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  1. This is the reply that I just received from Danone march 24, 2010. Hope this helps! Thank you for taking the time to write to us. Only 'Activia Fibre', 'Activia Fat Free Fibre' and 'Silhouette Satisfaction' lines contain or may contain gluten : Activia Fibre : Red fruits and cereals, Peach and cereals, Strawberry kiwi and cereals, Apple Muesli and nuts Activia Fat Free Fibre : Red fruits and cereals, Apple Muesli, Strawberry kiwi and cereals, Vanilla cereals Silhouette Satisfaction : Red fruits musli and nuts, Blackberry/ Blueberry musli and nuts All the other Danone product are gluten and nuts free. As a guideline, we always write on the ingredients list if a yogurt contains gluten or nuts. You can be assured of Danone's consideration for all comments and questions from its customers.