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  1. hi, I have ee and egid. first was diagnosed @4 yrs ago the latter 2. 45 yrs old. I am on swallowed pulmicort to try to get the eos down in my ee. EGID is working with elecare. Most of my DR's misdiagnosed me all my life with celiac, ibd, and just about everything else known to med profession! The first time in the last 10 years that I started feeling better was just a few months ago on the elecare. I am allergic to all grains, soy, rice, corn, seeds, most veggies and more foods and mold (you need to go to a specialist in ee and allergies with this disease-the best is in Cincinatti Childrens hospital). I don't think leaky gut, but it is a auto-immune disorder. If you are having digestive problems you probably have egid as well. Most Dr's don't biopsy for it because "someone" somewhere wrote that the two are not found together and that is just baloney. It's just missed all the time because of the special way that it has to be biopsied. You don't want to treat this lightly because it can reak havoc on your gut and esophagus. Sometimes irreversible damage (as in my case). Good luck