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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Hi, I have been gluten-free for 15 years. Mandarin Bistro in Newbury Park, CA is a great restaurant to eat at. I explained my gluten-free needs to the managers. They said anything I wanted gluten-free, if they could do it, then they would. I bring my own bottle of soy sauce. I have had great dishes there. If you are ever in the Santa Clara Area of CA, China Stix is amazing! Much of the dim sum is gluten-free. The management also told me they will make accomodations any way I need it. I never hold off going to a Chinese restaurant. I just need to come with soy sauce in hand, request a clean pan, and ask about potential gluten-free ingredients and ask for appropriate substitutes. I have had great success at Thai and Vietnamese restaurants too. Caution: Many Vietnamese restaurants marinate their meat in soy sauce. I have not found these restaurants too accomodating. So I go to another town to eat Vietnamese.
  2. Gluten Free Restaurants In Barcelona

    I went to Barcelona five years ago. I had no problems in spite of the language differences. I got a Catalan langauge restaurant card from the Celiac Society in Barcelona, and everyone (restaurants) was very appreciative and helpful. You have to watch out for some of the sausages, and paella is not ok. Blue ink (squid ink) rice was fine, although I did not care for it. I am going back this summer and can't wait!
  3. Can I Eat At Pick Up Stix?

    I have been gluten free for 10 years and have eaten successfully at the Pick Up Stix. I've not had the opportunity to go alot because I just move here. The manager at the Westlake Village, CA one has been great! He told me to tell him how to prepare it, and he would do it. I did not know about the white wine sauce and am excited to go back. Here's what I have successfully eaten: The Pad Thai with shrimp, and I have had it with the chicken. You can have the sweet sauce it comes in. The plain brown rice (no soy sauce, no sauce of any sort) stir fried with chicken and veggies is really good.
  4. I will be traveling to Slokia in July. Has anyone traveled there and eaten gluten-free? Any tips of what to avoid? I have a Slovakian restaurant card. Thank you!
  5. Gluten Free Iceland And Stockholm

    Haleym, I have been on Iceland several times. You want to visit the health food stores in Reykjavik (there are several) for gluten-free Wasa crackers, breads, cookies, etc. These stores sell Dr. Schar products as well. The nice thing about Iceland is you will find the gluten free items in a gluten-free section of the health food stores. I never had a problem eating in Iceland. The food is fresh, particularly if you love fish or lamb. I took an Icelandic restaurant card that a native Icelander made for me and emailed me. I no longer have the card, but I contacted the Icelandic Celiac Society because it was there that they gave me the emaill address of someone who helped me. If you can squeeze in the time, make an excursion by bus to the Blue Lagoon http://www.bluelagoon.com/ If you go to the Blue Lagoon (you MUST go) there is a motel/restaurant next door called The Northern Light Inn, http://www.northernlightinn.is/. Christiana runs it, and she was wonderful. Anything she cooks is fabulous, and I recommend you bath in the Blue Lagoon in the afternoon, then have them call Christiana for a free shuttle to her motel up the road. I feel so pampered when I do this. Hope you have a great time! Oceanmom