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  1. I am 58 and just found out 5 weeks ago I have celiac. I went through the sadness also. I felt like I could not eat normal foods and the fatigue and low energy level were horrible ! I found someone from a celiac group and talk to her by phone and it was the best thing I did for myself. She told me about Kifer which is a probotic that restores the natural bacteria to the intestinal tract. I drank 3 glasses a day and in three days I had a turn around. Energy up no stomache pains and no dirrhea. The fog lifted from my brain and I have started living again. I am now put foods back in my diet after eating a simple diet of chicken and fish and plain potatoes. Whenever my stomache feels queasy I drink a glass. I also have been taking digestive enzymes after eaing. I attribute my feeling better with the Kifer! I can only live for today because I can change my attitude for today. For me to live in the past is a waste of time because I can't change the past. I want to get every moment I can from the present. I don't want to miss out on anything anymore. So hang in there and get in touch with your local celiac group for encourgment. Love You