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  1. Bad Knee And Shin Pain Since Being Diagnosed?

    I had terrible iliotibial band pain (runner's knee) for years, even after going to physical therapy. It got to the point of hurting even when I walked, and after PT I still couldn't run more than a 1/4 before I was out of commission. After going gluten free for maybe six months, my IT band pain disappeared completely. Now I can run for miles and have no sign of pain.
  2. Taco Bell

    Last time I looked, Taco Bell's hot sauce packet had wheat in the ingredients
  3. "But You Can Eat Whole Wheat, Right?"

    Me- I'd like to order off the gluten free menu. I'll have the steak. staff-what side do you want: veggies, potato pancakes, side salad... Me- are the potato pancakes gluten free? staff- no Me- I'll have the veggies then staff- do you want bread with your meal? Me- (puzzled) no. I am ordering off the gluten free menu. My meal has to be gluten free. staff- okay. (a while later) staff- here you go (laying down my plate that's covered in fried onion rings) Me- I can't eat this. My meal had to be gluten free. Besides, I didn't even ask for onion rings. staff- oops
  4. Anyone Not Have Kids And Not Work Too?

    You do have that tiara on your head.
  5. It's good to talk about our embarrassments in life, because it helps us to get over them and stop giving them power over us. So, I figured there must be other celiacs on this forum who have had embarrassing moments like me, and might like to laugh at mine and share their own. A really good one for me was last September, while I was on a multi-day camping and climbing trip, with a girl I was totally sweet on, but had not yet taken the step of telling her how I felt. On the last night of our trip, we ate dinner at a Mexican place and the waitress swore my food was gluten-free. But, apparently it wasn't. Later that same evening I shared my feelings, we smooched a little to celebrate, and then we went to sleep in her tent. At about 3am or so, I woke up to the sounds and sensations of a waterfall inside me. I barely got out of the tent with enough time to run into the desert and blast myself inside out. I just hoped that she couldn't hear all the noise I was making. As always, the feelings of weakness, sickness, and lethargy kicked in big time as I walked back to the campsite and crawled into my own tent, to spend the night laying in agony by myself. My sweetie woke up the next morning and saw that I was gone, apparently from a fear of commitment? She got up, found me back in my own tent and asked me why I had disappeared. She was relieved to find out that I did indeed still like her, but that I was sick. Just about then, some kids from another campsite were headed over in the direction of my blasting zone and started yelling "eeeeewwwwwwwwww! it looks like somebody crapped all over the place! eeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwww." I tried my best to ignore them and act like I had no connection to it at all. I hoped my sweetie didn't notice. I then spent a very uncomfortable several hours in the truck on the way back home, trying my best to enjoy the new romance, but feeling like absolute crap. Everything worked out just fine. We're still together, and, it turns out that she thinks poop is pretty funny. What a match!
  6. Testing After Being gluten-free For Six Months

    My doctor swears that the antibodies stay in your system for many years, even after eating gluten free. Same as the immune antibody response to the flu, etc. I took the blood test after being gluten free for about 8 months and the results were over 100 for both.
  7. Glutened: Numb Hands

    Not me, but a local girl wrote about her trip to the ER with an entire side of her body paralyzed and it lasted many hours. Turns out is was gluten that caused it. She recovered 100%.
  8. My Husband...

    From what you wrote in your post, I could understand how your husband might feel defensive and put up a wall, instead of being the supportive partner you needed.
  9. It sounds like your family wants to spend time with you. Don't bow out because you think you'd be doing them a favor. If hubby is upset about your intended absence, then why would you think you're doing the right thing? Bring some food in your purse and order an empty plate.
  10. Stinky Solutions

    I didn't know La Choy was gluten free, so after reading your post I Googled it, hoping to try some. Without looking very much at all, I saw quite a few complaining that they got glutened by the supposedly gluten-free La Choy. Maybe the factory had a cross contamination issue?
  11. Have A Date But Also Have A Problem

    I'm pretty sure she burps, farts, and poops too.
  12. Blowing Money On Probiotics?

    I can't imagine anything worse than having to eat natto. That stuff is on my list of foods that I'll never eat again, by choice. I took probiotics here and there at different times before I knew I had celiac. I used to make my own kimchi and kombucha. The only thing I ever took that made a difference was the Digestive Advantage for IBS, which I started taking at the same time I experimented with gluten-free. Those pills had me feeling better within 24hrs and I am so glad I found them.
  13. Shocking Places You've Found Gluten!

    It came right from the manager of the restaurant, who added that wheat was in all their sauces as thickeners and in all the meat marinades as soy sauce. Personally, I've never seen wheat in shredded cheese at the grocery store.
  14. Shocking Places You've Found Gluten!

    My favorite chocolate brand is Lindt and almost all their products have barley malt powder. The other shocker was being told that there was wheat as an anti-caking agent in the pre-shredded cheese at a Mexican restaurant.
  15. I know many on this forum have had symptoms all their life , while others started later in life, and I'd like to hear about it. My story is that I was eating anything I wanted with no symptoms at all (that I know of) until age thirty, when I traveled to Peru on a climbing trip. I got just a little sick from the local bacteria and took a single dose of Ciprofloxacin (common antibiotic for gut bugs). Over the following five years I gradually dropped weight (155lbs to 145lbs) without thinking too much of it, because I never felt sick until the last couple of years. Then I took a two month trip around SE Asia and got really hammered by sickness, winding up in a hospital there for rehydration and antibiotics, and then taking yet another round of Cipro on my own before returning to the US. Once back, I failed to get better and was dropping weight fast (down to 120lbs) and was wondering if I was going to die. I self diagnosed because the dermatitis herpetiformis disappeared in Asia but came back within a week of returning to the US. I immediately went gluten-free and simultaneously started taking Digestive Advantage. I then gained 55lbs in a month, because my appetite was in survival mode and I was eating everything in sight and now it was actually sticking instead of running through me. It's been a year this month now and I've gotten my official diagnosis from the doc. Things are much better, not perfect, and I'm living life as much as I can. I wonder if I would have ever had celiac symptoms if I'd just stayed in the US and never gotten sick overseas. I'm worried about doing any more 3rd world travel because it might make my celiac worse or just ravage my insides more, making me unable to eat other foods too.