14. Need To Vent

    i have cut out coffee, chocolate, tomatoes (gerd) and peppers. didn't know about potatoes but don't eat much of them to begin with. milk since i don't drink coffee or tea no milk! started eating almond milk instead for cereal. not to sure if i'm latose intoralanct aswell. i started a food diary yesterday with what meds i'm taking, vitamins, food, and how i'm feeling. today is a bad day been to the bathroom 3 times already and i slepted till noon. stomach is killing me. migraine is killing me. tired oh so tired and u think i can sleep NO!!!!! sick of everyone asking me how i'm doing everyday! i know they care but it makes me feel useless. i still don't know what else to do or try. thank you all for the posts this site rocks
  15. I'm so happy i'm not the only one in this world that is feeling so sick! my parents bug me everyday asking how i'm feeling i always say the same! i can't help it i feel sick everyday! so sick of going to the dr's every week for a dr's note for work saying i won't again be in this week! so sick if my mother-in-law giving me the look like whats wrong now and why aren't you going in today? she doesn't believe me that i'm in alot of pain. sometimes i wish i could give her my pain for at least a week and see how she likes it. my hubby has been good but some times i wonder if he's not telling me everything. once again just venting! glad you are all here and backing us up and knowing we aren't the only one not feeling good! Mia