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  1. My husband has developed an allergy to corn. I switched over to Guar. I am not happy with the results on my loaf breads. The taste is great, the texture is good, but the loaves do not rise like they should. The only difference is the Guar. I called Ener G yesterday and spoke with a very nice woman on the phone for about 10 minutes. She tried to help me figure out what was the problem and to make the Guar work. I finally asked her how much corn is left in the product after the cultures are grown. The lady replied that the corn doesn't register on their testing of the Xanthan. I am going to try making a loaf with the Xanthan for my husband to see if he reacts. If anyone knows the secret to getting the bread to stay risen after it bakes using Guar, I am still very open to that idea. I can't stand to bake and then have a flop. LOL