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  1. Hello there - this is my first post - I'm the wife of Shayla Dad. I am questioning the possible negative reaction to soy in my 3 year old step-daughter. She was just diagnosed with celiac disease in November and my husband and I question the lack of improvement in both her weight, distended belly and diarrhea. Until recently, our time with her was limited due to only having partial custody. We just started a 50-50 custody schedule and although we follow a gluten-free diet (she is also a finicky eater) she had a pretty severe bout of foul-smelling diarrhea this morning. Her mom gave us PediaSure, which she claims she gives her on a regular basis. Although hesitant, I gave her the Pedia Sure late yesterday afternoon and I am concerned that this is what caused her to be sick. Unfortunately, we don't have a very good relationship with her mom and I worry that her family doctor would rule out the possibility of a soy reaction since he admits that celiacs for him was a "first-time diagnosis". I'm positive she's had nothing else to cause this. Is there anyone out there that can confirm a problem with Pedia Sure? To date, there is no known dairy intolerance either.