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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Acid Reflux

    Acid reflux is most often times an issue of too little stomach acid. Excessive carbohydrate consumption inhibits the development of sufficient stomach acid. Most people when they switch to a gluten free diet, do so by replacing all of the gluteny things that they used to eat with the specialty "gluten-free" bakery/pasta items which are almost all pure sugar. This causes terrible things to your digestive system. Alternatively really anything high in carbs can cause this, like fruits or even an abundance of nuts. Basically: Have problems with your intestine? Quit wheat (preferably all grains imo). Have problems with acid reflux or heart disease? Quit Carbs.
  2. Many mineral and vitamin pills are semi-worthless. What type of diet do you eat?
  3. Oh hey look, they're still using the TTG test as the main one... I remember a time when I used to think the Mayo Clinic knew what the hell they were doing. They're no better off than the IOM, a great place to get your information if you don't care about any studies that have taken place in the last decade or so.
  4. Systemic Yeast (Candida) With Celiac?

    Going full ketogenic diet does wonders for keeping candida at bay. When you're dealing with something that requires glucose to live (like candida) switching your body over to running off of just ketones will drastically cut down on the amount of candida allowed to grow in your system. The main way to get to this state is a diet 65+% of calories from fat and under 50g of carbs a day (preferentially under 30g). Getting the carbs down that low can be somewhat difficult for a lot of people who are used to eating in the normal sugar junkie mode but really once you cut out all fruit (ALL), all grains, all legumes and most starchy vegetables then you're inevitably down near the target limit. The only problem with swapping over to the ketogenic diet is it causes MAJOR die off symptoms when you stop providing such an abundance of glucose to the candida so the first month will be a little touchy.
  5. Sweet potatoes are technically only about 15% fructose, sucrose is half fructose but most of the sugar in it is starch (all glucose).
  6. No, the regrowth of the villi will not cause pain. Since you are experiencing pain 4 months into the diet that means you're either eating things with gluten in them (cross contamination is really common in the beginning), or you're picking up an infection which is another not so uncommon thing seeing as how your internal bacteria were out of whack even before you started opening up more "real estate" through the healing process. Try taking probiotics. As far as the belly goes, gluten isn't the only thing that causes the buddha belly. Most of the times it's a "carb belly" instead of just a gluten belly.
  7. Anyone Have This Problem?

    It certainly does sound like your allergist could be right in assuming that it's a bacterial or yeast infection. Yeast infections are an unfortunately common side effect of untreated celiac disease that can last well past when the gluten has long been removed. If it is a yeast infection the unfortunate thing is that once it gets set in your system it's pretty hard to get it out without 1 or two measures. The first of which and way that many people take is to take fungicides which your dermatologist can easily prescribe. These do carry the possibility of some side effects but they are normally very effective. Alternatively yeast needs high glucose levels to survive so if you're willing to you could simply move your daughter onto a ketogenic diet. The first 2-4 weeks are normally a bit rough (for either treatment) as if the yeast is systemic you have a bunch of toxins being released into your cells by the dieing yeasts. I went the ketogenic route myself (paleodiet) and almost a month into it, experienced a massive die off on a few parts of my body where the yeast infections finally kicked the bucket. Drink lots of water.
  8. Decent probiotics do a good job of actually decreasing the permeability of your intestinal lining. This is why probiotics are imperative for celiacs to take, wheat increases the permeability letting through all sorts of nasty stuff (like even more gluten) but these probiotics can help cut down somewhat on that. It's also been shown before that celiacs on average have absolute piss-poor gut bacteria populations compared to someone who's not affected by gluten. Since those little bacteria are an integral part of how your body absorbs nutrients they should be considered one of the most important "vitamins" you take.
  9. The location of these patches could have some effect on exactly what it may be a clue of. It's late though and not coming to the front of my mind but these patches especially around the neck area are highly indicative of some metabolic disorder.
  10. Dairy

    It's pretty tough to tell in the beginning, because you're going through a period of getting your diet in check it would be great to get everything out of the way as soon as you can. Dairy intolerance (casein) is not an uncommon thing and additionally lactose intolerance is often a side effect of a gluten intolerance until you get a little ways into the healing process. If you're supplementing with probiotics during the healing process then you shouldn't worry too much about some dairy consumption slowing down your healing process but once you get start getting the hang of the gluten-free thing you might want to go ahead and challenge dairy by quitting it for a month (like many people do to find out their intolerance with gluten) and then go for high consumption for a short period to see if you have any symptoms disappear/reappear as a result of this pattern. Best of luck, dairy's a great source of some awesome nutrients assuming you avoid that skim/low-fat stuff like the plague and stick with the natural full fat stuff.
  11. Stomach Burn And Glutened

    Carbohydrates do quite a few bad things to your digestion including screwing with your stomach acid production which causes some big problems when you're eating anything that requires lots of stomach acids like say... anything besides carbohydrates. You could always try drinking some high quality heavy cream if you're looking at upping your calorie count some (assuming you tolerate dairy). I like to flavor it with some crushed herbs like stevia or tarragon or sometimes mix in a little fenugreek.
  12. How Are The Grain-Free Folks Doing?

    Lets see on hand I normally have (and use): -Lard (pork) -Tallow (beef) -Duck Fat -Regular Coconut Oil -Virgin Coconut Oil -Refined Palm Oil -Virgin Red Palm Oil -Butter -Ghee -Olive oil The red palm oil I just got for the first time last week, I'm not quite sure what to make of the flavor or consistency yet but for some odd reason I can't stop eating it. I've almost gone through a quart of it since wednesday! I challenged dairy a while ago and am fairly certain that I experience issues with it so I drink heavy cream like most people drink milk. As far as recipes go I just finished dehydrating a batch of beef jerky. -1 large flank steak (grass fed) -1 lime -2 Tbsp fish sauce -2 tsp crushed and minced lemongrass -salt and pepper to taste, cayenne pepper to desired heat I took the flank steak and sliced it across the grain on a bias so I ended up with wide thin slices. I zested off about 1/3 of the lime and then squeezed out all of it's juices, mixed in the fish sauce and the remaining ingredients. I let the cut flank pieces marinate in the mixture, turning every so often for about 2 hours then lightly drained and put it in a dehydrator for the whole day.
  13. Gluten Free And Working In A Bakery

    For most people all that's required to have a reaction is for enough of gluten to touch your mucus membranes. These membranes line the digestive tract as well as your respiratory tract. ie: Congratulations! You now have perfect incentive to find a job that will net you a pay raise, or one that's less of a commute, better hours, better benefits, etc.
  14. How Are The Grain-Free Folks Doing?

    I'm still doing the ketogenic paleo diet of no grains/legumes and almost no fruits/nuts (and heavy amounts of yummy saturated fats). It seems like each week I just keep getting better as my health improves and my mental state gets cheerier. I'd say my cognition improved about the same measure going keto-paleo from gluten-free as it did going from heavy amounts of gluten to gluten-free. My skin has also improved a similarly comparable measure as well as my energy levels. It's going so well that I've taken to calling the gluten-free diet just "paleo-lite", considering how much of an extra improvement it is to just go all the way and remove all of those grains and other starchy toxins from the diet.
  15. Stomach Burn And Glutened

    Excessive carbohydrate consumption can also easily cause heartburn, no gluten required.