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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. so after three months of a swollen neck and face and 5 visits to various doctors i may finally know why i'm feeling how i do. my mom has thyroid issues and i've pushed her many times to go gluten free. i'm basically her genetic clone in so many ways i was expecting something like this. my blood test came back all within normal except for an elevated thyroglobulin antibody. i'm set up for a soft tissues neck CT scan on Monday and i'll know more then. has anyone been diagnosed with thyroid issues after going gluten free? i wonder which came first, my thyroid or gluten issues. i guess i'll never know.
  2. Wendy's Chili

    the last time my kids and i had chili and a baked potato from Wendy's we all had stomach problems. i don't plan on eating there anytime in the near future.
  3. my son had classic ODD signs. have you read "The Explosive Child"? it described him to the core. he also had some ADHD signs and sensory issues. within a week of being off gluten he was a completely different kid. the first word out of his mouth was no longer "NO!!!" he would willingly do things when i asked instead of going into rages. gluten really seems to effect him mentally. his GI symptoms didn't kick in until this last fall after having behavioral issues since 2005. i would highly recommend putting you child on a gluten trial trial for the summer. it will be easier to do it now then when school starts up again. you've got nothing to lose by trying.
  4. Glutened By... You Guessed It!

    dang, this is something i have heard about but it never cross my mind i should be vigilant about. my husband is already having a hard time dealing with our families restricted diet. he'll probably laugh at me when i tell him to brush his teeth more often. i'm sorry you got sick from your hubby. that really is a mood killer.
  5. we have a giant year round international farmers market about 10 minutes from my house. think of it like the Costco of farmers markets. they pack and grind many their bulk foods in store and you can by tubs of flour, beans, rice, tea, coffee, sugar..... i buy my beans and fresh ground raw sugar from them. i've been concerned about x-contamination for a while but i haven't had any noticeable reactions from them. nearly all the workers have english as a second language so i don't even bother asking them about if they pack the flour in the same area. they do offer tours and i've thought about doing one so i could get a peak at their packing area. would you be concerned about bulk foods?
  6. Traveling To Mexico Resort

    thanks ElizLyn. i'm sorry you had such a bad experience. i think i'll be sticking to a very bland diet while there. plain meats and veggies. i really don't want to get sick. this is the first time my husband and i have taken a vacation alone in our 10 year relationship. i'm really looking forward to it.
  7. Chino's is amazing, seriously. i would highly recommend it and i'm so happy to hear i can still eat there when i go home to visit Phoenix.
  8. my husband and i have a 5 day all expenses paid trip to a beach resort in Puerta Vallarta at the end of this month. all food and alcohol are included. my husband marked that i was gluten intolerant but i'm wondering how that will work out. will they load our suite with gluten-free snacks? we have our choice of several restaurants at the resort. i can't imagine they keep track of my intolerance and i'll still have to request gluten-free food. what do i tell my servers when ordering? this will be the first time i've traveled since permanently going off gluten. i'm worried i won't have safe snacks and i'm thinking of packing some food just to be safe. can i travel to Mexico with packed food? also, could you tell me a few fruity beach drinks that are safe or at least ones to avoid? obviously no beer or malt beverages. tequila would be safe and i have vodka i can test at home. i'm usually a wine drinker so i'm out of my comfort zone with liquor.
  9. this thread scares me because i have many of the items listed here in my home. the corn meal got me bad.
  10. mine got better but it's most likely because i wasn't a lethargic ball of sadness and pain. i have energy again and feel good about myself.
  11. i'm glad i caught this thread. i needed to replace my soy sauce. hopefully i'll be able to find San-J at my grocery stores(Kroger, Publix and Whole Paycheck Foods)
  12. i just might have to make a drive across town for that. we love Mellow Mushroom pizza and i was sad that it was no longer an option for us.
  13. Gluten Symptom?

    i think i know what your talking about. i could eat two servings of dinner and be hungry again an hour later. i'd still be full but had to eat more. i wouldn't gain weight either despite eating 2-3 serving of food within a few hours or each other. i couldn't go more then 2-3 hours without eating without getting the shakes from low blood sugar. i wouldn't really be hungry but my body needed nutrients. all of that has gone away since going gluten free. i have to remind myself to eat now. there's been a few days where i went from 6am to 4pm on a gluten free waffle, banana and apples and peanut butter. has your son been tested?
  14. i was worried about that too. i had to search through the boards to see if it was kept private. it would be great if it was mentioned that no one can see your information when you're entering it. i'm sure it scares away some people.