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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Leaky Gut And Acid Reflux?

    "The problem is, if I stop taking my acid reflux meds, I get terrible heartburn. I'm not sure what to do. Anyone else having a problem with acid reflux and low acidic stomach acid? How can I break this cycle? " I had to take my acid reflux meds twice a day. Once I eliminated most of my trigger foods I was able to wean down to (for the most part) once a day. Every once in a while i try to go w/o it at all, but i can usually only go @ 36 hours still before the acid flair ups occur. The more diligent I am to keeping to my diet, the better off I feel. Good luck!
  2. i had the procedure...was in an outpatient wing of a hospital and they gave me (a 33 year old) the option to have my mom wait there with me or not. i said "no thanks" but that is because my mom tends to aggravate me. but there were kids and seniors with their families each in their beds as we all waited to get our iv's and get rolled in. the parents with the young kids were allowed to walk into the procedure room - prob until the actual anesthesia started working. when i woke up i could see that parents were with their kids across the area from me in recovery. i finally caved and let them get my mom. the procedure room i was in was pretty small, but there was a big TV for the dr to actual watch was the scope was doing (i obviously couldn't since i was asleep.) the biggest issues i had were 1) i have very "crappy" veins so they had to have the anesthesiologist do my IV & 2) my body holds on to anesthesia so i was a big groggy for 3 days. if it wasn't for the anesthesia, i could have gone to work the next day. other than that i would never have known i had had a biopsy. i didn't even have a sore throat from the tube. i would call and ask if you could bring your child's fav stuffed animal, books if they read, or hand held video game (with headphones) for during pre-op. it will help them with the boredom. i actually spent more time in pre-op than anything else - bored to tears - because by the time my appt came they were running behind. my actual procedure only took about 20 minutes. my mom was given a pager (like at a restaurant) during the actual procedure. she went on a walk of the hospital grounds. thinking good thoughts
  3. in regards to your daughter - once she understands why she is eating a special diet things will get easier. in schools it is VERY common for kids with dietary issues to have their own foods these days. teachers in the know will let allergy/diabetes/celiac/other special diet families know in advance of parties so the kids can bring in their own treat for the day - and often will keep a stash for those kids in case of a surprise birthday or other event that pops up unannounced. some schools even have _______ free zones in the cafeterias so kids who have to be careful of cross contamination, while seated separate from their peers, are seated with individuals w/ similar issues. no matter what, you have support.
  4. i drink tons and tons and tons of water to try to flush my system. i know some people take Imodium (i tried it before with mixed results - i ended up w/ constipation & severe cramps.)
  5. How Do U Clean Gluten Off A Grill?

    i actually have a similar situation this weekend so thanks for posting this now. i need to call the host tomorrow for our pre-party reminder check for me (i'm lucky that my friends are willing to "cater" to my dietary needs.) i think your bigger issue could/ is going to be if your food accidentally touches other people's food while cooking & the regular cooking utensils. so many people cross contaminate by using the same tongs and serving spoons in multiple dishes without paying attention. since it's not family, and there may be others who don't know you well there i would still use foil or a dedicated grill pan (like the fish one mentioned or a cedar plank) and your own tongs that you keep separate that the "grill master" knows are yours. no matter what you do, have fun!
  6. What's With Spelt?

    spelt is WHEAT FREE, but NOT gluten-free - has a great taste & high in protein but all the same reactions as regular flour
  7. Maybe Dating Not Such A Good Idea

    if you always let the potential rule how you live now, you will be very bored and lonely. if you really like her, ask her out. if she is the right girl she will stick w/ you no matter what - if not then it doesn't matter if you are healthy or sick.
  8. some times trauma (and trauma does not have to be physical injury to the head) can cause hair color to change. my grandmother turned 30 and pretty much turned WHITE overnight. no one could ever figure out why.
  9. that's why we're here lucia!!
  10. many post on here increased anxiety as a side effect to glutening. for myself: the tighter i am w my gluten-free diet, the less i've experienced neuro issues such as vestibular migrains. when i do "cheat" i sometimes notice an increase of anxiety related behaviors such as increases in my need to make things work correctly (whether it's my finances, the laundry, or when moving getting things packed) and not "be a burden" on others. when i don't cheat i have no need to dwell on how my daily life may interact with others. i just do my thing.
  11. Utz Chips?

    Utz has multiple factories to make their chips, pretzels, cheese puffs, etc. You may want to check w/ customer relations to be sure that the tortilia chips are not made in a factory that also makes the pretzels or cheese puffs. (i happen to <3 utz & a number of years ago had the opportunity to go on one of their factory tours.)
  12. Dating And Celiac

    me me me!!! my philosophy is this: i'm upfront w/ them and tell them "do to major allergies (which was the initial issue) and now celiac related issues i can only eat here, here, & here." i figure if they can't handle it now, why deal w/ getting to know them and then having them walk? i tend to get the following responses: Wow - a woman who can make up her own mind/knows what she wants. I then still have to be careful in case they think they can order for me.They run. Too bad, so sad. Thanks for not wasting my time.They get really interested in wanting to know what I cannot eat - it gets boring for me, but at least it's something to talk about. I make sure to have a ton of other things to question HIM about. beware - this guy tends to 1)end up telling his friend that you are a high maintenance girl because he doesn't actually LISTEN to you, he just likes to act like he is interested, & 2) he doesn't actually LISTEN so every time you eat together you end up telling him the same thing.You end up w/ some really great guys to go out with - whether for the short or long term. But it's better to let him know up front so you don't go to 12 restaurants in a row that he thinks rocks where all you can have is a house salad w/o cro
  13. to answer your initial question of "Is this how it happens for other people? One day, you're fine eating corn, then the next, you eat it and suddenly you can't " - yes. is it the corn? unfortunately, that could possibly be the issue. many people on the boards note that they have had to give up corn products too it COULD also just be what you are putting ON the pop corn. yeast (in all forms) is one of my big issues. it's why, so far, i have yet to find a good gluten-free bread replacement because they all use yeast. it could be the salt in the garlic salt. have you tried just garlic powder? it could be that the popcorn is made in a factory w/ soy oil, or one of the spices is cross contaminated. good luck and know that you have support here
  14. Balsamic Vinegar

    im going to answer #2 first - everyone seems to have differing symptoms, however many state they suffer from the swollen belly. others get brain fog. others get massive cramping. others get headaches. the list goes on and on. some people find that adding/taking digestive enzymes and drinking tons of water as soon as symptoms show up help w/ nixing the symptoms quicker than just letting it pass. as for balsamic vinegar - the grape must is freshly pressed fruit juice (usually grape juice) that contains the skins, seeds, and stems. basicly this means you are also getting any of the naturally occurring yeast that grows on the grapes. for me - this is a HUGE trigger. needless to say, balsamic vinegar was one of the 1st things i needed to eliminated from my diet.the caramel is made by heating any of a variety of sugars - many need to cut out sugars who are on this diet i would suggest, if you like the taste of vinegar and don't want to totally give it up yet, try finding a straight rice vinegar (usually can be found w/ the Asian food products in the grocery store) and substituting it. no, it doesn't have the same warm & full taste of balsamic, but they seem to be a better option for me. good luck & know you have support here!
  15. College Search...

    again, this will depend on the school you go to.