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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Over the years I have had several of the standard symptoms others have posted including IBS, diarreah and/or constipation, gas, bloating... They don't always happen together, but I've never had a period in my life without *something*. Constipation and gas seem to be the most constant. I know shrimp gives me gas almost immediately but I don't notice the same type of immediate symptoms from say, pasta. Just lethargy, which I understand is probably the carb overload. I found this site while trying to see if there was some 'missing link' between my hypothyroidism (Hashimoto's) and ADD. Because those two conditions have such similar core symptom sets (brain-fog, inattention, lethargy/sleepiness, insomnia) I am having a hard time trying to figure out if either one isn't treated properly or if there could be a third-wheel messing up my life! I am currently on Synthroid 125mcg and 15mcg of Adderall (generic amphet salts). No matter what I do, it seems that I have 'good' days, and 'bad' days. I am about to start checking my basal temps/heart rate and keeping a food journal. I admit to being a cake-whore and having systemic yeast issues! Many yeast infections in my history, in addition to rampant toenail fungus on both feet and several fingers. (I've managed to stem the finger breakouts by minimizing the amount of refined crap per day) What frustrates me the most is still having the bad days, despite supposedly being medicated properly! I do absolutely still drink caffeine, mostly diet sodas. I prefer the ones with Splenda. This is partly why I want to keep a food journal - I can't tell if the days I go ballistic with my soda intake due to stress, etc. (say, 6 or more cans versus 2-3) are hitting me after-the-fact, or if it's possibly something else. I plan to do at least a week of 'normal' eating before I start taking-away things in order to develop a baseline. Even though my blood tests come out 'normal' for the thyroid, I have been reading it still could be too low. Any information from someone with at least thyroid disease in addition to the celiac would be helpful. Trying to determine where the 'line' is among all these auto-immunes is enough to make one tear their hair out! (unless it's falling out) Or, in my case, stay up until 2am researching online in the hopes of finding some piece of information to keep me sane!
  2. Aside of the foul-smelling stools, she sounds exactly like my daughter before her diagnosis of type 1 diabetes. She was horrible - constantly clingy, didn't want to go to daycare or leave my side for anything. I got all sorts of advice from weaning her off the breast to letting her cry-it-out at night, etc. etc. I don't say this to scare you, obviously if something is wrong the sooner you find out the better! Celiac disease is more prevalent with type-1 also, therefore it might be both. Good luck to you, I am currently trying to decide if my daughter has celiac. Same journey, different order!